Copenhagen and Lund

Posted in: Allmän on 18 April, 2018 by Sjoerd

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Although I’m in the middle of pinpointing the subject of my Master thesis, doing a little trip to Copenhagen and Lund was on my list for a long time already. Knowing that there won’t (most likely) be more chances to go around this spring, I enjoyed a lot. Lund surprised me positively with a beautiful city center and an amazing Couchsurfing-host. Copenhagen was a completely different experience, as the place somehow reminded me of both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Only downside of the Danish capital: the price of a cappuccino is very high, and converting Danish krona to Euros is a different cookie. Enjoy the pictures!

Even the old and disabled trees are taken care off by the Swedish Healthcare System (Botanic Garden in Lund).


Lund used to be city of the royal family, and this is where the king resided.


When photographing something iconic as a philosopher, always take the meta-perspective. 😉


Apparently Sören Kierkegaard is buried in this jungle of a graveyard.


Copenhagen’s architecture is surprising and playful, with this fairytale castle as prime example.




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Some housing tips for newly admitted students

Posted in: Allmän on 8 April, 2018 by Sjoerd

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This week was D-Day for potentially new students, who finally got to hear if they are admitted or not. If you’re admitted and planning to move to Linköping in, say, five months time, I got a couple of tips of for you.

1) If you’re an international students but non-fee paying, then finding accommodation is up to you. Studentböstader is obviously the first choice, as this website provides many dorm rooms, but if you haven’t signed up already, you will definitely not have a room by August/September. I myself signed up on the 1st of February, and I had a student dorm by mid-October. Before I moved to Ryd, the main student area of Linköping, I lived in two other places (while couchsurfing the first week). However, if you will stay in Linköping for two years, then it’s definitely worthwhile to sign up.

2) Therefore you should look at other options, with this LiU-page providing some useful tips. Besides, there’s and this FB-page, both providing plenty of opportunities.

3) But….be aware when finding a room via ‘alternative’ methods: Linköping is known for having a shortage of accommodation, and this attracts scammers. In mid-August I found myself being send to a place that didn’t really exist, after having been in touch with a house owner through FB. So don’t pay large amounts of money on forehand, and especially not to people you barely know and have only e-mailed a few times. You can often verify someone’s identity by searching this person on, a search engine that contains almost all people living in Sweden.

The last swept together heaps of snow are melting slowly but steadily, as today was warm enough to go around without a jacket!



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I can finally play outside again

Posted in: Allmän on 31 March, 2018 by Sjoerd

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After almost four months of just staring at my beautiful road bike, while being stationed in my room, today was the day I could set out again. With the weather being dry and just hovering above the freezing point, there was no reason for staying inside anymore. The simple joy of cycling through the many different landscapes around Linköping can be illustrated by a couple of photographs. Luckily, I was not here and took the time to make those photographs. Enjoy!


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How to procrastinate

Posted in: Allmän on 29 March, 2018 by Sjoerd

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Good morning!

In this entry, I will tell you how to transform your ambituous morning into a serie of procrastinations.

Firstly, you get out of bed, which doesn’t really help with procrastination but anyway. Subsequently, you shower for a quite some time, as showering is thought to be stimulating ideas. Then you have a look outside, suddenly realizing that spring is really in the Swedish air: this prompts you to maniacally clean and prepare your road bike, for it is almost the time to venture out again. (If you don’t possess road bike, then you can skip this phase: make the garden spring-ready instead.)

Next, you feel it’s time to feed yourself: so you prepare some breakfast. While looking in your pantry, you discover a leftover eggplant and all of a sudden you need to transform that eggplant into a grilled delicacy. You come across an awesome recipe and go to work. While the eggplant is flourishing in the enclosed and heated environment of an oven, you walk up and down the laundry house to do some laundry that you could have done any other day.

While eating the grilled eggplant, with some other things you made as well, your heartrate is going up, but why? It turns out that there’s no possibility to escape the duty of study left. Or is there? You think, hard and deeply, and then, as a blessing from the sky, as Archimedes taking his famous bath, you have it: you write a blogpost about it.



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Spring is in my window frame

Posted in: Allmän on 22 March, 2018 by Sjoerd

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Tja (informal for ‘tjena’),

Although the temperatures are still hovering around the freezing point (with some Arctic cold being predicted sometime next week), I got the first proper sign of spring right in my room.

For the last month, or perhaps since I moved in my corridor room in Ryd back in October, I haven’t had any direct sunlight beaming into my room: it was always the reflection from the windows across the street. But yesterday afternoon that changed, as sunbeams from the setting sun caressed the ‘no clue what they are called’ plants placed by the window.

Quite coincidentally (or not), the vernal equinox took place this week: this means that the days on the Northern hemisphere will from now on be longer than those on the Southern hemisphere. And the further north you go, the longer they are. So the temperatures in Amsterdam, Rome or Istanbul might be higher, but at least the days in Linköping are way longer. That’s definetely something worth celebrating. Perhaps with a glass of whiskey, sitting in my window frame.



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Sjoerd van Beelen

Sjoerd van Beelen
Tjena! What does one do in a world that faces many issues? Well, one option is going to Sweden and studying Applied Ethics at LiU. So I did, leaving my cosy hometown of Amsterdam and all behind, except for my lovely road bike. This year I ponder about ethical issues, but not only that: I hope to enjoy Swedish nature, equip myself with valuable skills and discover in the broadest sense.

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