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Are you a researcher at LiU who has had your article accepted in an open access journal? Congratulations!

If you have an article near acceptance for publication, but have not yet paid the invoice, the library may pay the publishing fee (APC) under certain circumstances.

This summer, the Swedish University Library’s could not reach an agreement with Elsevier. The negotations have stranded and we now are without agreement. That is why we currently can not offer access to the articles published by Elsevier after the end of June. Because the deal with Elsevier was expensive, the University Library currently has funds that we can use to fund gold open access publishing. It also means that we do not know how long we can continue to offer support for OA publishing.

The support we offer here applies only to pure open access publishing (= gold open access), i.e. publishing in open access journals who exclusevely publish open access.

To pay the invoice, we require that:

  • The journal is a gold open access journal (also called pure open access journal). It should be serious. An easy way to see if this is the case is to check if the journal is included in DOAJ.  DOAJ is a quality controlled list of open access journals.
  • The article should be near acceptance for publication and the invoice should not have been paid.
  • You (the LiU researcher) should be the corresponding author, have used an email address ending @ liu.se and have stated “Linköping University” as affiliation in the article.

Apply here!   https://www2.bibl.liu.se/oafond/login_en.aspx


Written by: research coordinator Johanna Nählinder



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