Four months in Sweden: home is where your heart is

Posted in: life in Sweden on 8 December, 2019 by Asia

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Hej alla!

In few days I will celebrate my fourth month here in Sweden… sounds sweet and bitter at the same time.
Sweden has become my daily life, the library my favourite place, my friends are now like a family, and walking around the city is not anymore something strange but definitely familiar.

What I learn since I moved here?
That kanelnbullar are better if eaten in couple 😉 , that the things I never studied are so many (and that’s why I have to learn more and more!) but also that there is no cold weather outside, it’s just you not dressed in the properly way.

And because I’m nostalgic today and it’s Sunday, I’ll post here some of the photos that remember me how much I’m already changed, since I moved here.

Take the courage to make the application, and move to Sweden: you will never regret it.


Hope these photos convinced you more to move to Norrköping… because is one of the nicest cities ever.

And is already part of my life.





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Webinar & application process

Posted in: what to do, how to do on 30 November, 2019 by Asia

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Hej alla!

On Thursday, I had the chance to participate to a Webinar, as a LiU Ambassador, with two incredible women: Therese and Cecilia. Therese works in the Communications, Cecilia is an admission officer.

It was funny and a very excited experience! I was a little bit nervous, but at the end I was happy to participate.



If you didn’t have time to register to the webinar, or if you want to see it again, I leave here the link.

I suggest you watch this video until the end: many students have asked questions, to which we have answered, that can help you with the application!
I recommend that you follow the instructions well, read well what is written in the information page of your course, and take the time to read all the information contained on the site !


You will find all the information you need, don’t worry. 🙂
Don’t stress yourself, take your time to read everything, and if you’re not sure, send an e-mail.

This is my face every time someone says
“I can’t find an information in the website!”.
At least we can say I’m photogenic 😉



If you have more questions, just write me in the comments!

Good luck with your application.



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It’s time to move to Sweden: your life in a suitcase

Posted in: what to do, how to do on 23 November, 2019 by Asia

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If you sent all the documents, your application is now finished… You have just to wait, until you’ll receive the letter of admission.
In meanwhile, just be focused on your daily life, your response will arrive.

I perfectly remember (as if was yesterday) the morning I received my letter of admission. I woke up at 9 in the morning, checked, and my letter was there. I had breakfast with my boyfriend with bread and pistachio creme – that’s why every time I think about Sweden I remember the pistachio creme’s taste – and I was so excited thinking about my new adventure.

Time passed so fast, and in three seconds – or, at least, this is what it seemed to me – the day of the departure finally arrived. As usual, I like to plan everything so at the time I had already a list of things that I know I wanted to bring with me in Sweden.

Here a brief list of what I brought with me to Sweden: they’re just the really essential things absolutely not to be forgotten.


  • autumn jacket
  • winter jacket
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • cap
  • waterproof jacket
  • umbrella
  • sneakers
  • panties
  • stockings
  • tights
  • flip flops
  • thermic shirt
  • thermic pants
  • pyjamas
  • leggings
  • jumpers
  • trousers
  • skirts



  • moka (I’m Italian, I need my machine coffee) 
  • food boxes
  • my favourite mug
  • my water bottle (environment is important!)
  • towels
  • medicines
  • makeup
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • lotions
  • deodorant
  • soap



  • computer
  • computer charger
  • phone charger
  • hard disk
  • photo camera
  • photo camera charger
  • powerbank
  • blankets
  • hairdryer



  • PEACE’s flag
  • case with pens
  • warm water bag
  • photographs

This was my essential-things-list the first time I moved in Sweden….

Basically, all my life in a suitcase.


What are the essential things you’ll bring?

Comment if I’ve forgotten something!
And good luck with the preparation of your suitcase! 🙂



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Letter of intent: a step-by-step guide

Posted in: what to do, how to do on 16 November, 2019 by Asia

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As I previously told you in a post (here),  often to apply for a master’s degree you need to send a letter of motivation/ intent.  I don’t know what kind of experiences you have had in the past, but, before applying here in Sweden, I had never written a letter of motivation. This is why I had to do a lot of research to write the letter of motivation, and the anxiety was so intense. So I thought of making things easier and bringing back here some simple rules to follow to write a letter of motivation.

  • Remember that the letter of motivation is a useful tool for those who do not know you to understand something about you: not only your successes and merits (for that there is the CV), but also your interests and your skills. Don’t waste this unique opportunity by writing a general letter of motivation: you have the opportunity to tell something about yourself, do it!
  • Take all the time you need. Spend at least an entire afternoon on this, make hot tea with cookies, turn off the phone, sit at your desk and concentrate. The chances of being admitted to the master you want also depend on this letter.
  • In addiction, remember: the letter of motivation should not be longer than two pages, so manage your space carefully.

Things that should not be missing in your letter:

  1. A short presentation of what you have studied in the past. e.g. bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.
  2. Practical experiences that have contributed to your training and that could help you in the master for which you are applying. e.g. field work, working experience, an internship but also a volunteering experience.
  3. A brief explanation of what you are particularly interested in (in relation to the master you are applying for).
  4. The reasons why you chose this university and this master’s degree.In this case it may be important to demonstrate that you are familiar with the programme, the organisation of the course and any research centres connected with it.
  5. The reasons why you think you are an excellent candidate for this master’s degree. This is an important part, don’t underestimate it!


Things that shouldn’t be written in your letter of intent:

  1. Informations about your private life that don’t refer to the master’s programme you want to apply.
  2. Experiences or skills that you don’t have. Remember that many things can be verified! Don’t risk losing this opportunity if you enter untrue information. If you are accepted to the master it will be for your skills, knowledge and abilities, and certainly not because you lied about an experience.
  3. Photos, videos or strange layout. Simplicity is always the best thing, someone said. Unless you are applying for a master’s degree in design (and therefore have to present a portfolio) you don’t need to spend too much time on the graphics of your motivation letter.

*Please note: this is just a guide, the motivation letter is something strictly personal and should be written without the help of anyone.

I hope I’ve been helpful, and if you have any questions comment below!

Good luck writing your motivation letter!



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To see: the sauna at Upper Glottern

Posted in: life in Sweden on 9 November, 2019 by Asia

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Some places are more special than others. 

This is my favourite place around Norrköping, and spend a day here, in the sauna, in front of the lake, is cheap, beautiful, relaxing and special.

Here all the information you’ll need to go to the sauna at Upper Glottern by bus.

  • First of all, you have to reserve the sauna.
    The day is divided in different turns, each turn is three hours, the turn cost 20,00 SEK.
    I recommend you to reserve two turns: 12:00-15:00 and 15:00-18:00 (if you have to go and back by bus, is the most comfortable solution). Here the link for the reservation (is super easy to select the day and to pay!).
    They’ll send you an email with your reservation and a code that you’ll need for open the sauna (there are three different locks with the same combination)

  • Secondly, the day you reserved the sauna, you have to choose the correct bus.
    There are different solutions, but in my opinion the best one is take the bus 430.
    You can buy the tickets here, or in the office next to the bus station.
    If you are less then 5 people, you can buy the Tillsammans tickets (group tickets), that is cheaper.
    It’s also cheaper to buy the 24hours tickets, that include both travel to go and back.The route is from Norrköpings Resecentrum (next to the train station) to Klingstad.
    The travel is around 30 minutes.
    The timetable is easy to find on the website or on google maps.

Once you arrive in Klingstad, things can be a little bit more complicated.
I will divide the route in three different steps.


1. You have to follow a small road (the green line in the map) until it finished.
Then you have to walk approximately 20 minutes in the wood (the pink line in the map), always going straight (keeping the road you just walked behind you). Don’t worry because the wood is not big and even if you don’t follow the small road you can walk without problems.













2. Once you arrive in the principal road, you have to cross it.
Keep attention, it’s a little bit dangerous.
Then you have to follow the road exactly in front of you, for 30 minutes or a little bit more (the blue line in the map), until the road ends.
Just go always straight and enjoy the wood and the nature!













3. Once you see a gate in front of you, you know that you arrived in the natural reserve.
From that moment, you have to follow the road (for a bit) and then walk in the wood, always following the trees with an orange signal (the orange line in the map).
You will have the lake always on your right (while you’re going to the sauna), and on the left (while you’re going back from it).











In total, you need like one hour and thirty minutes to go by walk, but the fatigue is repaid by the beauty of the place. Here there is all the route.















Once you arrive at the sauna, you can open the lock with the code they sent you through e-mail, and then enjoy your afternoon!

In the small house next to the sauna there is a tool for cut the wood.
You can light the fire both inside and outside the sauna, and remember to bring:

  • newspapers, lighter or matchsticks, for light the fire
  • swimsuits and towels, also if you want to go in the lake
  • some food if you want to cook something on a small grill, and some water or hot tea (if you want to warm up)





*Please note: 

  • it becomes early night in autumn and winter, so plan your return in time, so as not to get lost in the woods at night;

  • dress well, especially if you go in autumn or winter;

  • follow the route on google maps;

  • don’t swim in the lake if you don’t feel enough comfortable or able;

  • keep attention with the fire inside and outside the sauna;

  • and, above all, you must respect the nature, the lake, the animals and the place you are;



If you need more information, here you can find more about the sauna.

I hope this information has been useful.

Comment here if you have any doubt. I’ll be happy to help you.

Good afternoon and have fun at the lake!



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Welcome to my blog!

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