First summer BBQ

Posted in: Allmän on 22 April, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej hej,

The last week we had summer weather in Linköping and the whole town looked different. Beautiful weather takes the Swedes out of their houses as it seems and the big square in the city center woke up after a long winter break. Cafès and restaurants opened their outdoor terraces and people enjoyed their beer and food in the sun. Me myself I enjoyed the weather in the Thursday and Fridaypubs which take place at Campus Valla in Kårallen. After that I had a nice BBQ with ISA on Sunday night which made the weekend perfect. Sure the weather didn’t stay too long as today we are already having rain again but at least we saw the sun again after a long dark weather and one could feel that this changed the mood of everyone in a positive way!



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Tacco evening with foreigners-special day

Posted in: Allmän on 20 April, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej tillsammans,

Today I had a special day. I have been at Campus Valla to attend a meeting in the evening and meet some friends at Fredagspuben who have been visiting Linköping. There I met Linn, a Swedish girl and I spoke quite a bit with her. After the meeting I didn’t wanna go home and have dinner alone so I went back to the pub to see who is maybe up for having dinner together. I met Linn again and she talked to her friend Erik who I’ve never met before.As I am a spontaneous person and the situation kind of fitted I asked them if they want to come to my place for a tacco evening. The typical Swedish Friday food. I didn’t expect that they would say yes more did I expect them to give me a nice smile and a “no sorry I am already occupied”. I felt with my German directness I was once again as many times before too straight away in this country where people are rather keeping distance and are not talking to strangers (usually).But they surprised me quite a bit with a “yes” and so I had two Swedish guests at home that I have never met before.It was a nice and weird feeling in the same time but the dinner was great fun and we enjoyed the company ending up talking all three in French which was quite funny. So this day showed me again that just staying spontaneous and open-minded sometimes creates great situations … even in 🇸🇪 Thanks to Linn and Erik for that nice dinner!



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iDAY at Linköping University

Posted in: Allmän on 15 April, 2018 by Annabel

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Hello, hej, ciao, coucou, holà, and hellos from all over the world. Not only hellos but food, pictures, traditional clothes, nice stalls and much more could be seen at the yearly international day (iDAY) which was organized by ISA (International Student Association). It was a day full of nice conversations, international games, good food from more than 11 different countries and a good day to learn about different cultures and habits in countries some of our colleagues, fellow students or friends are from. I myself had a lot of wow-moments and especially the performances at the end of the day made me smile and happy as if I would be on one of my travels. I was happy to be one of the organizing people from ISA who could make that day happen and I was happy about all the help we got from all the people with all nice stalls, perfect performances and also I was happy that so many people came and obviously were appreciating and loving that day. It showed once again how great it is if we share our experiences and which nice things can be risen once some people put some ideas together. Thanks to everyone to show me beside the everyday experiences how international LiU is. I was happy and I hope so were you!

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The performance team from Wales!

Chinese traditional dress! I found it so beautiful!

The stall from Iran index a lot of details.



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PhD seminar – Biomedical Researchers in Industry

Posted in: Allmän on 14 April, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej together,

This week I participated in a seminar for PhD students about how to step into industry. The seminar with four interesting lectures was held by a former researcher who started as a freelancer and headhunter and her lectures were very interesting as they were from a total different point of view and she gave interesting tips how to apply for jobs in industry. I am happy that at LiU one’s personal interests are supported and a lot of opportunities like this one to e.g. Gain some more knowledge in a specific field are available. It is also nice that if we are interested the master students are already included in these kind of seminars and lecture.I always think it is good to get knowledge in a wide spectrum and to inform myself about possible career possibilities in an early state of my professional career is really important to me.





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Spring is here…

Posted in: Allmän on 8 April, 2018 by Annabel

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Hej everyone,

the weather forecast for today was 18 degrees. Yes plus and not minus as some weeks ago haha. Okay I first belive if I see and feel …at least in Sweden. But it was so warm that my sweatshirt was too much while running and a t-shirt was sufficient even after doing sports to just sit in the sun. That weather made me taking a break from working for my student ambassador job and took me out into Sweden’s nature. I am recently calling student’s who have been admitted for the international master programmes for the coming automn and I got the same question from more than one person. How is it with activities in nature in Sweden and are there lakes near by etc. So I decided to write a post about the nature in and around Linköping.There is one big lake in the north of Linköping and 20 minutes by bike from University/ Ryd (where the student accommodations are located) and there is a huge nature reserve called Tinnerö in the south east of university. I am living close to that nature reserve and today was the perfect weather to go there and start with my Sunday’s routine…going on a bike ride in Tinnerö. It was beautiful weather and a lot of people on bikes, horses or on their feet where there enjoying the sun. I found a beautiful BBQ place and even a toilet in the middle of nowhere….Sweden is in some things really a special country.

Nature reserve Tinnerö

A toilet in the middle of nowhere

Fire places like that exist everywhere in Sweden. You are always finding wood chops to directly light a fire.




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Annabel from Germany

Annabel from Germany
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