Erasmus+ 30 years!

Posted in: Fun things!, Studying on 18 December, 2017 by Sacha

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The Erasmus+ programme celebrated 30 years of existence in 2017. Because of this, Linköping University organised a week about Erasmus+ in November, with different information sessions for students who are interested in going on exchange. They also had a session with just some information about the programme in general and about how it had developed, and together with that session some cake and coffee was served. Quite some students showed up for the free cake, including myself. Free is always good for students, right? 🙂


“From Erasmus to Erasmus+ – 30 years of experiences”



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I love libraries :)

Posted in: Learning Swedish, Life in Sweden on 14 December, 2017 by Sacha

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After a year of living in Sweden, I recently finally signed up for a library card. I am not really sure why I waited this long, but I did. Nonetheless, I am very happy that I finally decided to sign up! Since the library recently also put together a Regnbågshylla (‘rainbow bookshelf’), they now have some more LGBTIQ+ related books. Therefore, I decided to take a look at those and to get a few. I figured it would be good to start reading books in Swedish, and of course I would rather read about things that I am actually interested in 🙂

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ABBA bench in Linköping

Posted in: Life in Sweden on 11 December, 2017 by Sacha

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As I have mentioned before in my blog, I am a volunteer in the Newcomers project at RFSL Linköping. This means that I am there at least once a week, and often I’m there twice a week. Close to RFSL is a hotel, where I often park my bike. For a very long time I was wondering why there was always ABBA music playing there… But I figured it was just a regular sign of Sweden’s obsession with ABBA. Until a few months ago a friend told me that the ABBA music was actually there with a reason! In the hotel where I park my bike, Björn and Benny met, and it is therefore by some considered to be the ‘birthplace of ABBA’ (at least by people in Linköping 😉 ). Next to the speakers playing ABBA music is a bench, which is called the ABBA bench – it has two B’s on it. I guess at least this made me a bit less confused about random ABBA music in the streets, as it wasn’t completely random 🙂



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Norrköping, you are beautiful (even on grey days..)

Posted in: Life in Sweden on 7 December, 2017 by Sacha

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Some time ago I had a task to carry out in Norrköping in my role as student ambassador – some guest students from other countries were visiting the university, and a few of us ambassadors were asked to engage in a conversation with them about studying in Sweden and our experiences with Linköping University. It was a very fun experience, and it was great to meet these people! It was also nice to spend some time in Norrköping, which is always a delight, as it is a gorgeous city and the university campus is really nice. It was a fairly grey day, but I still really liked the looks of it – water in a city makes everything better!


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Autumn in Östergötland

Posted in: Life in Sweden on 4 December, 2017 by Sacha

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By now it is pretty much winter here in Linköping, but I still have a few pictures that I wanted to share from autumn time! What is very nice about living in Sweden is that there are so many trees everywhere, which means that during autumn, everything looks very colourful. I live close to a park (which would probably be considered a forest by Dutch standards!) and I love walking or cycling through it in autumn. And if I’m lucky, I might even spot a squirrel! Read entire post »


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Sacha Bogaers

Sacha Bogaers
Hello everybody!
My name is Sacha, I am from the Netherlands and I recently came to Linköping to study gender studies.
I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in Linköping and Sweden. I hope that living here will give me the opportunity to see more of this beautiful country!

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