EDGB-2013 Fair at Norrköping Campus, LiU

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Students are interacting with companies’ people


‘Electronics Design Goes Business (EDGB)’ job fair is the yearly event which was held in 27-28 Nov, 2013 and organized by the department of Electronics Design and Login (Logistics i Norrköping) where many companies came to our Norrköping campus with their products, employment vacancies and thesis opportunities. A series of lectures were conducted by the experts from different companies regarding their research, products and services.

The main objective of this fair is to give a clear idea to the students about the technological innovations and newly launched products. Through this kind of event we became to know what is going to happen in the real industries. To make a bridge between industry and academia, this kind of gathering is highly expected.

This time there were some giant companies like Texas Instruments, Ericsson , Toyota, Scania, SAAB, Holman Paper and Atlas Copco participated at EDGB. Recruiting firm Adecco came with employment opportunities such as internship and regular jobs. We enjoyed and engulfed the interactive power point presentation from Texas Instrument which is the world’s leading designer and supplier of analog and embedded processing technologies.

MG_1495 MG_1577

Presentation by Texas Instrument, TI product (right)


As a MS student of Electronics Design and Wireless Networks, my immense interest goes to Texas Instrument – TI, Ericsson AB and SAAB. Mostly I visited to my interested companies’ stalls and talked to them about their products and possible future employment. Texas Instrument displayed their few low power RF (LPRF) products. TI, Norway and Sweden offices, Ericsson and Scania showed a great interest to employ students for summer jobs and regular employment. At Ericsson stall, there were mostly logistics people, but we also expect that in future participation there will be some other technical people from electronics design or R&D department thus we can have more interaction with them regarding the recent research and development.


MG_1629 MG_1586

While visiting Ericsson stall (it’s me with Ericsson employee), TOYOTA miniature product (right)


Furthermore, TI, Norway and Sweden office had conducted a short-interview session for the summer jobs and regular employment. We greatly appreciate this kind of recruitment procedure where company people can directly interact with the students and can talk about their needs what expertise they want from us.

The event was successfully ended up with the inspirational lecture of Mr. Pelle Tornell who is a researcher, lecturer and author.


MG_1905 MG_1908

The students who made our EDGB event successful


Since I am passionate about innovative engineering and technology, and have a learning attitude, I always try to be in this kind of event. On the whole, it was an informative, interactive and successful event. I would like to express my boundless gratitude to all the people who worked together to organize this event. Also would like to give loads of thanks to all the companies’ people who came among us and made our event colorful. We expect that in future, more companies will participate at our EDGB fair.


The following persons are our proud ED graduates who came as distinguished speakers to inspire us:

MG_1488 MG_1490 MG_1491 MG_1502 MG_1658MG_1632

Photo credit goes to Suphat Natpogaew


Video clip of the fair:


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Semester Meeting and New Committee Formation of Studentfiket-2013

Posted in: LiU Life on 24 April, 2013 by Jabbar Mohammad Abdul

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Studentfiket, an organization which is keeping students awaken by serving hot coffee since 2005. In the evening of June 24, semester meeting of Studentfiket is held and the new committee is formed for the session 2013-2014. The meeting was inaugurated by the welcoming speech of Mr. Thomas. Mr. Martin and Mr. Thomas were in the role of moderators. However, we had had discussions on various topics such as budgeting, upcoming activities, promotion of Studentfiket and the responsibilities of newly elected respective position holder. The meeting was followed by a fresh refreshments. Thanks to all the members who made the event lovely with fruitful discussions.

By the way, any student of ITN can be a member of Studentfiket. Welcome to apply for the free membership and contribute by serving coffee.
Stundetfiket website


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Amazing Spring of 2013

Posted in: Loving Seasons on 7 April, 2013 by Jabbar Mohammad Abdul

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Just few days back , officially winter is gone but still it is little cold weather. By the way, spring is called the king of all seasons, but this is not true for Sweden though. But it is not less than king indeed. All most all the snow is vanished now. There are some avalanches here and there due to increase of temperature. Blue sky with sunny weather motivate to go out for a walk. Cool breeze is blowing, so far eyes go, it is quite a pre-summer emergence. At the mid day, the temperature goes high and it makes us warm feeling. Beside my apartment, there is a very long and wide avenue which has trees in both sides. New leaves are being grown up, birds are twittering. The evening silence of spring gives a serenity to have a mild feelings of poetic thoughts.

The famous poem of ‘Robert Burns’ on spring:

“Again rejoicing Nature sees
Her robe assume its vernal hues,
Her leafy locks wave in the breeze
All freshly steep’d in morning dews.”

Every day of my LiU life, I try to experience new things. I am experiencing this spring greatly to visit different places. long winter’s paleness is gone now, it is time to chill !! Have a great spring to all !!

Photos are captured by me


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No Corporal Punishment at Swedish School

Posted in: Teaching and Learning on 3 April, 2013 by Jabbar Mohammad Abdul

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Swedish School Students, Photo Source: Internet

Developed countries allocate a huge budget for their education, Sweden is one of those. I have seen my class mates, they have a passion for the studies and every body doesn’t go for university education but almost all kids go to school. Here education is not a burden for children rather they enjoy it in different ways. Children are fond of going to school due to many attractions such as very friendly educational environment, sporting opportunities, moreover, for any offence there is no corporal punishments at all. So, children are not afraid of going to school and talk to teachers. Teachers take care of their students such as their own children which makes students happy and motivated for learning. To me, for childhood, Scandinavian countries are the best places.

World famous poet, Rabindranath Tagore said “Education without pleasure is not an education” which is perfectly true. In many parts of the world, still there is corporal punishment for any offences and undone home-work which is against of human rights. And, education is horrible in most of cases because of teaching methods. In school level highly qualified teachers rarely go for teaching profession as the salary is not attractive and social prestige is also not high for school teachers indeed.

Many NGOs are working to develop the educational system of developing and under developing countries. They are introducing multimedia technologies to make educational system attractive and convenient. There are many schools, where students get the opportunity to know and use the Internet which is really an significant step to make a difference. In Bangladesh, Jaago foundation has started such a school for the underprivileged children, which is operated by some educated youngsters where students get the multimedia and sports facilities.

School for underprivileged children by Jaago foundation in Bangladesh, Photo Source: Internet

However, mostly in Asia and Africa, government should allocate a BIG budget for education sector. Teaching method should be changed, any model from developed countries can be followed as reference, corporal punishment should be stopped, teacher should be more friendly and adoring. In Bangladesh, government has made an act to stop corporal punishment which is one step closure to a good educational system. Teacher’s salary should be given special attention and promotional activities can be launched for attracting children to the school and highly educated people to the teaching profession. Special programs can be introduced for the teachers thus they can make their students happy with education and moral lesson. Food facility can be introduced at schools which can be subsidized by government or can be run under the corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

Today’s children are nation builder of tomorrow. We should ensure the education where students will never feel any fear to ask any questions to the teachers. Have to think and co-operate to make a better world with equal opportunities in every parts of the world.


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Closer to the Technologies at Ericsson AB, Sweden

Posted in: Industrial Tour on 22 March, 2013 by Jabbar Mohammad Abdul

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If someone asks me why I have chosen to earn my engineering degree in Sweden, there are many answers that come to mind, but instinctively, the reason I would give is my passion for Swedish technologies. As engineering students, we always look forward to having any association with Ericsson AB, the technology giant in the field of telecommunications equipment and services. In the era of ICT, communication has become a basic need and a skill that is required of us. Ericsson aspires to create a fully networked society to make a real difference for the future sustainability of humanity.

In March 18, 2013, it was a great opportunity for us to visit Ericsson at Katrineholm. Cecilia Franssen and some other ladies gave us a warm reception when we arrived at Ericsson. After being treated to refreshments (fika) on arrival, we attended a general presentation where people from different departments presented their respective functionalities with general information of the company, including thesis opportunities. Anna-Karolina Gradvall from Manpower also delivered a detailed presentation about their activities. This session was inaugurated by the welcoming speech of Mr. Hasse.

Students were divided into several groups based on their educational background. As my background is Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, I was in a group where we all have almost the same background. My group number was Group-6. Once we had the general presentation, we had another presentation by our guide and mentor, Mr. Martin Kvist, the manager of Test Platform Management. He delivered the lecture on the whole procedure of productions system, including verification and functional tests. In addition, the current progress of the development of the system and its challenges were discussed. We all enjoyed Mr. Martin’s clear and lovely presentation where he explained all the technical points and challenges to make us understand the issues. All in all, the presentation was stimulated our interest in technology as we listened to the lecture, as well as saw and touched different types of routers and other devices at the same time. We became to know from Mr. Martin’s presentation that if we do not apply the safety systems, the data in memory will be affected due to cosmic radiation.

Now it is time to explore the real world of technologies through visiting different departments. After taking all the necessary precautions according to instructions, we started to visit the units. We explored the design engineering, productions unit, X-ray, fault detection, functional testing, assembly, recycling and special product test department. Mr. Martin and some other experts tried their best to deliver all the information regarding state-of-art technologies and the production procedure of the respective departments. It was really impressive to see the manufacturing process and the finished products. Everyone in the unit was working in unison, implying fluid team-work. In every department, all the employees were happy to welcome us. On the whole, it was an informative, interactive and successful event.

At the end of the visiting session, we had a delicious dinner. To me, it was more than a fest with many dimensions. In addition, there was a short-interview session for the summer jobs. However, all over the world, university education is theoretically strong, but practically it is not. Only close collaboration between industry and academia can play a vital role to reduce the gap between theory and practice, and inspire students to be an asset for the future.

I found that all the Ericsson employees were happy with their respective responsibilities. As I am passionate about innovative engineering and technology, and have a learning attitude, I am still hungry to explore design and production units once again. I would like to express my boundless gratitude to Mr. Martin Kvist, Cecilia Franssen, Mr. Andreas Kastell, Mr. Shehryar Khan, Mr. Tony Berglund and all other people who worked together to make the event a triumph.

Some of my others articles on Ericsson events at Linköping University:

LARM-2013: Occasion to Meet the Industry People
RF Experts from Ericsson at Linköping University
Explored Ericsson’s Test Lab: EfterLARM-2012


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