In My Program, an Exam is a Day at the Zoo

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In the Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics (ITS) master’s program, we are exposed to a wide array of really interesting courses that provide a deep dive into logistics, Internet of Things (IoT), and transportation. The first period of the semester just finished this past week, and for my Positioning Systems class, students were tasked with a final project of locating a missing person in Kolmården Zoo. The premise of the project is that the missing person should be found via mobile network, WiFi, and bluetooth signals from their cellphone, by utilizing a data collection app on a phone that can transmit data to an online database. The missing person would purposefully get lost in the wooded areas of the zoo while student teams set out to look for them using their data collection method.

My group and I worked with RSS signals from WiFi hotspots, to locate the missing person. By correlating varying RSS signal strengths to a range of distances, we were able to collect data on the WiFi signal from the missing person from various locations. This data was then transmitted to a database server that we could then process using MATLAB and use circular lateration to find an exact position of the missing person.

Unlike classes in my undergraduate studies that were classic by-the-book studying and examination, classes at Linköping University rely on students thinking for themselves and then going out and applying their knowledge to real life scenarios. This class made feel for the first time that I could actually see the skills that I was gaining and how I could apply them to my own career. If you are thinking about applying for the ITS program here at LiU, this is just one example of the real-world courses you’re exposed to. I happen to prefer projects over examinations, and hanging out with the rhinos, meerkats, and elephants for the day is pretty cool too. 🙂



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