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Before I get all nostalgic and start writing about all of the things I’ve experienced in the past 2 months of being here, I think a proper introduction is in order!

My name is Adam Grachek, a 23 year old American studying my Master’s in the Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics (ITS) program in Campus Norrköping. I recently graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering, and I’ve spent most of 2019 taking some time for myself and traveling!



In the context of my career, I’ve always dreamed of working with city planning,  and I believe the best way for me to dive into this field is to obtain hands-on experience working with the transportation. When I started applying to grad programs, I often found that I could get the basics for my career from just about any school out there, but the thing that set LiU apart from everywhere else was the constant drive to push innovation and prepare for the future. In the ITS program here, I’m able to not only learn fundamentals regarding transportation, but also combine this knowledge with a forward-thinking curriculum heavy in IoT and smart city applications. I knew upon the acceptance of my application, that if I am to prepare myself for a career set in the future of tomorrow, a Master’s at LiU is the choice for me.

In the same regard this program was a good fit for my career, living in Sweden has also been such an incredible part of my life. As an international student at LiU you not only receive an education inside the classroom, you also get the learning exchange of living in a new culture, speaking a new language, and meeting people from all over Europe and around the world, every day you are here. I’ve been living here for only 2 months and I’m already feeling at home, making a handful of new friends from other countries, and ordering a beer at the bar like a real Swede! (Jag skulle vilja ha en öl, tack!) 😉

As I continue the rest of the year blogging my experiences away on here, my hope is that this university, this country, and this new step in your life will feel a bit less daunting when making your choice.

Hej så länge! Until next time.

Warm Regards,

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