The corridor board

Posted in: Allmän on 20 February, 2017 by Siddhesh

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Every corridor in Ryd, awesome place where all the students stay, has a white board. All the messages, compliments, random thoughts, complaints (not so many) are written on this board.
In the age of technology, Facebook and WhatsApp group would seem more convenient, but, the corridor white board has always been special, and it has a magical way of conveying the messages.
Just a few days back, on my corridor mates left his room for good.
The white board bore a bitter sweet message



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The day after…

Posted in: Allmän on 20 February, 2017 by Siddhesh

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The common and most usual, which is ironically the right thing to do after an injury is to take rest.
“Sympathizers” dole out “take rest” like it has just one meaning, but in my opinion, the whole idea of taking rest is liable to lots of interpretations. Well yes, the whole notion of not exerting the injured part remains, but the implementation of the idea varies from person to person. I mean, for me, taking rest could become an excuse for not doing anything and seeping into the cozy chair of laziness, or it could be my motivation to prove it to myself that whatever doesn’t kill me indeed makes me stronger.
When my knee had snapped last week, I didn’t really call laziness for drinks nor did I take rest. I mean I did take rest in a way, but going to the gym wouldn’t be considered as taking rest for many. However, in my defence, I took the utmost care of my knee.

I had only recently started to follow a gym and diet routine, and “Chest and back” was on the schedule for tomorrow. And, I had made a vow to myself that I would stick to the schedule and rigorously follow the routine. So, at the end of the day, amid all the stares at the limp and the extra time and effort taken by each task and exercise, I felt a sense of satisfaction. I was content with myself. Maybe I should have just not gone to the gym and taken rest, but then I would have regretted that decision; and I strive for a regret free life 😉


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Knee snapped…again!

Posted in: Allmän on 13 February, 2017 by Siddhesh

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Every thing comes with a price they say, but what the price is they never say.
It was a cold windy weather on the outside, but inside Campushallen, the air was hot owing to innebandy.
“I think I over did squats yesterday,” thought I, as a pinch of pain sprinted in my quads as I sprinted from our goal post till the opposition’s in the hope of a counter. Tiki-taka might be the most sought after fashion, however, I have always been an ardent believer of the counter attacking game.
So, there I was; my inner voice trying to curse my adrenaline for overdoing squats yesterday while I tried to choreograph my run in tune with the anticipatory pass, just when my choreography was rewarded with a near perfect pass, which was easily converted into an open goal by me.
My teammates were happy and I was elated. This goal was the winner (so dramatic), and unlike much expectations or desires, I wasn’t uprooted from the ground to be thrown up in hail. The post-game scenes were pretty humble. It was just in my mind that I was collecting innebandy’s equivalent of the Ballon D’or.

There was one more session of innebandy to be played, and one of my friends asked me if I was going to put my skills on display again. To him, and to the whole world listening to my Ballon D’or speech, I said that I am going to play football. You know, football has always been my first love :’)

Although the football court was right next to innebandy’s, separated by a huge wall, I barely made it on time. Blame my speech I’d say.
The footballers greeted me with a gaze that bore the Swedish winter, and passed the ball to me.
With excitement having huge concerts in my body, I chipped the ball with a nice gentle dink to a player standing on the other side of the field. And, when the ball landed right at the targeted player’s feet, to be easily controlled by him, satisfaction called me for a cup of tea.
After a short session of warming up, the game began.

Tired and weary because of innebandy, I was playing as a CDM and felt like Paul Scholes.
It was 30 minutes into the game and by now Mr Adrenaline had masked all my leg muscles’ pain.
In my perspective, it was a very good game because we were leading by 4 goals, and I had a major part to play in all of them.
I was at the top of the world. Buckets and buckets of confidence were oozing out of me just when my knee snapped and I fell down with a cry of pain.
The once cold inmates now wore the garments woven out of compassion as they helped me walk off the field.
I have been used to the physical pain as this was the 6th time that my weak ACL gave up, but I have never ever been able to find a medicine for the pain caused by the thought of not being able to play for the subsequent weeks.
After the condolences were conveyed and offers for help were extended, the game resumed. I lay at the sidelines trying to move my knee and my inner voice kept cursing adrenaline for overdoing it yet again. “If you have done legs yesterday in the gym, why would you play both innebandy and football ?!”, I kept asking myself as I struggled to change into my jeans.
The long walk..err limp till my house was due. With eyes of despair, my bike looked at me as I started limping it instead of peddling it.

“Home would arrive in not less than half an hour today, and I won’t be able to play football tomorrow. Maybe the price is paid? Or, maybe, this is just another installment?!” thought I.
And suddenly, the cold windy weather had lost its might!


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Bulk cooking!

Posted in: Allmän on 10 February, 2017 by Siddhesh

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Everyone loves food, but it isn’t many that like cooking. Well, as far as I am concerned, I try to keep away from cooking as much as possible because I absolutely detest the subsequent process of washing the utensils and cleaning the working bench.
So, running away from the whole idea of cooking, I found solace at McDonald’s, which, over here, is open 24X7. There was McDonald’s for lunch, and there was McDonald’s for dinner. There was so much McDonald’s that my stomach went for a toss and I realised that I ought to start cooking regularly.

So, accommodating my need to curb the washing of utensils into my agenda of cooking, I devised the plane to cook for a whole week straight. In this case, I would have to wash the utensils only once a week, and there would always be food whenever I come home. And yes, the food would be healthier than McDonald’s. What more can one ask for? 😀

The food cooked for week 04 😉


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Sweden has her way of welcoming me back :D

Posted in: Allmän on 30 January, 2017 by Siddhesh

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It was the time when three project courses had strangled my sleep, and the lingering thesis application process deprived me of any peace. I felt helpless and the frustration was no less.
Christmas eve got over, and one day’s distraction wasn’t enough to calm me down.
So, I decided to fly to my ever loved Poland in search of peace.

While flying to Poland, I had bought an ounce of peace at the airport that kept me happy. And in Poland, I bought a lot of peace.
It was fun. I t was brilliant. A week long distraction from reality was all I had needed.

It was three days past the new year’s even when I landed back in Sweden, I was scared. Partly because the pilot was a bit too military-ish with the civilian 737, but mostly because three project deadlines alone with the thesis procedure were eagerly waiting to devour me.

While counting trying to stand straight under the weight of all the pressure being applied academically, I came out of the airport to see a snow laden Sweden :’)
That sight pasted a smile on my face, and within fraction of seconds, “I have so much work to do 🙁 ” switched to “I have so much work to do *determination emoticon*”

That day, the heavy snowfall brought chaos to the Swedish roads, but a sense of calmness to the chaos in my life. Ohhhhh, the irony 😀

WP_20170104_001 1 WP_20170104_003

The day when the cold brought warmth with it. Sweden is a pro at that



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