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Are you a LiU-researcher? We at LiUB have a range of services to offer you, and we would like to meet with you. We respond quickly at

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Scientific publications. We have libraries on four campuses. Your LiU-card is your library card. With your LiU-ID, you can place reservations and renew your loans online. Through our subscriptions, you have access to a large number of journals, books and databases, available via the web, either directly or through our Unisearch search service. Our survival guide can help you find material that is freely available online. What you cannot get in another way, we can often provide for free through our interlibrary loan service.

Structure your searches. Runners consult a coach to improve their running step technique. In the same way, as a researcher, you can get search tips from an information specialist through our book a librarian service. Together with a librarian, you can execute structured searches, e.g. for a literature review or research application.

Reference management software, such as Mendeley or Endnote, is more than merely a creator of lists of references. It is also a form of social media for professionals, collaboration spaces and pdf-library. We can help you get started!

Data management plan. VR or Horizon 2020 may ask you to submit a data management plan. We can help you get started. DiVA also permits research data to be published in connection to your publication.

Bibliometrics involves quantitative analysis of publications and is used to measure the impact of research and to visualize collaborative patterns and subject structures. Bibliometric analyses are often used as a complement to peer review in evaluation research environments. Let us hear from you and we will tell you more.

Plagiarism and copyright. As a researcher, you need to know about copyright – when you are writing yourself as well as when you are using other people’s research. If you are unsure, we can advise you on publication-related copyright issues. The library can help you avoid plagiarizing: other people’s work as well as your own. Through us, you can use Similarity Check – a tool used by many publishers and journals to check publications against involuntary plagiarism. We can also advice you on how to use Creative Common licenses.

Strategic publishing. With our expertise in scholarly and scientific journals, we can offer you:
* Advice on which journals would suit your manuscript through the open service LiU Journal Inspiration.
* Advice on how highly ranked a journal is and if it is from a serious publisher.
*  Analysis of journals you want to check up through the online service LiU Journal Checkup
* Information on journals where the libary has deals where you, as an author, can obtain a discount on the publication fee (APC) through the library. At present we also have a temporary OA-support.

Make your research known! For your publications to be read, it is important that other researchers can find them. We can provide tips on how to write your titles and abstracts in a way to give the highest search optimization. If you also register your publications in DiVA, it is even more likely that they will appear in Google searches. Always save your last draft (last version before publisher’s layout) of your article. Once you have registered an article in DiVA we will offer to upload your last draft version in DiVA (parallel publish). This will increase the impact for your research. Here our service Publication Visibility may be of service to you! We can also inform you how to – legally – use research networks (such as ResearchGate) social media and other tools for your research to reach potential readers.

Linköping university press (LiU E-press) hosts open access journals, conference proceeding, series and databases. We offer professional support to journal editors in the development and distribution of journals. If you want to start an new journal, please contact us. If you are about to organize a conference, we can offer support systems for handling submitted abstracts and articles. We can also publish the proceedings from your conference. The articles will thereby get exposure and will be retrievable after the conference, increasing the likelihood of them being cited. LiU E-press’ website offers valuable tools and services for researchers, for example tools for creating publication lists and guides.



Written by  Johanna Nählinder, co-ordinator of research support LiUB

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