Last snow if the year?

Posted in: Allmän on 14 March, 2017 by Lisa

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Just a quick update.

Finally we had a couple of days with proper snow! I really like snow but this winter was not a good one for snow. We will see if this was the last snow of this winter and spring will come now.


Stay warm,



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Quick update

Posted in: Allmän on 15 February, 2017 by Lisa

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Just a very quick post ofa picture of two airplanes and Venus

(well you can’t really see her but she shined right above the planes I promise)

in the evening sky 🙂



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skavsta airport

Posted in: Allmän on 10 February, 2017 by Lisa

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Cheap and close

If you want to make a short trip, check out this airport. It belongs to Stockholm but is on the way from Linköping to Stockholm and the airport bus, leaving from Linköpings busstationen, takes about 90 minutes. Compare this to 4 hours to get to Arlanda!

20170131_132632Over the clouds..

There are cheap flights, if yyou want to use your time here, maybe to do a trip up to the north of Swweden, or home or somewhere esle, try out Skasta!

Enjoy your flight



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Posted in: Allmän on 9 February, 2017 by Lisa

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One more fun event

 Last weekend there was one of those events that are a tournament between different sections at uni. You can recognise the ones belonging together by their matching overalls -mine is green 🙂 – or costumes, as they like to do it for these kind of events.

Screenshot_2017-02-04-20-58-29-1 IMG-20170204-WA0034

In this one, the teams were racing down a hill in Valla, very close to the campus.

It was a fun event, and must be so much fun to join! Mostly bachelor students, normally only consisting of swedish students (as in the bachelors normally the case, the masters are much more international). I would have loved to do this during my bachelor and can say for sure: Sweden is great for having the best time during studying. And even if you will (most likely) study a master here, you will feel the same! I am sure.




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Posted in: Allmän on 8 February, 2017 by Lisa

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The Gym…

 …on the Campus

Hey guys! If you like gyms or rather go to sports classes, I can only recommend you to try campushallen.

It has a great, big gym with many different machines for strength and cardio traning.

IMG-20170206-WA0020View from the upper floor which is made as a kind of gallery all around and has mostly cardio training machines like treadmills (I rather run outside..), stepper, rowing machines, different kind of bikes and more.

campushallen offers a wide diversity of trainings! Climbing, boxing, badminton, zumba and much much more, just check out their website in the link I provided 🙂 A big plus is the location, right on campus! Only 10 minutes by bike from Ryd, where most students live.

I had a free membership card because of floorball (I am a referee, you don’t need to know it for that, you learn it there) but it is not sure if the tournament will happen this year. But look out for it on facebook and don’t miss this opportunity to access the gym for free! because it is quite expensive unfortunately.

enjoy your training!



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Lisa Lübstorf
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