Glad Midsommar

Posted in: Allmän on 23 June, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej alla,

Yesterday me and two of my friends flew to Kiruna to celebrate Midsommar and prepare for our hike that we start today  We are gonna hike from Abisko in the north of Sweden to Nikkauluokta. It will be around 100km and I have a mixed feeling of being happy, excited and a bit worried in the same time. I never did a hike like that and we will see how it will go. Anyways I am happy to get this chance to go on such an adventure and have the beautiful Swedish nature around me for the next 7 days. I will switch my phone off  and enjoy to see the world around me without watching trough a camera.

Have a nice summer break everyone and see you back in August.

Kram Annabel

In Sweden girls wear a flowercrown for midsommar. I did one by myself and enjoyed the beautiful nature in our first stop.

Midsommar at 00.00 in Kiruna. I couldn’t believe it was that late when we came out of the sauna (which is a typical tradition for midsommar as well)




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Graduation week…

Posted in: Allmän on 16 June, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej alla,

I decided to talk about one more Swedish cultural thing that I didn’t know before. This week it was graduation week in Sweden so all students who finished school were graduating in the same week and it was a big party for one week. The students are all wearing white hats with their names and on Friday night there was a huge ceremony where a street orchestra played songs while walking all around town and I saw them while working in my beside job at Stora Torget. It was really nice to see how Swedish people which in winter are barely visible on the street are partying and enjoying summer. I enjoyed seeing that scenario and getting to know one more Swedish cultural thing I so far only heard about. Also our international master students had a graduation ceremony on Tuesday and it was nice to see some of my friends and also ambassador students and all the others graduating. Grattis to all students who graduated this week and to all my ambassador colleagues I hope we meet again before you leave town for a new adventure.



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Swimming spots in Östergötland

Posted in: Allmän on 9 June, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej at all,

today me and the ISA crew did a bike ride to Bergs Slussar which is a really beautiful place located at the lake Roxen and has floodgates for boats and a really nice camping spot. One way was 13km and it was really hot today so that the 26km and the bathing in the lake without enough sun protection (cream) made my back turning in crab skin hahaha. Who would have thought that the weather in Sweden would be once so nice that I get sunburned in early June. I enjoyed our trip with my ISA family and some other international students and after a nice ice cream (glass) the ride home felt already much easier. The landscape was pretty as usual and I would recommend everyone to do this trip once or more often as it is really worth it bathing in this nice location. A friend and me made up a challenge and were swimming to a statue on a small island a bit more outside of Bergs slussar which was really nice. I figured out there that I missed swimming very much and want to go bathing more often now. I also found a small lake not far from Linköping where the water was very warm and the spot was beautiful as well. Among international students a place called Blue lagunen is quite famous and you should check that one out as well if you want. I wish everyone nice summer holidays and enjoy the sun and the long nights (if you can call these 3h of darkness a night). You know that winter will be back soon =) So make the summer awesome!

Best Annabel


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First year and master project presentations

Posted in: Allmän on 6 June, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej alla,

so for all of you who are admitted in my program “Experimental and Medical Bioscience” or who is interested in the program, I will give a bit more detailed information about the research projects one can do in the first and second year of this program. If you’ve already been studying the syllabus for the program you might have seen that you have a lot of elective courses and the choice to take whichever course you are interested in and furthermore you need to take a either 15 credit (1/2 2nd semester) or 30 credit (whole 2nd semester) lab project. This project can be done in an external laboratory but mostly it is done within LiU and the research groups there. I would highly appreciate everyone who reads this to already think about a possible field to do this first year project in and maybe start a bit to search for research groups in this specific research field as the first semester passes very quick and during the second course in the first semester you are already asked to write a study plan that would be great to write about your own project. So after you finished this first year project which will be written down in a thesis format there will be a presentation as kind of a defense at the end of the project either in March (15credit projects) or i June (30credit projects). These presentation days happened the last three days during the last official week for this semester. It is common that every student needs to be an opponent for two presentations during the semester and we need to attend 7 student presentations as well as 4 research seminars as part of our tasks to fulfill for one year of this program. It is a nice concept as like this everyone has to read two thesis from fellow students and can dive a bit more into deep in a different topic and also you learn how to criticize and review a report and how to discuss the major points in such a work. After the first year project there will be one more similar project that is counted as 30 credit master thesis so that every student who graduates in the program “Experimental and Medical Bioscience” has at least 45 credits but max 60 credits achieved in pure lab projects and even more experiences in the lab are gained during the courses such as e.g. Immunology. I think it is great that LiU give the opportunity to have so many practical parts during this program.

One classmate did his project in epigenetical research using CRISPR-Cas9 systems.

A presentation is around 30 minutes and afterwards there is a discussion with the expert review, the opponents and the audience.


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Official final week at university

Posted in: Allmän on 1 June, 2018 by Annabel

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Hallå alla,

The first academic year is over and it passed by faster than one could have seen it passing. My semester ended with a presentation about my literature study in Infection Biology this Monday and a exam in the same course on Thursday  Due to really hot weather and a lot of goodbye parties and BBQs the studying didn’t go as planned but the exam was quite promising. At the end of that week a lot of my classmates presented their first year projects and as I will do the same in October I will go back to the office in the coming week and work on my results and the writing of my introduction. So there is still some work before I will work a bit more in the restaurant I work besides to earn some safings for the coming semester or my summer holidays which will then finally be there in July.

Hope the wheater is as nice as here in most party if the World right now.

Cheers Annabel


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Annabel from Germany

Annabel from Germany
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