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Posted in: Everyday on 13 June, 2017 by Karolos

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I have now returned to the lab, ready to run some cool experiments and do science stuff. We have now switched offices, which is very convenient as I’m now closer to the kitchen and the coffee machine. It also comes with a better window view! I must say, it feels good to be back in the lab, after only two months of courses.

On my first day, we went out after the lab work with the other members of the group, to celebrate the end of the semester and the success of our presentations. After that, I met some friends for a last drink, as they will be going away for summer vacations. When i first started the lab, it used to be dark when I was going there and  it got darker by the time I left. Now, I’m still trying to get used to the fact that even at midnight, there is still some light on the sky!


                                                           12:44 am




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Rydskogen Motioncentrum

Posted in: Everyday on 12 June, 2017 by Karolos

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Last Saturday, I went to the gym for my regular afternoon exercise. To my bad luck, the card reader was broken and since there is no personnel in the gym during the weekends (and most hours of the weekdays), I couldn’t enter the gym. To my good luck however, I remembered that there is an exercise park somewhere in Ryd, that I had never visited before.  Upon arrival, I realized how unfortunate I was for not knowing about it’s existence until very recently. It’s a very nice fitness park, that has all the necessary equipment for a full workout – plus it’s a nice place to just chill and also has football & basketball field. There is also a barbeque area, in case you want to reward yourself with a burger after the workout!

IMG_20170610_202103 IMG_20170610_202257


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Posted in: Everyday on 4 June, 2017 by Karolos

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Sommar-X was a big party that was organised this Saturday, in order to celebrate the end of the semester.  This took place in one of the buildings of the university campus (Kårallen, Valla), but there was also an outdoors stage. Parties like this are fairly common, but I don’t go to them often, as usually you have to queue to get a ticket (they are that crowded!), plus the tickets are a bit expensive.

For this one, we organized a gathering for all the students of our program (1st and 2nd year). We started with a due-to-bad-weather-postponed barbecue, followed by a corridor pre-party. Afterwards, we went to the Sommar-X, were we completely bypassed the line like VIP (because they opened another entrace) and stayed there until the end of it. After a good night’s sleep, we arranged another barbecue, since we had leftovers from the previous day, although the rain interrupted us, after a short while. A fun weekend, totally needed after all our hard work!



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End of the Line

Posted in: Courses, Everyday on 4 June, 2017 by Karolos

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Finally, the semester and the first year is over, after a long and stressful week!

To sum up

– I presented the infectious biology literature study => went good, the revision is 1 minute worth of effort

-I opposed to one first year project; I decided i didn’t have the time to properly oppose for the second one, so i’ll have to do that in the next presentation period.

-I took the neurobiology exam again, which i probably failed. I have studying for this course. Really hate it.

– I probably passed the infection biology exam, although you never know. This was the longest exam ever, as they gave us 20 questions, covering every single lecture. Most people came out after writing for about 2,5 hours.

– Finally, I presented my 1st year project report, which was the most stressful thing. Although I had presented about half of it before (in the Edinburgh Trip), I was still really, really nervous. However, it turned out fine as well, and the revision is quite easy, although probably a bit time consuming.

So now it’s time for vacations! But not for me. I got a scholarship to stay in the lab, where i did my project, during the summer and keep working on it. Since the lab group is great and the project is very interesting , I  gladly took the position! Αs I have said before, there’s no rest for master’s students. .



During my presentation. Project title: Dissecting the role of Thymine DNA glycolysase (TDG) in the epigenetic reprogramming of CD4 T-cells.



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Beach Volley…In the park!

Posted in: Events, Everyday on 28 May, 2017 by Karolos

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On Saturady, I went for a walk with a friend downtown and we ended up in a park nearby, to chill out and enjoy the sun. There, loud music got our attention, so naturally, we went towards it and we came across a cool beach volley area that I didn’t even know that existed. A tournament was organized by one of the school sections and a lot of people were gather, to play, eat burgers and enjoy the nice weather.  Unfortunately, as i wasn’t aware of it, it was too late to join the games, but I’ll be prepared for the next time!







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