Final presentation!

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Today I have presented my work. Countless months of dreaming, hoping and planning resulted in one year of studies, which I finally presented today. Family and friends participated in the presentation, but their present meant the world for me. The presentation went fine, really fine actually, and I got fantastic response!

After the presentations, me and my class mates went out in the sun and drank champagne, listened to music, ate snacks and just hang for a while. Then we said bye, and joined our families. For my part, that meant sushi and then a drink with my mom and grandpa. They were both happy and satisfied with the day, enjoying the mini vacation.

Everything went so fast these last days that I didn’t really stop to reflect on it. This is the end of 5 years of studies, and I now got my master degree. 5 years of learning the basic of life, down to the very atoms, leaning to physics and chemistry before life even takes place, but also the complexity of evolution, categorized through our eyes into zoology, and understood by interactions in ecology. Preserved through conservation biology.

This is my question, that I have hold on to, through all these years: how do we stop mass extinction? How do we conserve species?

There is one, general, that would benefit the majority of species: stop destroying their habitat. But when we come to the question: how, I know after 5 years of studies, that I don’t know. Because to the question “how”, there is no single answers, there are thousands and thousands. It’s about the hard field of predicting the future, which comes with some difficulties… In the same way that we can’t separate humans from nature, we can’t separate society and economy, politics, from nature. For this, collaboration is needed. I have to talk, learn and cooperate with people from different fields. This is, in my guess, the only successful way forward.

Even if I don’t know the answers to “how”, I now feel ready to try my utter best, with the tools and skills I’ve learned during this past years.

World, what you got for me? Just BRING IT ON!



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The international day of biodiveristy

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I’m on my train on my way home, and start to realize, that more than 70 activites have been carried out during this past days to highlight the biodiversity..! The day started by mFil 2017-05-22 22 02 48aking a last attempt to get SVT to publish the debate article, which I have put a lot of effort on. “Now it’s a lot about the Ice Hockey World Cup. We can call you back later.” I started to lose my hopes. However, the phone ranged at immediately, with the message that they wanted to publish! Then my interview with TT started to appear in different magazines, for example in Metro. Funny, that it was about biodiversity and nature forests, and they choose a picture of a mono culture spruce plantation, haha! Then I headed to the university, and 5 minutes before my test presentation Corren called and wanted an interview. 30 minutes later my presentation was done, with surprisingly good result, and I was interviewed once again. Breakfast and lunch in one, 30 minutes later, it’s time for LiU’s lecture on biodiversity! After that I celebrated with a coffee, when I got a call from SVT who was fishing for angry statement because of the hockey celebration that had taken our place, but I mostly laugh at the situation (giving them no headlines). Going to the train, I was a Norwegian/Sami radio (?) called to interview me about the Golden Beaver Prize (YES omg I FORGOT! I got a price also!), I felt kind of stupid and didn’t really get the call. Afterwards, the pieces fall into place; she had forgotten to tell me that they took a soundtrack of me, haha! But sure, that’s OK. I arrives at Stockh

Erik Hanson and me, at the same place for once, haha!

Erik Hanson and me, at the same place for once, haha!

olm and Norrmalmstorg, and meets many people for the first time in IRL after having contact only through Facebook. Then the manifestation of biodiversity begins! And wow, what a program! Speech, bird songs, poetry, a quiet minute for biodiversity, planting the seed of hope, and folk-song with a real opera singer. WOW!

Now, as I’m closing in towards Linköping, the biodiversity day is starting to end. For this time. I have learned a lot during this process. To not take too much upon me, and say no to stuff and responsibility when it’s getting too heavy. Difficult, but necessary. I can’t describe the gratitude I feel for all the activities that have been arranged around Sweden, carried out by enthusiasts all over the nation. Real Heroes.

Now it feels like we have done our best in trying to establish the day of biodiversity!

/Rebecka Le Moine


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One week until the international biodiversity day!

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I can’t believe it, suddenly, time just disappeared, and now there is only one week until the BIG, FANTASTIC, MAGNIFICENT… Bioo-Diiii-VERSITY DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!

Hahaha! Wow, I can’t really understand the width of it. This must be one of the funniest project I’ve ever been part of, and it went so much better than I could ever imagined. Next week, there is going to be about 60 activities in Sweden, in order to celebrate and highlight the biodiversity.

Only one week left..!

Only one week left..!

The topic that I learned about during my 5 years of studying at Linköping’s University, have never been paid off this good before. Being a good biologist is, in my point of view, not just about knowing species and ecological interactions, it’s about communicating and getting people involved. Before that, the knowledge has really limited value, if any. If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there, does it really make any sound? Silly question, but there is a reason why it sticks. Let me rephrase it: If there is knowledge which is not being known, is it really knowledge?

So that’s why I think this project has every right to take up my time as a biology student, I have notices how limited our knowledge is, how accumulated it gets within our own bubble of profession.

This project have led to an involvement that I can’t even imagine. This truly make me believe in the butterfly effect. What started out as a frustrated line written on Facebook then become an unspoken promise, a

nd that promise hold up strong during the past 5 months. And next week, it is time.

A national spider-blitz. A photo sharing of nature pictures. A poetry collection. Two new awards being shared! Exhibitions, guided walks through the nature. A bio-bingo (!) A forest hunt, urban bioblitz, lectures, an eel-release and a manifestation. These are just some of the activities. This day will be worth remembering!

All the commitment is making me so happy and humble. The spirit and volunteer work that has been invested just to make this happen, is worth more than any salary could ever pay for.

Here is a link where you can see more about the day:

And I am already looking forward to next year! 😉
Rebecka Le Moine


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Time flies..!

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Time just keep flying away, and now there is less than 2 weeks until my final presentation. Can’t really grasp it…!
Yesterday me and my calss mates went for a free and veg*an bbq. How great is that? Friends, sun and free food. Just heaven! We had  a  lot of fun, laughed so hard today, to some really low level humor, haha!

Then today I went to Stockholm, on a really fast visit, to have a lecture about forest and forest. I was invited by a silver artists, making amazing art works inspired by the forest. So she wanted me to explain the difference between a man-made forest and a natural forest. So I did, and I think it went fine actually!

I got very inspired by her, and we might work together again sometime in the future, as I love to combine art and conservation.

Linköping. Stockholm. Linköping.

Back home around 11 PM. Now is good night, and tomorrow I’ll give another shot on my master thesis. Discussion, how can it be so hard?!



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Note to self: take weekends off

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Fil 2017-05-13 21 23 47Many people are worried about me, warning me to not burn out, as I work a lot. And this week I got a wakeup call, draining me from energy. “Yeah, but it won’t happen to me”, a stupid thought flied across my brain, escaping before I could even argue with it.

I know I should rest some times, but it’s really hard when it’s kind of my hobby, haha! I think it’s so funny, important and rewarding. I learn so much by engaging and doing volunteering work. But there is a limit, and I might just have felt its presence. So this weekend I tried something I haven’t don’t in a long time: I went off to walk in the nature (Tinnerö Eklandskap) for the bigger part of the day, without bringing the phone. For the full day I didn’t touch the computer or the phone. I needed to recharge, use some other part of my brain and live in the present. I even picked up my drawing materials, starting to draw and sketch a little bit. I can feel that some of my skills will take time to regain, haha!

All this time not working did miracles to me, and I hope I can hold my focus high this last time, as I start to see the finishing line of this long and huge project. I will continue a little bit more humble towards myself, and set some strict borders. Weekends must be used carefully, not just squeezing in all kind of work. If I’m working towards sustainability, my work must also be sustainable in the long run. Let’s run a marhaton!



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