What do Swedes eat?

Posted in: Allmän on 19 January, 2018 by Marcela

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Food is one of the things that is totally connected to the culture of a country. By discovering the eating habits of a place, it is possible to understand some history and important facts. Do you know what is the most typical dish in Sweden?

Meatballs – this is the most iconic food in Sweden. Meatballs are small balls of mincemeat that can be beef, pork, lamb, chicken then mixed with eggs, milk, flour or oatmeal, salt and black pepper. The meatballs were introduced in Sweden in the 1700s and is accompanied by brow sauce, potatoes (or mashed potatoes), lingonberry jam and cucumber.

Lingonberry jam – as it goes with meatballs, these berries accompanies a great amount of other dished. For example, it is possible to eat them with porridge, blood pudding and pancakes. The berries can be picked in the forest and some Swedes prepare themselves the lingonberry jam.

Herring – like the meatballs the fish is a common part of the main course. It is known that Swedes have been eating herring even before the Middle Ages. It goes with potatoes, sour cream and salad with mix of leaves.

Ready to try this delicious food and be even more immerse into the Swedish culture?


Meatballs with potatoes, brown sauce, red capsicum and lingonberry jam


Meatballs with salad, salmon and creamy sauce


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Fun activities to do during winter time

Posted in: FUN THINGS TO DO IN SWEDEN on 18 January, 2018 by Marcela

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Winter is a season which you tend to spend more time indoor than outdoor but there are activities to help you to get some fresh air 😀

Ice skating – it can be a little challenging in the beginning if have never done ice skating before but I am sure that if you persist you will see improvements. One tip to practice ice skating is to choose flexible winter clothes that allow you to move more freely. There are several ice rinks in Linköping. The closest from Campus Valla is Isovalen which has about 400 metres long and it is enough to practice and have fun. Some international student organisations from Linköping University normally organise visits to ice rinks by gathering the students that are interested in ice skating. This is also a great opportunity to meet new people.

Visit a natural landscape – in Linköping and surrounds there are many options to be closer to nature. From parks to natural reserves, it is possible to choose the best for you and explore the wintery landscapes around. One tip is to visit the natural reserve called Tinnerö. I have talked about it in another post.

Play with snow – this is the cheapest activity to do during winter time. You just need to pick a day with a considerable amount of snow, invite some of your colleagues and go out to play in the snow. If you have never tried to do a snow angel or a snowman, that is your chance!

I think with all these tips you are ready to make much more of winter in Linköping 😉


My snowman



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Cool and curious things about Swedes

Posted in: Allmän on 12 January, 2018 by Marcela

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Moving to a new country makes you to realise that common things for one society can be something very interesting and different for you. I started noticing these differences when I moved to Sweden.

There is no bad weather that you cannot practise some sports

Swedes are really active and even when is drizzling, raining or snowing there is always someone running outside. It is also possible to see families jogging together. If you lack motivation to go out and practise some exercise even with a bad weather, get inspired by all these super active people.

Special days to eat certain kind of food

In Sweden, there are many special days designated to eat some specific food. There are for example the semla day (semlans dag – in Swedish) is a day where you get together to eat semla, a sweet bun filled with whipped cream and almond paste. Stay tuned because the next semlans dag will be on the 13th of February 2018.

Excited student life

I was wondering how cool is the student life in Sweden. I wish in Brazil was like that! As I have observed, when the students finish the high school they have a super fun celebration where they go around the city in the back of decorated trucks celebrating the ending of this stage while their family is also around to congrats them. Also, when they start the university there are dozens of integration activities during the whole year.


A semla bun


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Are you willing to learn Swedish?

Posted in: Allmän, GENERAL TIPS, STUDIES on 10 January, 2018 by Marcela

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Depending on how long time you are going to spend in Sweden and on your plans after the studies, learn Swedish can be essential for a complete integration into the Swedish society.

When I move to a country and stay for a considerable amount of time there I feel uncomfortable if I don’t speak the native language. I think it is good to learn the language so you can interact with more people and you can also be part of different social groups. For example, if you want to take swimming classes or be part of a choir which most of the group is composes by Swedes, you would feel more comfortable if you could interact with them in Swedish as everybody will be talking in Swedish. You realize these things when you are living in the country and want to expand your social circle and do different things.

Try to start learning Swedish from the beginning that you move to Sweden. One common thing is that students start to study Swedish but due to time constrain and full-time study load there is not enough time to focus on studying Swedish. However, try to keep focused and I am sure that you will feel the improvements. Separate little time every day to study Swedish and also to practice with your colleagues and with native speakers.

When you reach a certain level, you will be able to understand and to interact with native speakers in the supermarket or other places there you only have short conversations and little by little you will feel comfortable to talk with everyone. Be patient and do not give up 😉



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Visiting a natural reserve during winter time

Posted in: Allmän, FUN THINGS TO DO IN SWEDEN on 6 January, 2018 by Marcela

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What do you think to spend some time admiring a beautiful wintery natural landscape?

The natural reserve Tinnerö is located about six kilometres away from Linköpings city centre and it is possible to get there by bicycle, bus or car. There you have tracks that take you to different sceneries and also places to prepare some BBQ. Old oak trees and wetlands dominate the reserve. You can also find some animals there like sheep and birds. Several points for bird-watches are available in the park.

What about to relax and spend some time in this beautiful natural reserve?



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