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Now I’m back from Almedalen, a political event that takes place in Gotland each year.

This year, I was invited by Future forests to participate in their seminar about forests, which you can see here (in Swedish only). It’s interesting how a person who participates in this seminar claims that the there is nothing to worry about with the Swedish forestry. Again, I refer to ArtDatabanken, where the main reason for species to be listed on the national redlist is: clear cuts. For me, this does simply not add up, and I wonder what might be the reason for this different point of views.

Panel discussion at Almedalen

Others from that, I participated in as many events and seminars related to forest, nature, biodiversity as possible. And it wasn’t a lot. Out of more 4121 events, only 13 were found when I searched on “biodiversity”. For me, it’s a shame, that biodiversity is not recognized as a basis of sustainability. Yet. It triggers me, to work even harder in order to make biodiversity more mainstream, recognized by people who are not necessary biologists. I’m already looking forward to next year..!

In the short term, I’m also eager to get to my night shift; inventory of European nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus). (Life as a biologist, I love it so much!)

Wish me luck,
Rebecka Le Moine


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