Living in Sweden, Learning Swedish!

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One of my favorite aspects of living here in Sweden is the opportunity to live and learn in a new language. My courses here are in English, but as an international Master’s student, you are eligible to take up to two Swedish classes at the university for free! As such, I was able to get a spot in the A1 Swedish course here at campus Norrköping.

The class starts off really introductory, working with basic phrases and sentence structures. As you progress, you slowly start to build your vocabulary, and your understanding of how to form sentences and communicate. In addition to this course, I also use Duolingo for an hour prior to going to bed, which helps me build my vocabulary and keep the material fresh in my head before going to sleep.  My favorite aspect of the experience, is slowly realizing how much more of the language you understand as you go on. I will pass signs on the street or in the school that at one time I did not understand, only to find myself reading and understanding entire sentences!

To keep myself entertained with the process of learning the language, I like to check out different areas in town to study and get more of a feeling for the type of Swedes that live here in Norrköping. One of my favorite places so far is the Norrköpings Stadsbibliothek (Norrköping City Library), which has really incredible art sculptures and water features in the lobby. There are always seats available, and I usually manage to get a nice spot near the windows on the second floor.


As this semester goes on, I hope to teach myself Swedish A2 over the self-study period (i.e. Christmas break), and jump into the B1 course next semester (for free)! Maybe one of these days I’ll surprise some of the Swedish friends I’ve made with a conversation that they aren’t expecting.

Until next time! Hej då (good bye)!

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