Back in the lab…

Posted in: Allmän on 7 October, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej tillsammans,

Being back in Sweden means being back in university and this week it meant being back in the lab. In my new course “Stem cells and regenerative medicine” we had a course where we investigated the different differentiation steps of stem cells and how to find out how high a  percentage of stem cells in a cell mixture was. We thereby trained flow cytometry, immunofluorescence and western blot as methods in the lab and now need to write a 10-page long report. Other than that I need to analyse the results of my first year project at the moment, I have two seminars to prepare and one exam which is coming soon in the end of October as well…. This means I am more than busy these days. It feels nice to have something to do the whole day long but I wouldn’t say know if I could give some things away these days… Way too much in my head! 😉 But that’s life as a student sometimes as well… Enjoy the pictured from the lab.

My colleague while loading our samples on the gel of the Western Blot.

Analysis of our flow cytometry data. Gating of our alive cells.

In the preparation for one of our seminars this mind map was originated. 


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Showing students around Scandinavia…

Posted in: Allmän on 1 October, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej all together,

Yesterday I came back from a great adventure. I had the pleasure to experience the beauty of Sweden’s neighbor Norway as a guide from ISA (International Student Association Linköping) with 46 students from LiU and am very happy I had the pleasure to show a new part of Scandinavia to these exchange and international master students. Me myself I was surprised and overwhelmed again by the beautiful scandinavian nature and I realized that the Scandinavian countries seem to be so similar but are in reality very different. It is always very nice to travel with a big group of people from all around the world and makes me learn a lot, not only about life and different cultures but also about myself, how to handle arising problems, how to deal with different personalities and a lot of more things. This is one part of my life here in Linköping that I will not miss anymore and to make some of you as well aware of how beautiful the nature is in Scandinavia, your new home or maybe your future home I am gonna share some picture from my journey.


One of our homes during the journey. Can one imagine to stay somewhere better? 🙈


Visiting a glacier on a sunny and beautiful day was defenetly one of my highlights during the trip!

No filter needed. This is how we saw it with our own eyes.

The fjordcruise was mind blowing!

The City of Bergen. Defently worth visiting!


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Swedish nature on campus…

Posted in: Allmän on 25 September, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej everyone,

Today I decided to write something about Swedish nature because it is one of the reasons I decided to come back to Sweden after my ERASMUS and it is one of the things that makes me the most happy here. It is so nice that in Sweden you don’t need to go far and you have nature and animals everywhere around you. The university is even having a “own” cat =). Campuskatten is the famous cat that lives on campus and the student part of Ryd but this is not the only animal on campus. Around campus Valla (5 min walk) there is a horse farm and there are even goats, rabbits and chicken that you can visit close by. So if you feel bored, need a break from studying or miss your home village flair just take a walk there and enjoy the Swedish nature and countryside within the city =).

I enjoyed a sunny but very windy Sunday walk with a friend from school and we visited the animals on Campus Valla. While biking home I saw some sheep on my way home as well. Soooooo nice =).


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German food = best medicine against homesickness

Posted in: Allmän on 21 September, 2018 by Annabel

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Hallo =).

Yes as most of you might know I am from Germany and even though it is not to far from Sweden and culture might for some of you from other continents seem to be the same or very similar, belive me it is different and especially the food is sometimes too different. I am barely homesick and I like to live in a different country and explore the new culture, food, nature etc. but having German food every now or then can be so good. It brings a piece of home here to Sweden and it just makes me sooo happy =). I love food and especially German specialties like Brezel, Knödel or Apfelschorle :D.

Therefore, today I was having one of the best nights since I am back from Germany. I had some friends (all in some connection with Germany =)) over in my place and everyone brought some German or Austrian (this one is for Johanna ;)) food and we had a big buffet with a lot of good talks and in the end a stomach that was hurting because of too much food =).

I am usually more into international potlucks but this time I really enjoyed the German one ;).


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Being a teacher for one day…

Posted in: Allmän on 19 September, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej everyone,

two days ago I received a message from my boss of the student ambassador job asking if I would be up for talking in a school in Linköping today. It  was really spontaneous and as I was kind of off from school that week I said yes immediately as I want to do as many things outside university as possible to see things I will maybe only have the chance to see or do once in my life. So I found the task to speak to students about my experiences as an international student in Sweden and the differences between Germany and Sweden very interesting. Me and one of my colleagues from Canada went there together this morning and we found a really small school with classes of 7 to 13 people for students who came to Sweden from all kind of different countries and it was nice to see how these students were interested in getting to know our cultures or how different other countries are from Sweden or Sweden is from other countries and how older youth see being an immigrant. I loved giving that talk to the students and was especially a bit proud of myself that I could introduce myself and speak more than 5 minutes in Swedish with them. That showed me that my Swedish and the effort I put to speak it everyday now was or better is worth it.

As small “present” me and my colleague went to IKEA and had a nice breakfast for 10kr or 1€ before heading back to school to be a student ourselves again.

Us being happy about our work we did already early in the morning

The school we were visting.


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Annabel from Germany

Annabel from Germany
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