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January first is usually celebrated as new year all over the world- or at least in many parts of the world. For i am a muslim, meaning that we also celebrate a different new year but equally join the rest of the world to celebrate January 1st as new year. For many years i have had the opportunity to celebrate it at home, at least most of the time. The only time i celebrate new year was back in 2016, when i was on studies in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Nassarawa State. This is located in a predominantly muslim community meaning, January 1st sometimes passes unnoticed. From that year i have always celebrated it in The Gambia. Hardly do i ever go out for the festivities, most of the time it usually meet me asleep because i mostly sleep before 12.00 am. The only time i remember spending the new years eve outside was last year at the beaches of the Gambia.
This year i have had the opportunity to witness the grand celebrations at the Swedish second capital of Gothenburg. Since i came to Linkoping, hardly do i go out of the city because i have always been busy on school works. But this time i was opportune to have a few days at Gothenburg- at least six days. I traveled by the famous flix bus on an approximately 4hrs quite journey to the city of ramps – Gothenburg. When i arrived, a friend and brother of mine collected me and we spend the night at his house which became my home for the six remaining days. It was a fascinating visit because i was opportune to meet some few other Gambians who are also on studies there. Unlike here in Linkoping University, where i could not still trace any Gambian on studies, i was able to see three Gambian on studies at the Gothenburg University. Apart from the wonderful dishes prepared by them, i was also able to have our favorite tea – “Attaya”.
On the eve of the new year celebrations, i was taken to the city center where the night’s jubilant celebrations takes place. I was so exited to see how many people were out to watch the colorful fireworks in the city center. People in their beautiful worn attire were out to celebrate the advent of the new decade. It was indeed an opportunity to see how the fireworks were sparkling on the dark skies. At 0.00hrs i was out of the streets with my Gambian friends who were also exited to see the different colors marking the beginning of a new year.People were shouting in Swedish and drinking wine as usual. For me who do not drink wine because of my religion, watched on as people glare at the lit skies.
Happy New Year and Happy New decade!!!

Note: All pictures are mine.



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Moving from my homeland- the Gambia to this beautiful country called Sweden is the best decision i had made in my life. For one thing is certain, that is for any lover of nature, this place will be a perfect place to explore or even relocate for an academic degree. I am a masters student on Outdoor and Sustainability Education, meaning that i will have a lot to do with the wilderness in Linkoping. Coming from a country with dwindling natural ecosystem and an endangered forest was far from what i found here in Linkoping. And for some reason this was destined for my Outdoor masters, and guess what i made no mistake in choosing the course and the university, because of the nature of the course and the lectures. Although i am born and brought up in the countryside, but of recent my experience with nature had diminished until i came here.
Most of our classes are conducted in the outdoors, at the forest near campus valla, known as the valla forest. For those whoo are not familiar with outdoor education they might be tempted to ask, can we learn all the subjects in the outdoors, the answer is YES! This is because nature have it all and we can use the outdoors to teach all subjects. When i started the course in August, i was equally not sure of how to lear subjects like maths in the outdoors but soon i realized that it is just possible but even some concepts like p; is now very clear to me. We have majority of our lessons in the outdoors, sometimes aways from Linkoping where we hike while observing the topography, ecosystem, the flora and fauna which are teaching us subjects like Biology and Geography. We also during our lessons outdoors collect objects like branches of trees, flowers, seeds etc and then tell their names in both Swedish, English and Biology which teach us languages also. A lot can be done in the outdoors and if you want to know more about my outdoor experience, do follow my blog as more are coming soon.
Below are some of the random pictures we took outdoors. enjoy!

Student trying to measure the size of the tree.

Student activity

Outdoor students on an activity

Musa’s visit to the cave on an outdoor lesson.

NOTE: All the pictures are mine.



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