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As promised, this has been a hectic week..! It have been a lot of writing, erasing, redoing, rethinking, redoing. Coffee. Master thesis writing. Ordinary life.

But it also included standing in front of hundreds of people, doing my poetry slam in a regional competition in Jönköping. I got the 6:th place, meaning I didn’t manage to get to the Swedish championship. Felt kind of a relief, since I was already occupied during that time. I’m so happy that I took the courage to continue with my poems, I could never have imagined that just some months ago, haha!ee Sweden with 200 other people. It was interesting, as it touches the topics of land use, both in terms of forestry and agricultural. Which, of course, influence the conservation topics. The minister of the Environment, Karolina Skog, was there and participated in a panel discussion as well as giving a long speech.

Fossil free Sweden conference, with the minister of environment

Fossil free Sweden conference, with the minister of environment

It was interesting, but also a little bit worrying. It sounds like fossil free is equal to environmental friendly. But the atmosphere does not separate emissions depending on its source. And the main problem remains, there is too much emissions. So, even if we switch all our energy into “renewable” ones, the simple equation and problem remains. We’re letting too much emissions out in the atmosphere, simple as that. The solutions lies in the thing that nobody dared to even discuss; to decrease the consumption. Why is this? Because, well, who will make money by that…?

This is exactly why I’m so glad I got to have a speech.

I was nervous, but as soon as I enter the stage, the feeling disappears. I gave my speech, and I think it went pretty good. As I finished, my words were taken over by a loud applause, followed by a silence full of thoughts. My speech highlighted the link between climate and biodiversity, stating that we have to value our species existence higher than economic growth. This was not agreed by everybody, and they evaluated together, on a scale “agree” to “disagree”, and interestingly people ended up all over it. One of the one that agreed were asked about why, and she replied “it was more the messenger and the speech itself that made us sympathise with this statement”.


And she was not alone; many people came to me to thank me for my speech and discuss the hard question with me. This, makes everything worth it. Thank you so much for sharing and showing me what my words means for you. To all of you who asked me to not stop writing, I promise I won’t.

People aligning after the "agree" scale, after my speech

People aligning after the “agree” scale, after my speech

The conference switched to a playful climate-party, with Svante Axelsson talking about all the positive things that is taking place in the climate struggle, driving spirits talking about their work in a climate-talk-show, politicians gave their point of view on the challenges. I got to be on stage once more, performing poetry slam with Dödsstjärnan. Again, I got really good response; people approached me and complimented my poems and wanted to make music with it. Let’s see what happens. As long as my messages get widespread, I feel that they serve their purpose.

Climate party, before Movits!

Climate party, before Movits!

Since I didn’t get so much sleep, and the week have been rather messy and hectic, I have barely done anything today, haha! I was thinking of going for a run, but sadly my shoes got worn out. Maybe a long walk will do.

All the best,
Rebecka Le Moine


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Refilling energy

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This weekend have been the eastern holiday. I didn’t celebrate it, but stayed home and focusing on my work: thesis writing among others. I felt I came a long way, and it was long time since I could focus like that. I got a plenty of work done, but never ever enough, haha!

I also got a visit from a friend and his girlfriend, whom I haven’t met in person really, but worked a lot with.  They came by and we had coffee, and a long and productive meeting about the BiodiversityDay! We now got more than 40 activities, and we’re aiming at 50! Wow, this project is really so much fun, we’re such a good team. We dream, decide and do things. Sometimes, in some projects and in some teams, it never crosses the “dreaming-phase”. It got a lot to do about trust, communication and participatio I think, which is a lot better than my expectations.

I also had the time to take care of myself, with health luxury food and a lot of training. In the end of the weekend I hang with my friend and cached up and went on a long, cold and beautiful walk. A perfect way to end the week, and re-fill my energy store until next week. It’s going to be a crazy week…!

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Forest alarm

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This day have been rather fun, but a total mess. It started by me getting feedback, and realising I have a huge amount of work to do in order to fix my thesis. Then, a friend called me in a forest related topic; a nature forest with plenty of endangered species were being cut down. A guy came to film it, and wanted us to participate. So, me and three friends went out in the forests and got documented. It lasted all evening, and just as we were going, we came across a big machine, busy taking down the trees. It hurt to see how the ecosystem went into perfect piles, no longer recognized as homes, only naked anonymous trunks.

Finally I came home, rather late, and faced two homework to fix until the next morning. The homework was about scientific publishing; how does the order of the authors matter? What are the different classes of titles? Is there any way of telling who did what kind of work in an article? And so on. Maybe relevant if one feel to take a PhD, hehe! We’ll see how enthusiastic I feel tomorrow. Now it’s time for some sleep.


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Nature politics?

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Hello!Fil 2017-04-08 16 53 13

I just came home from a nice evening in Norrköping, where I listened to green politicians, including Isabella Lövin (Vice president and spokesperson for the Green party in Sweden). I took the opportunity to ask why the “nature politics” were not marketed as well as the “climate politics”, which she agreed on but didn’t have an answer for. I also delivered a letter from Protect the forest, Timber Watch,  Global forests  coalition, regarding  the  Swedish  Energy  Agency’s  direct financing of the Norwegian company Green Resources tree plantation project In Kachung, Uganda.

I’m still keeping my hopes up for the Green party and my role as a Green Student, where I can take responsibility as a ecologist and share my knowledge about ecosystem into the political fields.




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Flora and Fauna Conservation conference

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Now I’m back after a total crash, energy-wise. I went on an interesting meeting, and then to the Flora- and Fauna conservation conference in Uppsala. I represented Protect the Forests, and it was a lot of fun.  But exhausting. For me, it was an emotional roller-coaster, haha! I was sooo excited to meet a bounch of internet-friends, and go on with some forests related work. But the conference is not my cup of tea. Last year I promiseFil 2017-04-08 16 53 54d myself: never again! And then, I went again.

It’s too de-attached for my taste. We have to link the conservation into the different sectors, and stop talking about specific species, and rather how to conserve them in our today society. Which will of course demand a lot of politics. But for researchers, it will demand a lot of pragmatic work and broad communication.

A lot of people gave me looks, as if they knew me, but I didn’t really respond, and felt almost anti-social. Some people approached me, saying that they supported me and “followed me in media”, haha! Since when… I don’t even.  But they said they appreciated my work and debates about the forests, which was of course flattering.

So it felt like a fun surprise when I read the Nature news chronicle, and read my name in there, as well as the organization Protect the forest, haha!

When I was on my way home, a friend called me, and I was so low on energy that I could barely talk. I just wanted to apologize for not shining due to his good news, but I simply couln’t find any energy within me. Terrible. So I went home, and felt really sick. I ate a little bit, and then I slept for too many hours. Finally, I started to become myself again.

I know there is so much I should have done by now, but I will just start dealing with my tasks, one at a time. Longing for being high up in the optimistic clouds again!



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