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Posted in: Life in Sweden on 10 June, 2017 by Oliver

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BBQ with the flatmates

Since Summer has started here in Linköping, my flatmates and I decided that it’s time for a BBQ 😀 We live in Ryd, the student neignbourhood of Linköping, and there are BBQ spots all around the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones who had the idea of having a BBQ, so it was difficult to find a free spot, but eventually we found one.

We overestimated a little bit how much we could eat; I bought a massive 1 kg steak, which was definitely too much, but that was no problem, it was all eaten the next day 🙂

After the BBQ we went for a few drinks at a bar in the city centre. The bar is call Kårhuset Kollektivet; it’s a student bar, so the drinks aren’t that expensive there.


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Posted in: Life in Sweden on 6 June, 2017 by Oliver

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WhatsApp Image 2017-05-25 at 21.52.55The other day I had an evening free, so my girlfriend and I spontaneously decided to go bowling. The bowling alley is in the city centre, so just a 15 minute bike ride from where we live.

When we arrived there, there was luckily a lane that hadn’t been booked. However, it turns out bowling is expensive in Sweden: it was 260 kronas per hour, which is about 28 euros :O Since we are poor students, we decided to play for just half an hour, so we only paid 130 kronas 🙂

We made a bet before the game, so the game was serious 😀 It was a tight game; at the begining Irene was winning, but then I took the lead, then Irene took the lead again. In the end, Irene won. Since I lost the bet, I had to buy Irene ice cream, even though it was 9PM. But for some reason, the ice cream shop was still open, so Irene got her ice cream.


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Quantitative lab

Posted in: Master's in International and European Relations on 2 June, 2017 by Oliver

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a lot of data…

As I mentioned in a previous blog, the current course that we are taking is called ‘research design and methods’. The other day, we had a ‘lab’ for quantitative data; we were shown how to process quantitative data and how to conduct statistic analyses on such data.

This may seem a bit boring at first. However, once we learnt the basics, we had to apply it to data relevant to international relations, which made the lab very interesting. We were given data regarding the perceived corruption in all the countries of the world. We then had to choose 3 variables and determine the effect of those 3 variables on the corruption perception  in the countries. Our group chose ‘business freedom’, ‘human rights’ and ‘poverty’ as our 3 variables. We determined that there is a relatively strong correlation between these three variables and ‘perceived corruption’.


I was a little bit nervous going into the quantitative lab, as statistics has always been a weakness for me. However, after the lab, I am actually considering using such quantitative data and statistics for my Master’s thesis 🙂


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Last UFL Lecture: Natural disasters – preventive action of the Red Cross

Posted in: Uni life on 29 May, 2017 by Oliver

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WhatsApp Image 2017-05-23 at 12.39.37Last week was UF Linköping’s last lecture of this academic year. The lecture was held by the Red Cross and the topic of the lecture was ‘Natural disasters: preventive action of the Red Cross’. The speakers of the Red Cross told us about the work carried out by the Red Cross from Linköping to North Korea.

However, the focus of the lecture was on the help provided by the Red Cross after natural disasters. The example that was given was the work carried out by the Red Cross after the earthquake in Haiti, in which 200,000 people lost their lives 1,5 million people became homeless. The initial support provided by the Red Cross involved the provision of food, water, accommodation etc to those who were most in need.

It’s sad that this was the last lecture of UF Linköping this year. But it’s been a great year full of very interesting lectures. If you’re reading this, it means you will probably be studying in Linköping University next year, so make sure you check out which lectures are offered by UF Linköping.


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Posted in: Master's in International and European Relations, Uni life on 25 May, 2017 by Oliver

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Group work

The other day we had our second seminar for the course ‘Research Design and Methods’. In preparation for the seminar, we had to read published articles and then make an evaluation of the research design and methods used in the articles. For the evaluation, we used the frames with which our own Master’s theses will be evaluated with. This is very helpful, as it gave us an insight into what is required from us in a Master’s thesis.

For the seminar, we were split into small groups and we discussed the articles in these small groups. This was also helpful, as people had a different analysis to me, which challenged the perceptions that I had about the articles. After the group work, the whole class sat together and the groups shared the ideas with one another.


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