Gamla Linköping Julmarknad

Posted in: Allmän on 1 December, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej och God Jul,

That’s what people told me today in the Christmas Market in Gamla Linköping, the old town of Linköping. There was a big Christmas market installed and I expected it to be very small as I k ow from former experiences that a Swedish Christmas Market can never reach a German one. But Gamla Linköping taught me better and I was really impressed by the amount of stalls with all different kind of traditional food, handmade things and singing choirs. The streets have been that growded as I have never seen since I am in Sweden. That was a nice feeling after coming back from India to have some more people around me again. This was the first time I realized as well that Christmas will come soon and where I enjoyed the feeling for this year ;).

Defently a tip to go next year if you haven’t made it to this Christmas market this year.


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Norrköping Light Festival 2018

Posted in: Allmän on 30 November, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej alla,

Swedes are doing everything to light up the dark winter environment. They waste a lot of electricity running their Christmas lights and normal lamps in the windows 24/7 and they I stall lights everywhere. So do they every year in Norrköping, the partner city of Linköping. The smaller brother that on my opinion is much more beautiful. Anyways…. I visited Norrköping today for their light festival. It was less spectacular than I imagined but anyways a nice walk by the water with different light installations. In the pictures I will show you some of my favorites!


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From +28 to – 12 degrees

Posted in: Allmän on 28 November, 2018 by Annabel

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Good morning everyone,

I came back from India on Friday and I knew that I would be cold when I am back but noone told me it would be minus 12 degrees already. That gave me a little shock when I stepped outside the airport and was nearly freezing to death. So being back in good old Sweden means wearing a lot of clothes again which then means spending or better wasting more time for dressing up. For people who have never experienced winters in Sweden before and who don’t know how to deal with the cold I thought I will give an “how to dress appropriate guide” to not freeze to death while biking to school, having a snowball fight or going out to explore the famous Northern lights. It actually happened to me several times during my stay in Sweden, that I met people from warmer countries who were completely overwhelmed by the weather and dressed inappropriate. One time I met a girl who lost her way in a minus 10 degree cold night who didn’t wear a hat, gloves or a scarf. She was lucky as I was on my way to a friend who borrowed my winter clothes for her holidays to Lapland. So while showing that girl her way I gave her gloves and hat I had prepared for my friend. But maybe not everyone would be that lucky so I hope the following tips might help you.

1) Wear layers! In winter a jeans, one pullover and one pair of socks are not enough. See that you wear several layers, depending on how long you intend to stay outside. Make sure you wear any kind of thinner (best is thermal underwear) beneath your jeans and pullover. Also wear two layers of socks. Maybe a thinner one and some wollen socks will do.

2)Wear appropriate shoes! Don’t think that your Nike, Adidas or Converse sneakers are warm enough because Ou are already wearing two pairs of socks. No these shoes are a nice company for the summers but in Swedish winters you will need to wear boots that keep away not only the cold but also water. Make sure you have some rubber boots or good leather and use shoes with good traction so you don’t slip that easily on the icy roads out there.

3) Once a Swede came to me during my Erasmus when I left a student pub wearing my skijacket and asked me why a girl like me going out to a pub was wearing a snow jacket in orange (I guess I looked like the girl below in the picture). I asked him if that was a problem for him or the pub ;). No he said but fashion is different. My answer was just well if you want to freeze to death in your fashionable cropped jacket that is your decision not mine. If Iearned one thing during my time here it is important to dress up functional not fancy. So take a coat that covers your waist so that you are protected from icy wind and keeps you warm while sitting on your frozen bike seat.

4) Last but not least and not less important: Cover your head, ears, hands and neck. Use a good head, scarf and best two pairs of gloves if you don’t have one good pair.

Taken from:


Because it just fits the topic and shows my orange jacket 😉 

Have a good winter!!!



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LiU Alumnis around the world..

Posted in: Allmän on 11 November, 2018 by Annabel

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I am very happy to meet so many people in India, who I can already call my new friends and er had something in common that connected us and gave us a topic to talk about, because they all have been studying in Linköping as well. So LiU kind of connects us which is a strange but nice feeling to come to their homes on the other side of the world and then you are sitting together ending up talking about Ryd, KK and Villevalla and all the fun things one experienced/s in at LiU and in Linköping. I am so grateful I get to meet all of these people and due to being an international student at LiU I got that chance to go to this beautiful country. That is being an international student on next level and I wanted to share some of my experiences during the trip with all of you.


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Intercultural differences…

Posted in: Allmän on 7 November, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej, hello, hallo, namaste…

From the other side of the world. I arrived in India and after only some minutes in my friend’s car from the airport to our accommodation I realized that everything is same, same but different or maybe different different and even more different?

This gave me the idea to write about intercultural differences that might play a big role during your time at LiU because you might live, work, study with people from all around the world and knowing how to behave in different situations might be very helpful.

I don’t want to write down a guide about how to behave in different situations and I furthermore don’t want to compare between different cultures. I want to give some tips how to adapt to different lifestyles, cultures and habits. One very important thing that I also learned again here in India : I) Just Ask! If you have any doubt on how to behave while living together with people from a different culture or religion you might ask and get a specific and appropriate answer in a specific situaiton. II) Don’t be to shy to try new things. The first time my Indian friends invited me for a dinner in Linköping and showed me how to eat with the hands I felt stupid because I had never done that before and for them it was the most normal thing in the world. I tried it and it took some time to adapt to it. When I first arrived here I was happy I already knew how to do and now after 1 week in India it became a normal thing. And actually I love to eat with my hand and it will be weird to go back to fork and knife once arriving back home. III) Be interested in your fellows and their culture, you might learn for life. IV) Follow invitations to explore your fellows country because being with locals gives you a once in a lifetime experience you might not get again. I am happy I followed my friend’s invitation and that so many of his friends who also studied in LiU some time ago could show us their India. This was much more fun and authentic than I could ever have experienced that country by myself. The best thing about that trip, as Indian people are really open-minded and warm-hearted I can say I made new friends… As most of you might confirm one of the best things in the world!!

So take some of these tips and you will experience your stay at LiU not only as your studies abroad but also as a once in a lifetime experience with friends all over the world who you can visit whenever you feel like traveling after your stay in Sweden.




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