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Hey, folks! In this and the next post, I will try to answer the main questions that I received from you regarding accommodation. First, congratulations again to all of you, future LiU students! Hopefully, we will see each other very soon so I will be able to say it personally. Anyway, here I will talk about questions that are directly related to the dormitory: how and where to register, which dorm to choose, and how to pay the rent.

  1. Registration. If you haven’t done it yet, you should do it right now. Don’t wait until the last minute, you might not get anything at all otherwise! It’s not a joke, housing is a big issue in Sweden, and there were some cases when students had to live in the university while waiting for the free rooms. There are many different pages where you can do it: (1) for Norrköping: StudentBo and Hyresboståder; (2) for Linköping: Studentbostader, ByggVesta, and Stångåstaden. Alternative housing option for both cities: KOMBO. If you don’t have a Swedish number, you still can register by simply choosing ‘no’ in a registration form. I wrote about queue system here, check it too.
  2. Contract – part I. Once you register, you need to pay the deposit first – otherwise, your application for any room won’t be considered as valid. Confusing moment: there are two different companies on one page (I’m talking about StudentBo in Norrköping now), and you need to contact them if you don’t want to live in a dorm. However, living in a dorm might be much cheaper here, since many things are not included in the apartment rent (e.g. water, the Internet).
  3. Contract – part II. Some rent contracts say that you don’t need to pay a rent during summer. It is true, but it only applies to those who lived in a dorm during the year and will be staying there next year, too. It doesn’t work for new tenants! I mean, if you will sign a contract with Studentbo this summer, you will have to pay. So, be sure to sign the contract that starts from August (if you are moving in in August).
  4. Contract – part III. According to the contract, you should pay the rent and deposit in Swedish Krona. However, if it doesn’t really work for you, you can ask for another bank account details where you can transfer your payment in Euro (it’s hidden in many web pages about housing, you should contact them personally).
  5. Important tip: if you will move in at the end of August (the studies will start around 20th of August), you can politely ask to make your contract from the day you move in, so you won’t have to pay for the whole month. Make sure to do it in advance & don’t forget that you need to pay (1) deposit and (2) rent before you come here. They don’t take cash, bank transfers only!

Finally, where and which dorm to choose? I would recommend to those admitted to my MA, which is located in Norrköping, to choose the dorm there, not in Linköping. While searching for rooms, carefully read what is included in the rent – some rooms are without furniture, some places have shared bathrooms and kitchens, some have only shared kitchens. In Dalkarlen (the place where I live), I share only the kitchen and there is the fridge in my room! This is the only dorm where you will have your own fridge but it might be not that important for you (but I’m honestly very happy that I don’t have to share it with anyone).

If you have more question regarding this topic, do not hesitate to leave your comments here or contact me via Facebook.


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