International Day at LiU

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                                 Images by Thomas Tan


International Day is a big exhibition organized by the ISA (International Student Association), in order to celebrate and promote the different cultures the foreign students bring at LiU. Various booths with students representing countries from all around the world were setup in one of the university’s buildings. On the booths you could see food, artworks or games from the respective countries. Sadly, as due scheduling issues, I came to the event after lunch time, so I didn’t get to try the treats.






IMG-20170412-WA0001 IMG-20170412-WA0002


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Neurobiology: Part I

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                                         Electrophysiology lab

After the first 2 mandatory courses, neurobiology is the first “real” course that I’m taking. The class started with a very stress
ing introductory lecture, as it seemed like the course would be heavily loaded. In summary:

A lot of lectures – 3 problem based learning tutorials – 3 journal clubs – 3 labs – A 5 pages literature study on a neurobiological topic of our own choosing.

Although the lectures were intresting, since I don’t have a neuroscience background, they were very hard to follow. They also felt too broad, filled with trivial facts, making them even harder to study for the exams.

The first lab was in electrophysiology, where we measured the action potentials on oocytes, before and after administrating some kind of unknown treatment. Trying to stick the electrodes on those oocytes was hell of a task!



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Learning Swedish

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If you are interested in learning Swedish, there are several ways to do so, even before moving here.

Duolingo is a great app, where you can practice many new languages, from simple to more advanced stuff. The Swedish material in the app is quite good, however the minus is that there’s no grammar explanation. A good way to supplement that is by using the grammar book “Form i focus”, which i found great and very easy to follow it while self-studying (all you need is google translate!).

After coming here, the university offers an intensive A1-A2 course during August. I didn’t take that one, but people who joined it had only good things to say. If you can’t attend that, worry not, because there are A1-B2 courses offered during the academic year in the university.

Finally, if those courses don’t fit your schedule, there’s a program called SFI offered by the municipality. I don’t know much about the program, expect the fact that it has a long waiting list, so if you are interested you should enroll as soon as possible.


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Housing in Linköping

Posted in: Housing on 18 April, 2017 by Karolos

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Did you get accepted in LiU? Congrats, you are almost here! Since the application process to Swedish universities is fairly easy, it is now the time for the hard part to come: Housing. Finding a place to stay in Sweden, is a difficult task. But fear not! As long as I have been here, I have yet to see someone sleeping on a bench. Getting a room to live might get some time, but you’ll find something eventually. Here’s a few places you must look into in order to find accomodation.

Student Bostader: If you haven’t done it already, you should register at student bostader ( ), which are the student dorms. It uses a queue system, one day is one point. For the houses that are available in August-October they give a priority to newly admitted students.

Liu Notice board: Here you can find ads about rooms as well as other items, such as furniture or bicycles.

Facebook: There are several pages where you can find or place an accommodation ad, you could try the following ones:

  1. ERASMUS LINKOPING 2016/2017
  2. Accommodation for Students @ Linköping
  3.  Lägenheter i Linköping

You can also find or place ads at Blocket ( )

Lastly, many rooms are advertised at Kombo ( ), although the filtering system may seem a bit weird.

Finding the perfect place may be hard, so it’s a good idea to settle for something temporary. Once you are here, it will be much easier to find a more suitable place. And of course, always be aware of scammers!


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Paintball Tournament

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Many moons ago, a student section organized a paintball tournament, in a local field. 10 teams of 5 peopel took part in the tournament, 9 of which belonged in the hosting section (Industrial economy or something). The other team consisted of me, a fellow biosciences students and 3 engineers. Needless to say, the best team was the only one not studying industrial economy. During the tournament, we were also served burgers & soft drinks to recharge and since we came first, we were rewarded an excellent alcohol free champagne.

14500565_1271688982866047_6134053309472831429_o 14543696_1271688766199402_1696883637332003306_o 


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