Lab Fika

Posted in: Everyday on 20 February, 2018 by Karolos

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Coffee breaks in Sweden are sacred and of course we have those in the university lab. Besides the regular 2 breaks everyday, each week one person is responsible for the the well being of the kitchen (i.e starting/emptying the dish washer), but he also has to provide a “special fika” on one day. This could be breakfast, cakes, sweets, or whatever will give energy and satisfy the rest of the floor members. On my week, the day after I returned from Greece, I brought about 2 kilos of traditional Greek sweets (well actually they are originally Turkish, but we like to pretend it’s Greek), some feta wrapts, sesame sticks and chocolate pieces.  I think in terms of total weight it was about 3kilos! Everything went by quite fast, besides the chocolate; that remained almost intact from until Friday morning. However, by Friday evening, they were all magically gone!  This week we are saying goodbye to a lab member, who is also responsible for bringing fika. I sense something big is coming this week!



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Back in Sweden

Posted in: Everyday on 12 February, 2018 by Karolos

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After a couple of weeks in Greece, I’m not back in Linkoping. The difference is slight; from ~15C with sunny days, to ~0C with the streets covered in snow. While I was gone, there was apparently a hugeee load of snow that I sadly missed. I did adapt quickly back to the rhythms of Sweden, so now I’m back to my everyday mainly being busy with the lab work and the thesis. But more on that later! For now, here’s some pictures illustrating the difference!









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Winter is here

Posted in: Everyday on 30 January, 2018 by Karolos

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Well it has been here for quite some time now, but those past weeks of January have been the coldest I can remember from my entire stay in Sweden. Although we had some snow, unfortunately it wasn’t the kind that sticks around for a while – it didn’t snow much and it melted quite fast, although the remains got frozen, which is annoying. Walking around at -12C is not the best thing ever !


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Christmas Break & New Years

Posted in: Everyday, Recap on 22 January, 2018 by Karolos

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So my vacations this years in terms of places was the same, although the people were different. I went to Gothenburg with a friend to visit another friend of ours and spend Christmas there. As usual, all the time we were there, the weather was as if we had walked into the Misty Mountains from lord of the rings. Besides that, everything else was lovely. We had awesome dinners, cool drinks and a great night out.







The downhill started when we were about to leave, as we figured out that we had booked the return tickets with the wrong date. That’s 500kr we ain’t getting back! Next day, after we returned to Linkoping, I got very sick. To make it even worse, during the Christmas break, we still had to work on a big immunology  group report. I managed to do my part, however I was sick for quite a few days. I ended up spending new years home alone, sick in bed, between being asleep and awake. And after that, we still had more stuff to do for the school, i.e reports & presentation. Eventually everything went great and obviously I survived, but since I got no rest, I decided to take some vacation time, which is why I’m going back to Greece for a couple of weeks, after being in Sweden for 1,5 year now.














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Light Festival

Posted in: Events, Everyday on 3 January, 2018 by Karolos

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A few days ago I visited Norrköping, where a friend of mine who lives there guided me around the Light Festival. In short, the municipality has 13 spots around the city, with some sort of lights, each one different and with a story to tell. Some of them were a bit weird (e.g one spot “invited” you to hug the trees) or failed to convey their message to me, but most of them were really nice. My favorite one was of course the waterfall, that every little while would change colors.















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