Shooting a video about social inclusion in Sweden

Posted in: MSc Design on 23 April, 2018 by Lyn

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The topic for this semester’s studio course is “Nomadic Welfare”. We have a storytelling project based on that. There’re many ways to tell a story. Me and my teammate Evan chose to do a video cause we love making video 😉 So, for the video, we need to find a more specific topic to focus on. When we started brainstorm the topic, we both thought it would be fun to see how the language of Swedish can affect social integration in Sweden since we knew the swedes speaks pretty good English and the language would never seems to be a problem before you came here. It would be fun to reveal what the life is really like if you don’t speak fluent Swedish and you trying to step in the common social life in Sweden.

the video interview

For the video, we planned to interview 4 migrants who came to Sweden for different reasons asking them about their social life. According to the information from the Migration Office, there’re 4 types of migrants: for study, for work, for moving to a partner or refugee. We’re aiming to find those 4 types of migrants for the interview. Then when we edit the video, there will be different people answer the same questions and the audience can really see the comparison.

Now we have interviewed 2 people and the answers we got are fascinating. Can’t wait to share the video with you at the end of the semester!

me and Evan


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Hurray! Sunshine!

Posted in: Fun life stories on 19 April, 2018 by Lyn

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Ever since the time changed to summer time, the day light in Sweden just been so amazing. The day is longer (I feel like I have more time to do things), everybody is out with their sunglasses. Before I came to Sweden I was a bit scared about the long winter. Well, the winter was ok since I’ve been busy doing school work. But, still, the spring feels like a reward. It’s fun that I can see wild rabbits running around again.

On campus we have some good spots for enjoy some sunshine while we had lunch or fika. Well, there’s no really “good spots”, anywhere you can chillax with your friends is a good spot. Some people like facing the sun, some people don’t. I’m the later one. I’m not really used to sun bathing. When I grew up my mum never let me be in the sun for a second. It’s sort of like an unique phobia existed in China. All I can hear about sun is bad. It makes your skin darker (bad in China), it makes your ageing faster, higher chance to get skin cancer and so on. Nobody nearly mention you can feel happy when you’re in the sunshine. Until I told my friends in China I’m going to Sweden. They immediately changed their attitude and say “dude, you gonna cherish the sun.”  And that’s sort of the reality I see in Sweden. When the sun came out, everyone just go outside, stop everything they’re doing, facing the sun, and just stand there for as long as they can. It’s a trend. As a migrant I try to do the same. And then I got sun burn. I gotta keep rotating myself. Gosh, such an amateur.

Friday beer scene


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Workshop on Designer Confidence

Posted in: MSc Design on 16 April, 2018 by Lyn

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How important confidence is to designers? I guess it’s pretty important since we’re storytellers and we need to make sure we can deliver the message effectively. You need a lot of confidence to do it because speaking in front of people is not easy. Last Thursday and Friday we had a two-day-workshop focusing on creating confidence. It was facilitated by guests Lauren Currie and Joe from Scotland and the UK. Lauren is a service designer and Joe is an actor. The workshop consists of several exercises related to public speaking, voice, poses, team work and so on. Through those exercises, we’ve been discovering the relationship between speaking and listening. i.e. how to speak in front of strangers, how to listen and how’s the interaction going on.

What we learnt about public speaking

After we learnt the theory, we started to analyse the speech we’ve seen before. To see how they use their voice. So, there’re 3 types of voice: head, heart and gut. Each person had their own way to talking and manipulate their voices. The way you use your voice is crucial for delivering the message effectively.

watch Conan having a speech

The hardest part of this workshop is to actually conduct a speech — an improvisational, short, your own style speech use various of voices. It only takes very little preparation and you go on the stage. It reveals both the weakness and the advantage. Some people are natural storyteller, some people know how to use their voices and gesture; Some people forgot to breath, speak too fast, some people panic because they forgot what they going to say. Well, now I learnt, if anything happens, just BREATH 🙂 Breath is your best friend who I constantly forgot to hang out with. At the end of the workshop, we had a small buffet in our studio. Yay it’s finally Friday!

little buffet



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One day trip to Stockholm v2.0

Posted in: Fun life stories on 12 April, 2018 by Lyn

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Yoho! I did an another one day trip to Stockholm. This time was for an interview. It was held in KTH campus. I thought it’s a good opportunity to take a look of the university campus also. The campus is not so far away from the central station so I walked there. After the interview I had some time so I wandering at the KTH campus and I found the library. That was the most dreamy library I have ever been to. The design was combined with historical and modern sense. And I love the natural light from the ceiling.

KTH library

Later on I was meeting a friend and we sat at the cafe for a while. Then we walked to a restaurant near the central station. The weather was just changed from rainy and windy to sunny. Everything looks lovely. And out of surprise we noticed a scene that we were almost feel like we’re in London haha. Probably is because of the red block building and the man with a coat.

looks like we’re in London

We were suppose to eat in a burger place however when we were there it was packed with people. So we have to change place. Luckily we found a Chinese restaurant near by and I was craving for that for a long time haha. Me and my friend was actually met in Shanghai. Eating here was kinda like deja vu. The food is so good that I ate 2 bowls of rice (I normally can only eat 1)… It was such a comfort for my homesick.

so good!

To me travelling is mainly about experience the city. A one day trip was not a trip that you can visit a lot of places but it makes me more cherish the time I had. I pay more attention to everywhere I have been, even the street and houses that I pass by. Hope you can enjoy the same.


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The fantastic Elsashus

Posted in: Fun life stories on 9 April, 2018 by Lyn

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I got to know the existence of the Elsashus from one of my interviewee when I did my research for a school project last semester. At that time I needed a space to do a workshop and I learnt that Elsashus offer free room booking for young people. So I went there and talked to the manager about my need and my purpose of doing the workshop. They loved the idea and helped me with every procedure in order to make an event happen. By that chance I got to know more about Elsashus. It’s a culture house and they offer place for people to organise all kinds of event. The most popular ones are live concert and it’s usually free entry. They also have some workshops for music. It’s such a good place for people to hang out also because they have a lovely cafe with healthy vegan snack and student-friendly price. (It’s alcohol free.)

Elsashus in Linköping

Last week I went to a live concert at Elsashus and it was fantastic. The artist is called Garland and she was performing live looping. It was the first time I saw live looping and it blew my mind. After the concert she was happy to share the knowledge about how to do it and all kinds stuff.

Garland performed live looping at Elsashus

By the way, our program also had an exhibition at Elsashus in January this year. Lots of people came and we had a lot of fun. The staff there were super supportive.

Our exhibition at Elsashus Foto: Jonas Löwgren

However, due to some reasons Elsashus is going to close at June this year 🙁  Try to visit them before they close. Also, I heard they’re going to have a big farewell party at the end of May, looking forward to that 🙂


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