Accomodation in Linköping

Posted in: Allmän on 1 January, 2018 by Sikander

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Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about living options in Linköping for students. I live in a corridor in a place called Ryd. Ryd is mainly a student housing area very near to the university. It is around 5 kilometers away from the city centre. There are buses that come every few minutes. Number 3 goes to the Central Station while crossing the entire city. There are other buses too, one of which goes to Tornby. Tornby is a haven for shopping. It has everything from IKEA to grocery shopping, malls, and eateries.

I was given a room in a corridor styled building through the university’s international office. Many people get a room or an apartment through a company named Student Bostäder. Flamman and Valla are also student residence areas. Students are not guaranteed accommodation unless they are on an exchange or are required to pay tuition. Queue points are very important when looking for an accommodation through Student Bostäder. Other options for living in Linköping as a student include living as a tenant in an apartment. Searching for an accommodation is very important and the earlier you start, the better.

My corridor and kitchen are below!

I wish you all a happy new year!


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Parks and Recreation

Posted in: Allmän on 20 December, 2017 by Sikander

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Hello everyone! How is it going? I have done my packing for Pakistan and I am flying today. I will try to blog as much as possible from the other side of the world. Today I am going to discuss some leisure activities for recreational purposes. I am an adventurous person, so I love going to a park and having a stroll. Luckily, there are many parks in Linköping. I like going to the one near the city centre. It is relatively big and there are many people there doing some kind of sport activity. I was there the other day before we got snow. I went to the top of the hill in the park, and discovered a café which is a perfect fika spot. There is a tower there and I walked up the stairs to witness a panoramic view of Linköping. There is sometimes music playing in the park and the fountain in the pond in the entrance is just beautiful. I would highly recommend people to visit this park on a sunny day in Linköping. It is a perfect place for running, working out, a picnic, and relaxation.

On the side note, I am kind of done with my first semester of my masters since I only have a take-home exam left. I am quarter way through my masters now. Time in grad school flies by so fast, so it is important to surround yourself with the right people and friends who can encourage and support you even if you are not feeling the best version of yourself.


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Let it Snow

Posted in: Allmän on 14 December, 2017 by Sikander

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Hello everyone! I hope you all have great plans for new years and the holidays. It has been cold in Linköping. Snow has finally fallen and it looks spectacular. I actually missed snow and I am glad I got to see it before my trip to Pakistan since Lahore does not get snow during winter. Meanwhile back in Canada, temperatures are well below freezing. I am glad that the lowest it has been in Linköping is around -2 degrees Celsius. Since I am Canadian, winter does not scare me.

I am planning to do some fun activities when I am back from break. I want to go for ice skating, rock climbing, and also skiing. I also want to go for swimming again. The Medley swim hall in Linköping is really nice and big. There are water slides, hot tubs, dry and steam saunas, and leisure and lane swimming pools. I plan to restart going to the gym when I come back from break. In fact, my new year resolution is to get in shape and eat healthier. I also plan to join some sports such as soccer or hockey.

I had my seminar group presentation yesterday. Our case was on the Marshall Islands and the United Kingdom. Coincidentally, another group in our seminar had the same case as my group. So there were lots of discussions and interesting ideas shared.


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The Weekend

Posted in: Allmän on 11 December, 2017 by Sikander

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Hello folks! I hope you all had a great and productive last week. I have been studying for my seminar that is tomorrow. I have a group presentation on an international law suit. It is really interesting to learn how a law suit is filed and fought at the International Court of Justice. While I am preparing for my Pakistan trip, I am also going to Belgium in February. The Brussels trip is a class trip for the MIER program. We will visit headquarters of major European governmental offices.

This weekend I went to the Gamla Linköping Christmas Market. There were Christmas trees, holiday decorations, food, and lots of festivities. On Friday, a day before all this, I went out with some friends at Queens restaurant located in downtown Linköping. We all hung out and played some pool. It was a lot of fun since my team won twice by luck. I am also planning to host a holiday party for my classmates to celebrate the end of our first semester as Masters students in Linköping.


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New Course and Homecoming!

Posted in: Allmän on 7 December, 2017 by Sikander

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Hello folks! I hope you all are having a great and productive week. I have been busy with my new course that started this week. It is called International and European Law. It is really different from my previous courses and there is a lot to learn and read. We are studying about laws within the European Union. We are learning about human rights issues and how to deal with complex cases. As someone from another continent, learning about international law in the European Union is all new for me. I love learning about the justice system through an international relations perspective.

On the weekend I am planning to go to Gamla (Old) Linköping for a market. I will blog about that. On that note, I will be flying to Pakistan for the winter break, and I am so excited to see my family and relatives. My family is going to fly there from Canada a few days before me. I am prepared for the less harsh winter of Lahore (my home city). I am looking forward to the amazing food I will be eating. Cooking by myself is fun, but I really need a break from all the chores. My cousins from the capital city Islamabad will also come to Lahore to visit me. I am also attending a few weddings. Pakistani weddings are something completely different. They are fun and unique.

Here is a cliché photo from my Instagram story:


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