Back in Linköping…

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I am back in Linköping since two weeks now and I have been running some repeating experiments in the lab. It is actually a lot of fun to be back and to know how the method works and to set up a new method for our research question. Some problems are always arising and I need together with my supervisors try to find a solution for them. This is a nice way of learning and also a nice way to use the knowledge from my former courses. The good think about the programme has always been that we had that problem-based learning strategy that was preparing a lot for such projects. I am now again very happy I chose this program as I feel that I am well prepared for projects like the master thesis and that I am able to discuss with more experienced researchers which feels really nice.

ELISA plate before adding a stopping solution. The blue fileds are positive for the protein tested.

The same assay after adding an other solution to stop the reaction before one reads the plate in an ELISA reader. The yellow wells are positive for the target protein.

Exploring Sweden….

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Hello everyone,

today me and three of my friends explored Sweden by car. We went to Vadstena, a beautiful city 45 min. away from Linköping. It was beautiful as the connected lake was still frozen and there are a lot of old houses and a castle in that city. Also there is one of the oldest protestant churches in whole Sweden which is quite nice to visit as well. After we had a nice walk around and ate some cold hotdogs =D on a parking slot we decided to go to Småland where Astrid Lindgren, a very famous Swedish author was born and grew up. Me and my friend Julia, as we are from Germany grew up with her books and my big dream has always been to visit the places which she was mentioning in her books as well as her home village. It was all really nice but due to us being late and on a winter sunday everything was closed already in Vimmerby and all the other places so we decided we for sure need to come back one day in summer. But anyways this road trip was really nice and I am happy that I succeed in following my plan for this year. I wanted to have one day per weekend where I do something in nature or outside Linköping to experience more from Sweden and get to know this country even more.

Learning a new technique in the lab…

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during my time here in the company in Stockholm I learned how to use a new technique called Fluorospot with which it is possible to identify cells that where producing a specific molecule, which most often will be an antibody or different immunological factor. I find that very sensitive technique very interesting and am looking forward to implement it in the laboratory at LiU where I will continue with the further experiments of my master thesis. Working in a company was so different from working in a research group at university and I am very happy I have the chance to see both sites already during my master thesis. Like this I can decided wheter I want to work in industry (which I am recently thinking about) or if I will stay in academia.

The readout that I get when running a test. Every single pink dot (shown in the right site of the picture) is showing one cell that was producing my target protein.


Two weeks in Stockholm…

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Hello at all,

My first week in Stockholm for the beginning of my master thesis is already over and I had an amazing week with a lot of labwork in the company that taught me a lot and nice evening/weekend activities. I went out to meet some new people which due to various groups for international people was quite easy. Yesterday I enjoyed my weekend and the nice wheater on a frozen canal in Södermalm (the southern part of Stockholm). It was so nice to walk on the frozen canal and enjoy the sun which I didn’t see for a very long time. I am very excited for the second week and then unfortunately my time in this amazing capital city will already be over. I hope that I will have the chance to come back for a longer time, maybe after my master thesis. Who knows. =)

Have a good week everyone!

Yours Annabel



When you feel like you just arrived at LiU but realize that today is the first day of your master thesis..

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…yes today I am starting the practical training for my master thesis in a company in Stockholm. I will be here for several weeks to learn the methods in the lab and then I will move back to Linköping to implement and use the technique there. I am very excited as my project sounds quite promising and also because it is my last semester as a student. But what comes next no one knows, which is a bit scary as well. At the beginning I my aim is to work in industry I think, to get time to think about a possible PhD position. But first there will be the master thesis to do and it will be as usual tuff times that are waiting for me. A project in the lab is never working as it should and one is followed by ups and downs constantly during such a big project but I am really motivated to face that challenge. And I know that I am not alone in that situation as at least 30 more people (my fellow students) are starting there projects as well. And it was really nice to see that we are also not the only ones because as the international community is big and quite good connected here in Sweden, I came across a blog of an international student from a different university, who also starts her master thesis the 21st January. Macy summarized her top 5 of things to do to get prepared for the master thesis and to survive during the 6 months. I found her advice very helpful and from my experiences with my first-year project I can agree that those 5 things are the most important ones. I found it quite funny to read from a person I don’t even know how she is preparing for this next step in her life and therefore I thought that I am sharing her link with all of you so you can read about her as well as my top 5 advices for how to be successful during thesis writing.

Good luck to Macy and all the others who are sitting in the same boat!