Have a Great Summer!

Posted in: Mixed on 11 June, 2018 by Amelia

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So, as promised and before I sign off for the Summer, here’s a picture of me with my new giant glasses:

What do you think? I’m finally used to them now, but it took some time.

Anyway, have a lovely Summer, and if you’ll be moving to Linköping or Norrköping ready for the next semester, best of luck!


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Marching Band Marches By

Posted in: Music, Recreation on 8 June, 2018 by Amelia

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I was lucky enough to see the university band perform at an event a year or so ago, and they did an amazing job of a whole range of different styles… and it was not only the sound that makes the show, but their passion, props and humour too. On Wednesday, I got to hear their music again from the comfort of my own home, as they went for a march around the city. I am not sure why, but I am not complaining – almost everybody in my block of flats threw open their windows to listen, and the cheerleaders who marched alongside the musicians certainly seemed to be having a lot of fun. It made a great change from blaring boomboxes in the street, as well as a nice if surprising break-up to the day.


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Posted in: Recreation on 2 June, 2018 by Amelia

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Did you follow the Champions League final last weekend? I did, but sadly was on the losing side…. 🙁 Still, I thought it was a good game, if not 2005 standards!

If you like football, why not adopt one of Linköping’s teams for a while? Linköpings FC, the women’s team and premier league competitors, reached the Champions League Quarter Finals this year, before losing out to Manchester City; a great achievement for a club established only in 2003.

The most senior men’s team is named FC Linköping City, and they play in Swedish Division 2, (which is actually the fourth division in the system). This is also a new team, founded in 2013, so time will tell whether great success is on the cards…

Both clubs play at Linköping Arena in the east of the city. A good day trip idea, perhaps?


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Posted in: Studies on 24 May, 2018 by Amelia

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If you’re a new student moving to Sweden and want to get going with the language, yet a traditional language course is inconvenient due to costs or class times, there are still a number of options. Correspondence classes are one, but I have previously not found these particularly helpful, then there’s total immersion, which I found great, but it lacks in a grammar basis unless accompanied by self study. Different techniques will always work for different people, and whilst I’m a latecomer to the digital world, those who are fans of computer games now have options opened up to themselves too – languages for all indeed!

One website which has become popular is DuoLingo, which is designed for those who have a good command of English. It’s free to register, and then users can choose as many languages as they wish, of which Swedish is one. There are various levels divided into skills such as basic phrases, pronouns, colours and important verbs, and for each of these the learning takes the form of a quiz involving, amongst others, dragging words into the correct order, listening and typing, and translating to and from English.

Does it work? Well, as an extremely untalented yet passionate learner, I thought I’d pick a language I’ve never studied and give it a go. I choose Esperanto, which to my delight was very logical, (if slightly sexist, but then so are most European languages – except in Scandinavia). As a computer novice, I found the site user-friendly, and the very repetitive nature of the quizzes meant that with as little as 5 minutes play a day, I was able to remember quite a range of words from am and be to teacher, playing and reading. Of course though, after a two week break and nobody with whom to practice, I’ve forgotten them all…regular usage is absolutely a must! The listening element is good as textbooks cannot demonstrate pronunciation, and the chance to get writing straight away rather than learning passively is another advantage.

On the other hand…. some of the vocabulary is rather, well, it’s useful, but not immediately. Most people practicing a new language need to learn greetings, how to communicate when shopping or dealing with authorities, and sometimes employment specific words, rather than describing an encounter with a duck! Also, the Internet connection needs to be very fast, or the site gets very glitchy, and the sound effects are little annoying.

Overall, it was better than I expected with regular use, so if you’re looking to kick start your Swedish skills, why not give it a try? 🙂


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Time to Sell?

Posted in: Mixed on 21 May, 2018 by Amelia

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This is one of the best times to buy and sell in Linköping, where second hand items do a roaring trade. As exchange students who choose to leave the region after their studies move out and sell furniture, many rooms and flats become available to those in temporary accommodation, who then want to buy household items. Mid-August is also a great time to get some cash or find some bargains, as new students arrive in the city.

I’m not moving, but I’m taking advantage of this situation to give my flat a new lease of life, which doesn’t hurt once in a while! So I’ve swapped some curtains, sold a table and gained a rug 🙂 Check out the LiU Noticeboard for opportunities, and there are several dedicated Facebook groups too although I’m not familiar with those. Either way, I’m sure there’s a good deal to be found!


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