Herpetological diary 2017 vol.4 Blue tongue skinks

Posted in: thesis on 23 April, 2017 by Maja

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Have I tell you anything about little creatures I write my thesis about? I think I haven’t… Maybe I mentioned them a couple of times, but I haven’t devoted any quality time to describe them more. So, here we go…



Blue tongue skinks are a big group of lizards and their main characteristic is super blue tongue, which they show when threatened. They are super slow, since their body is quite big, but their limbs do not follow its size. They live mostly in Australia, but some other places as well. The whole group is represented by 8 different species. The one that I am specifically interested in is the northern blue tongue or in latin – Tiliqua scincoides intermedia. This one inhabits northern and partly western Australia, and I think they’re super cool. They can be up to 30 cm long and they are viviparious, which means they give birth to alive baby lizards. That is not common among reptiles.

What is not that cool is that they are sold as pets, and there is a big market of blue tongues. If you try to google them, you will most likely end up on sites of different pet shops.

northern blue tongue


If you live in Australia, you don’t have to buy them, since they will live in your garden. They inhabit urban areas as well, but they mostly try to avoid people. So, when you leave house, blue tongue party begins! 🙂


In my thesis, I developed a mathematical model to see how different temperatures influence movements of these slow lizards. Which temperatures do they prefer? And also, is their movement pattern  different during different seasons in tropical Australia. I got some interesting results! If you are interested, you can listen to my presentation which will take place in exactly a month from now.  You are all very welcome! 😀


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The Earth Day

Posted in: Climate change, Environmental activism on 22 April, 2017 by Maja

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Today is the Earth day. I don’t think I have to explain what are we doing to the only planet we have, without even thinking about it (most of us). Take a few minutes and watch this video! Every action has consequences! An every action, even the smallest one can make a difference! Happy Earth day!


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Herpetological diary 2017 vol.3

Posted in: reptiles on 16 April, 2017 by Maja

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Different herpetological diary this time. Reptiles in captivity, and preserved reptiles. Locations: Universeum and Naturhistoriska musem in Göteborg. Enjoy!


Crocodile and aligator


Indian cobra


Different variations of grass snake




Horned viper


Taipan – one of the deadliest snakes in the world


Gaboon viper



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In love with Göteborg

Posted in: Sweden on 16 April, 2017 by Maja

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I moved to Sweden almost two years ago, but this is my first time to visit Gothenburg – the most beautiful city in Sweden according to many people. Living in Linköping has its advantages – it is calm, you are very close to nature and it is easy to navigate around the city with your bike. Gothenburg is larger than that, and a bit more complicated to navigate through, but people-wise and culture-wise it reminded me of Sarajevo – the capital of Bosnia.

If you are into museums like I am, Gothenburg city card is a really cool thing to buy. Not only that it gives you the opportunity to visit most of the museums, but you can also use public transportation (including ferries to archipelago) and city bikes as much as you want to within 48 hours.

Universeum, art galleries, photo exhibitions, historical exhibitions, city tours… I was amazed. The architecture of the city, small cozy streets and beautiful channels make you feel like you are flying through different cities. Nice pubs with different types of music, developed alternative culture and a lot of live plays is how I would describe the city. It definitely has a soul. And it is definitely not just another city in Sweden.


1 7 24 26 27 29


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Sunday movie marathon

Posted in: Uncategorized on 9 April, 2017 by Maja

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After a good weekend and a party last night, Sunday is a take it easy day. And also a day for junk food. 😀 Pizza for breakfast/lunch, and sausages for dinner. Some candies in between. 😀 And a movie. Today, Zootopia for us. Third time for me, and first time for my boyfriend. It is definitely one of the coolest cartoons ever. 🙂 If you still haven’t, I strongly recommend. We will continue with our movie marathon, and I wish you all wishes from the below photo.17799951_1304650739656554_2286545862031548342_n


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