Thesis Proposal Pitch!

Posted in: Quick catch up! on 7 February, 2018 by Maria

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This is the pitch that I have come up after following the lecture and seminar of Anna-Maria Sörberg “How to combine academic knowledge production with writing in popularized media?”, which took place at Linköping University on the 2018/02/07, during the Face to Face Week of the course: Career Paths and Professional Communication.

Are you a trainer/educator or facilitator of Gender Issues and you are feeling stuck in your own discipline? Do you feel that the available materials don’t really represent your intersectional stance? Then my Master Thesis “An Intersectional and Critical Analysis of informational/educational books/materials on gender for Youth-Workers within the context of Erasmus+ is the answer. Since late 2015, I have been working for the NGO Tidsnätverket i Bergsjön (TNB) in Göteborg. Part of my duties was to deliver workshops on gender within the programme Erasmus+ (Youth Exchanges and Training Courses). The educational materials I was introduced to work with as a new trainer were mostly the publications of Council of Europe. While gaining experience over the proposed activities described in these books, it was alarming that the educational materials and books for trainers were mainstream and outdated (most of the times) with no intersectional perspective. In most cases, gender issues are only seen as a binary, stereotypical way. On the other hand, due to my own research efforts, I discovered Sam Killermann, an author from U.S.A., who identifies as a social justice advocate. He has published so far two books, a guide to gender and a manual for facilitators, which seem to be a good practice. For this reason, my thesis research and writing will be conducted while I will be a doing an Internship to System&G Greece, starting from February 2018 till February 2019. The topic of the Internship goes hand by hand with my thesis aim to critically analyze the informational/educational books/materials on gender for Youth-Workers within the context of Erasmus+.



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Study Visit at RFSL in Linköping!

Posted in: Quick catch up! on 6 February, 2018 by Maria

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While I am attending the Face to Face week for the course: “Career Paths and Professional Communication”, I had the opportunity to visit the office of RFSL in Linköping. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to ask more information, but I had the chance to take a few pictures of the space. It was lovely to be there and in the future, I will try to find out more about their activities. For now, I copy from the official website a few things about the organization.

The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights, is a non-profit organization founded in 1950. RFSL’s goal is that LGBTQ people should have the same rights, possibilities and obligations as everybody else in society.
RFSL works locally, nationally and internationally and is an ever growing organisation with about 7000 members and 38 branches all over Sweden.RFSL runs many different activities and projects. For example, RFSL has a crime victim support unit and an educational and certifying unit, the project Newcomers (a support group for people who are newly arrived in Sweden) and a unit that works exclusively with HIV and health. RFSL’s international work is also extensive and we cooperate with LGBTQ organisations in, for example, South Africa and Indonesia. RFSL also works continually with political advocacy and opinion making. At branch level, RFSL is a social meeting place where members can partake in different activities, such as lectures, café nights, pride celebrations and workshops. The congress is RFSL’s highest decision-making body. It is made up of representatives from all the organisation’s branches and the youth organisation.A Board of Trustees is elected at RFSL’s Congress and is in charge of implementing the operational plan that the Congress determines.


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New website!

Posted in: Little Confessions... on 29 January, 2018 by Maria

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Hey everyone!

My blogging story begins here, in this platform from Linköping University! I had made an effort years ago to start up a blog on my own, the free version on Blogger, but I have only written one article and I had never tried to keep up with it. So, when I had the opportunity to start blogging for the university I was super excited to try out how it is to consistently blog. I have been doing since the Spring Semester of 2016 and I am overall very satisfied with this experience.

During the Spring semester of 2017, I decided to buy my own domain and start up my own website where I could keep in the long-term and be more flexible with the content. I worked a bit on the technicalities, but it became overwhelming to keep up as I had to actually sit down and understand how things work out when you run your own website. I was feeling guilty though as the expenses are quite high to own a domain and the themes that I am using, etc. So, even though I was super late to take the decision to do it, last Tuesday, I pushed the Publish button of my first article and invited all of my Facebook friends to like the Facebook page, I have created for this reason. I was super happy to finally overcome my own fears of launching this new experience and looking forward to seeing where it can lead me!

Have a lovely week and remember to get out of your comfort zone and just go for the things you fear the most, it is worth it!


Click here to take a look at my new website and here to like the Facebook Page!


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To Do List for February!

Posted in: Uncategorized on 28 January, 2018 by Maria

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Hey Everyone!

I often write a to-do list of my tasks as motivation for me to keep on working and use this platform as an accountability buddy. It is rather helpful as it acts as a reflection of my tasks and also gives me some time to organise myself. February is a month, which will be devoted mostly to school work and moving out to a new home. This is what I need to do:

  • Attend two weeks of obligatory f2f weeks for my courses in Gender Studies.
  • Write a Thesis proposal and start working on it.
  • Finish up Career Paths and Professional Communication Course.
  • Apply for an award concerning Erasmus+ projects.

These are my biggest projects for the month of February and of course other small tasks that will come up anyway 🙂




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Örebro University Visit!

Posted in: Uncategorized on 24 January, 2018 by Maria

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Hey everyone!

Today, I will show you some photos from Örebro University. I attended an Info Day, where different companies and services in the University present themselves and new students can get to know them. It was not my first time joining such an event, as I have experienced it at Linköping University. The companies were pretty much the same and this one in 24/01/2018 was one of the small gatherings, there will be another one in a larger scale in 07/02/2018. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures as I was hesitant in the beginning, but then I realised it was totally ok. Pitty that I didn’t  take even more, but better less than nothing!

So, here it comes!


The university is offering some workshops on handling the stress and overwhelm!

Some dental advice and free toothbrushes were offered!

There was an opportunity to sign up for dance classes!

There are some organisations fighting for discrimination issues (at least this is what I understood!)

And a final picture of candies!



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