How to get your taxes back?

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Working in Sweden means that you will have 30% off your salary taken as a tax. If you earn less than 18800 SEK in a year, all of your taxes will be returned to you after you file tax forms to Skatteverket. If you earn more than than, up to 18800 you will get everything back, and from everything else you will only get one part.

In the beginning of the tax declaration period (some time in March), Skatteverket will send you a letter explaining how to declare taxes. The letter will be in Swedish, but the whole process is pretty simple.

You go to their website, to the part where you declare taxes (Så här deklarerar du) and go to the part where you can declare it online (E-tjänst) without having Swedish ID or any other document us foreigners do not have. You log in (inloggning) and it will offer two options E-legitmation and Säkerhetskod. You should choose Säkerhetskod, and then type in your Personnummer and Kod för identifiering (8 siffror) that you got on your Skatteverket letter. It will transfer you to a page where you need to submit your tax declaration. You still need to fill in your bank account details where you want that money transferred, and voila! In a month to two months, you will get your taxes back!


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Tax return in Sweden

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Everyone who ever worked in Sweden knows that 30% of your earning is being declared as a tax. Since we are students, and we do not earn as much, as long as we earn less than 18 000 kronor, we have the right to get our taxes back. I expected this to be a bit easier process than it is. Since I am currently not in Sweden, I did not receive my tax declaration form. Struggle with emailing Skatteverket for million times is real.

Whenever I know more about how to get taxes back, I will keep posted. I assume that for everyone this information is useful!


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Easter at home/Working Easter

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Today was the day when second year MIER students who wish to graduate in June needed to submit their thesis drafts, or at least how far they have gotten. I am somewhat half way there, maybe a bit more. About to start analysis of what I have written so far.

I submitted it this morning, and now I’m about to dig into my bag full of Easter chocolate. Unlike Easter last year, that I celebrated having brunch with some of my closest friends in Sweden, this Easter we all spent in front of laptops. Thesis submission is coming closer, and I can’t help it, but the time to think about graduation dress is also coming closer 🙂

Fingers crossed for this first submission to go well!


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Is Sweden the best place ever indeed?

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Sweden is awesome. We all know it. But getting a confirmation from one of the biggest US talk shows, is definitely a nice thing to hear. Why and how does my absolute favourite British-American TV host James Corden think this? Take a look at this video:


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SKAM is back!

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Scandinavian TV obsession is back! What we have long expected and hoped for is out and true. Sana is going to be the main character, and I could not be more happy because of that. Trailer was released today:


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