Kladdkaka in Brno

Posted in: Food on 14 September, 2017 by Amelia

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Globalisation has good aspects and bad elements, and whether being able to find most foods everywhere is a positive or negative is open to debate. It’s not very often that I cannot find a product in a different region; I even saw Marmite in Gothenburg, but occasionally I do see an exported local delicacy that surprises me, especially if it’s been veganised along the way. Despite my friend Adam recommending it to me on several occasions, my first taste of kladdkaka, a brownie-style chocolate cake usually made with eggs and butter, was actually in Brno, on the first time when I’d seen it either outside of Scandinavia, or vegan-suitable. And the verdict! Absolutely delicious! A taste of Sweden from outside Sweden it may have been, and I’m sure there are a lot of geo-political connections to explore, but right now I’m just disappointed that this is a cafe with a changing menu, not regular kladdkaka!


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Amelia Gackowska

Amelia Gackowska
Hej, my name is Amelia and I recently moved to Linköping to study the Master programme in Applied Ethics, as I thought it was about time to study the theories behind my activism!

When I am not studying you can find me teaching ballroom dancing, learning Swedish, up-cycling whatever I can find, or getting carried away debating politics into the early hours.

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