Everybody is crazy for sunny days

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Sunny days have finally arrived in Linköping! I’ve learned to truly appreciate the sun and right now I just want to be done with my thesis and enjoy the days out and try to get my precious natural vitamin D.

By this time, BBQs start to pop up everywhere and it’s really common to see students mingling outside seating in beach chairs haha. Nature has much power on us and you also feel happier than you were feeling during winter. In the beginning I could not understand this fascination that Swedes have with summer and sunny days but now I totally understand. Winter days are difficult to overcome and when the temperature rises all you want is to enjoy as much as you can 😉



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So many things to learn!

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I can say that since I’ve arrived in Sweden I learn a new thing almost every day. This was one of the things that I’ve heard even before to study abroad, that wherever you go if you are a completely new in this place you will have to learn new place directions, new way of socialising and behaviour yourself, new ways to study and work, new sports and in the case of Sweden a new language.

The second most important challenge that I had to overcome after the process of learning a new completely language, it was to learn how to deal with ice and snow. First on how to bike and even walk when there is snow and then try out new winter sports. I had no references on how to deal with this ‘white world’ and have never seen snow in my whole life before coming to Sweden. After learning how to walk and bike during winter, I tried some winter sports and leisure activities such as ice-skating and skiing. I really liked to learn ice-skating and I had much fun. Unfortunately the contrary happened when I tried skiing but we should never say never right?

So after having learned all these new things I feel like I could develop much more as a person. Have moved to a completely opposite country of mine made me stronger and even more open to new future challenges. Are you ready to experience it? Only by coming to Sweden you’ll have the chance to experience it 😉



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Witches during Easter in Sweden?

Posted in: ALL POSTS on 5 April, 2018 by Marcela

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Easter celebrations in Sweden differ a lot from my home country. Leaving here I’ve realized how much chocolate people eat during Easter in Brazil and in Sweden this is not much the focus. The tradition to paint eggs is also something that doesn’t exist in Brazil. Instead we eat eggs with an Easter special dish that has its origins in Portugal. The other unusual connection with Easter in Sweden is the fact that some children dress up like little witches as part of Swedish folklore that dates from mid 19thcentury. Comparisons like that are difficult to avoid as it is really interesting to observe the differences between traditions and cultures.



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Going around Sweden from Linköping

Posted in: GENERAL TIPS on 3 April, 2018 by Marcela

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The city of Linköping has a great location for anyone who wants to travel and visit Sweden. Here are some facts that can help you when planning a trip in Sweden.

Skavsta Airport is just 90-minute drive from Linköpings centre. This is an airport that concentrates low cost flights. To get to the airport by bus, there are buses from Flygbuss that leave from Linköpings bus terminal next to the train station and go straight to the airport throughout the day and late at night. To get to Arlanda Airport you can take a bus from Swebus or if you want to spend less time you can take a SJ train that leaves from the train station and in about two hours or two and a half hours you will be at Arlanda airport.

Linköping is also very close to Stockholm, it is possible to go and return in the same day by train. If you want to explore southern cities of Sweden, there are trains that go straight to Lund, Malmö and other places in the south. It is also easy to go to Denmark by a direct train from Linköping, the journey takes around three hours or three hours and a half. There is also Gothenburg airport, where many international flights depart from. It is possible to reach this airport by leaving from Gothenburg city.

Now you know the main points to travel and to know many other places of Sweden.




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Appreciate the sun

Posted in: ALL POSTS, GENERAL TIPS on 26 March, 2018 by Marcela

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Sunny days are slowly increasing in Linköping but before we had to overcome darker and grey days so how to appreciate every moment of sun in Linköping?

Fika outside: even though it is still cold, every time that the sun is shining outside get this opportunity to enjoy a fika time outside.

Beak time: if you are working from home or at from the university, take this time to go for a walk in a park or forest that is close to you. You will feel warmer after the walk and more willing to continue your studies and work.

Get the needed vitamins: specially this time of the year it is when people feel more the effects of lack of important vitamins such as the vitamin D. Enrich your diet with seeds are more vegetables if you do not do yet.

More exercises: with more sunny days people tend to feel more inclined to do sports. Take advantage of this period and increase your time to exercise yourself.



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