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The most popular residential area for students in Linköping is Ryd. At first sight, especially during the first weeks in Linköping, Ryd can be a maze. It might take a couple of weeks to get used to, but without realising everyone identifies Ryd as their spot in Linköping.

Although we all live in Linköping, Ryd can be considered as a micro-city within Linköping. It is actually surprisingly easy to spend long periods of time without leaving Ryd, besides for going to uni.

So what can be found in Ryd?

Ryd centrum with Hemköp, a hairdresser, a bike shop, a flower shop, two restaurants, a pharmacy and more.

A doctor and a dentist.

A gym.

A forest for running, football fields, basketball and volleyball fields as well as barbecue places.

And of course many flats. Corridors usually consists of 8 rooms, each with a private bathroom. Kittchen and living rooms are shared, but they are very big and if everyone takes care of it, there are no problems.

I really enjoyed living here and I hope you will too 🙂



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Lisa Lübstorf

Lisa Lübstorf
Hej there! My name is Lisa, I’m in the first Semester of the Experimental and Medical Biosciences master and I am from Hamburg in Germany. I love travelling, skiing, running, horseback riding and having good times with my friends. I will share the experiences I make here in Linköping with you and hope it will bring this nice place closer to you and you’ll see why I like it so much :)

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