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Sooooo we all know I am American and that I love football. Well the NFL Minnesota Vikings will be playing Philly Eagles at approximately 1am Swedish time to decide who goes to the Super Bowl. Björn and I unfortunately can not watch the game because we have adult work commitments early Monday morning. We are going to try and avoid any news outlets or Facebook and watch the game tomorrow after work. I have doubts that I will be able to not spoil it, as knowledge is everywhere these days!

Today the sun is shining which is a very nice change for us here in Sweden. It almost feels warm outside. Unfortunately it’s still freezing so we will be heading to Plantagen, the massive plant store around the corner. Can’t wait to get more plant babies to raise!!! Stay tuned to see my new plants and their names.


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The Swedish Winter

Posted in: Allmän on 16 January, 2018 by Chloe

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The Swedish winter is getting to me guys. It is pure darkness and wet and cold and miserable. Maybe it is just because I am a standard beach rat, but man does the weather suck here. The Swedes have a saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes” well that is false, there is bad weather. And it is this wet mope of a landscape I see out my window. Tyrone is sitting here with me looking out… I wonder if he too hates the cold. I accidentally forgot about him this morning when I let him outside. When I went to leave for work he dashed inside meowing painfully like I was TRYING to freeze him to death. He too probably misses the beach, but at least there are no fleas or ticks here, because guess what…. it’s too cold!

Work has been slowly kicking my butt – the standard are low but I have too high of standards for myself. School has given me one last final take home exam for the International Law class. I am kind of upset with the professor because the class was so generic and theoretical we didn’t learn much. In turn he assigned us 3 essay questions that are essentially all opinion based. Those usually don’t go over well because I have a differing opinion than the standard 65 year old Swedish professor. So wish me luck! “Lycka till Chloe!”


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TaxiCaller Nordic

Posted in: Allmän on 8 January, 2018 by Chloe

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I got my first job in Sweden!!! Well, besides my great low key job as an Ambassador and blogger for Linköping Uni. My new job has me working as an international key account manager, selling cloud-based software for taxi companies to give them a competitive edge over market newcomers like Uber and Lyft. The company based out of Linköping, Sweden right across from the University itself. The convenience factor is great because I can just walk over to class whenever I need to or vice versa. The job itself is nice so far. Lots of fika breaks and my co-workers are interesting. There is a girl from Las Vegas, and a guy from Chicago, having fellow Americans in the work place has been exceptionally helpful. The rest of the staff is Sweden, Peruvian, Spanish, and we have a sales team under us in the Philippines.  Almost everyone in the office has a dog, so unfortunately you can’t bring them to work because it would be a zoo! But it is really solidifying my urge and need to get a dog. I’m not ready for a baby by any means, but an adult adopted pupper could be really nice. Someone to go for long walks with (if weather permits) or to cuddle and watch TV. Feel free to  comment with what type of dog I should get!


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Mushroom Risotto and IKEA

Posted in: Allmän on 3 January, 2018 by Chloe

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Today I went to Ikea and it was more magical than I remember. Maybe because I am fresh off the Boat from America. It was glittery and sparkly all over the exterior and inside was a warm and welcoming environment. The colors this winter are dark and cozy… lots of dark emeralds, blacks, and golds. Björn as usual let me go crazy while he just sit backs and watch me “do my thing”. This is why I love this man. He has such great appreciation for a well manicured and decorated apartment. In Swedish, en lagenheten. I have been working on my svensk with Duolingo. It’s a great app and I wish I could afford to purchase it on my student budget. Life is too short for ads!

Tonight after shopping at IKEA and grocery shppping at ICA Maxi, we made mushroom risotto and chicken (faux chicken Quorn for me) and feta with a winter balsamic salad. I realized tonight how great it is that I have learned how to cook in Sweden. It is so expensive to eat out here, unlike the USA, so we are forced to learn how to cook. Everything is made from scratch in my kitchen here.

The Delishoussss Risotto Recipe:


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Florida Sun Tan

Posted in: Allmän on 2 January, 2018 by Chloe

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Sorry about my absence y’all… as you know I was back home in the US of A, visiting the family compound in Florida. It’s not as luxurious and splendid as it sounds. And it’s definitely not Trumps Maro Lago…. but it’s perfect. A small two bedroom house on a saltwater canal. We didn’t see any manatees this trip so the Swedes weren’t too impressed. Björn’s parents got to see a baby alligator so I’m happy that worked out. You can’t visit Florida and not see an alligator!

The trip started out a little rough.. after a 3 flight plane trip to Tampa and than a 2 hour drive I was exhausted. The next day I ate some Tacobell and went to the beach. I hate to say it but Tacobell gave me food poisoning. I have never thrown up that much in my life – it was painful and tiring. I spent the entire night and next day by the toilet waiting to feel better so I could enjoy the beach. I finally went to the doctor (without American health insurance I was hesitant) and she told me I need to go to the ER because she thought my gallbladder was going to burst. This is especially ironic because my mom just had to have her gall bladder removed two days before she came to Florida. Irony.

I didn’t want to spent $1,500+ at the hospital so I went home and rested. Thank God it passed and I could live again. I still think I may get it checked on while back in Sweden because healthcare is freeeeeeee wooohoo! By free I mean I pay 30% in taxes on my income… unwoohoo!

Enjoy the photos while I try and reckon with the cold weather my poor toes are freezing off to.



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