Attending a Master Thesis presentation

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Master thesis defense

June is here! Which means summer and vacations are really close but… first there is a toll that we have to pay. For most of us, it is the exam period. But for other people, the ones about to graduate, it is time for the defense of their master thesis.

I have some friends in this situation, so today I went to one of their presentation to show support. It is a really interesting experience for students that will take part in a program. Speaking to an audience can be scary for some people, so the more prepared you are the better.

How is a master thesis presentation in the engineering faculty? 
First of all, the examiner introduces the speaker or speakers and the thesis topic. Apparently, you can do your Master thesis at the engineering faculty by yourself or with a partner. After it, the students present their thesis in about 20 minutes. Once the students have talked about their work and the stress is released, it is time for the opponent group to ask questions. These questions lead to some open discussion where the audience can ask questions.

I would fully recommend you to attend to a couple of master thesis presentation during your first year, it will be very useful for when it is your time to do your own project

Good luck with your studies!


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Lisa Lübstorf

Lisa Lübstorf
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