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Varför inte?

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LiU iGEM lab






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LiU iGEM + Boston= Instagram

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Good News!

Under veckan 43 kommer LiU iGEM att instagrama för LiU student och uppdatera med bilder och video under iGEM tävlingen. Det blir awesome! 😀




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Sommar lab-bilder

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alger iGEM


iGEM medlemmar


flytande kväve


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Meeting with the founder of LiU iGEM

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During the very first weeks of summer at the lab, there was a discussion about the yearly kick off that traditionally was organized by professor Forchheimer, so we had been told. There was a lot of talk about the professor, but who was he and in what way was he related to LiU iGEM?

Finally, it was the day of the kick off and we did not quite know what to expect. As the evening went on we had a chance to speak to the professor, and the more we got to hear the more intrigued we became. Not only did he turn out to be a fascinating person it also came to our knowledge that professor Forchheimer indeed was the founder of LiU iGEM.

As the days went by in the lab, something was not right, we couldn’t quite get our minds off professor Forchheimer. Finally, we got a time and a place for an interview and hopefully some answers to our questions.

“You, You and You are coming with me to work in Linköping.” The year was 1971 and the master thesis students were sitting in their working room in Stockholm, at the Royal Institute of Technology as Ingmar Ingemarsson stepped in and claimed his new teacher assistants and the future PhD student, Robert Forchheimer. This was the begging of the development of Linköping Institute of Technology, that professor Forchheimer came to have a great role in. Starting with the development of the courses and the teaching, the associations and the student life, he finally came to build his own research team at the department of electrical engineering in which he did many interesting discoveries in the field of digital image compression.
By now you are probably wondering where the synthetic biology part comes in, which was our rationalization as well. Luckily, there is a very logical answer to this question.

Professor Forchheimer has always been a man of many interests, with a fascination to understand not only the built up systems in electrical engineering but also the systems occurring in our everyday life. “What is really the difference between the systems used in engineering and the systems of the nature?” he asks himself. By the time professor Forchheimer had his first child he got a genuine interest in understanding the pre-programmed systems in our body allowing for the highly organized cell division to take place. And so he spent his entire summer by reading “The Cell”. After having started his first research project in mathematical modelling in systems biology, he became hooked into the field. This was the perfect way to benefit from his deep understanding and many years of experience and proficiency in electronical systems to take on new problems in the field of biology (which was not always understood by his ingrained colleagues).

As it happened, professor Forchheimer came to read an article in the newspaper one day saying that young students from Uppsala were participating in a contest. A contest in synthetic biology. This could really be something for Linköping too, he thought, having in mind that several educations at Linköping University had big emphasis in this particular field. In short, LiU iGEM was born and the rest is history.

Professor Forchheimer is, as earlier mentioned, a man of many interests. One could think that the deep jungle of unsolved research issues could be enough for a lifetime’s work, but I believe he would beg to differ. This is why during his academic career, he has been involved in the establishment of several companies related to his research. In a way, this seems to be a very natural step, seeing how many discoveries in research are of practical use and need establishment in companies to develop into services and products for public use. Although there is an immense potential in the world of entrepreneuring, Professor Forchheimer is very determined when he says that his heart lies primarily in research.

After having spent nearly two hours filled with questions and answers we finally felt a little bit wiser about our reflections regarding Professor Forchheimer. Feeling more inspired than ever, we were ready to return to the lab. Just one last question…When the person sitting across the table from you speaks with such enthusiasm about his work and life experiences we couldn’t resist asking about tips for the future. What is the secret to pursuing a successful career and how do you choose the right field to work in?

“Find something that truly interests you, a subject that gives you butterflies in your stomach when you think about it. That’s all there is to it”.
We would like to thank Professor Forchheimer for a pleasant interview and we hope to hear more from him soon!


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Ni kan hjälpa oss…

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LiU iGEM now has a fundraiser! Please help us achieve our goals and enable us to go to Boston. Thank you! <3

//LiU iGEM


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Deborah Traujtmann

Jag är en tjej med många framtidsplaner som brinner för forskning och gillar att leva livet.

Jag läser fristående kurser på både tekniska och filosofiska fakulteten vid LiU.

I år jobbar jag frivilligt för ESN Sea Battle som är en del av studentorganisationen ESN, och jag jobbar även med LiU Formula Student.

Jag är väldigt aktiv i studentlivet, det öppnar dörrarna till många möjligheter.

Är det någonting som ni undrar så får ni gärna skriva mig. :) Du kan också maila mig frågor på

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