One academic year in Sweden!

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What a year it has been! From counting my days to start my life in Sweden to counting my days to meet my friends and family in India, the year has been a cycle of excitement, fulfilment, companionship, loneliness yet finding comfort in Independency! As I sit now to to write this I feel ample of emotions rushing in where the feel good factor dominates the rest.

“Hungry?? Then cook for yourself”,

“Assignments?? Work all night”,

“Saturdays? Stop spending time in your room”,

“Missing home? But you have a new family here”

These sentences sum up my year in Sweden! I got more than what I had wished for…My work covered my weaknesses, my new friends shadowed my loneliness, my laziness was overthrown by survival needs. I think we all grew a bit matured, learned with a bit more passion, cycled along the cold breeze, Owled the nights, filled the weekends with experimental cooking and spent most of the time here explaining why I don’t speak ‘Indian’:P

Cheers to this one hell of a roller coaster crazy and lovely year!:)

Memory wall.

Memory wall.



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Day trip to Vadstena.

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Vadstena is in the same Östergötland county as Linköping. 1hr by train from Linköping, Vadstena is a perfect place for a day out. The way is full of agricultural farms with horses and rabbits running around. I could see the clear sky and the everlasting farms flaunting their beauty. Me with 2 of my friends who accompanied me were eager to go near the lake which is the 2nd largest lake in Sweden and 6th largest in Europe. The evening was set, we spent a little time at the train museum and then walked towards the lake. It was so peaceful and beautiful that we sat near the light house for an hour and just stared at nature’s richness ! We also had a walk in the town streets but unfortunately everything was closed as it was a weekend. I wish to go there again in summer to take a dip in the crystal clear lake:)





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Why choose Sweden?!

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This was the question my friends and family asked me exactly a year ago. It wasn’t a easy decision to make, specially when I knew my next two years would depend on it. But now after a year in Sweden I can tell that it was the best decision I ever made. I could see the seasons change, I could feel the sunshine and also the cold breeze which used to tease me while cycling to the university. If it was the long cycle rides during summer which made a mark, it was the cozy corridor dinners which made the winter special.

Here are my top 3 reasons  which makes Sweden the best place for students

  1. Exquisite Nature: Sweden is covered by 53% of forest. The nature here spell bounds you and the seasons add flavour. We can camp almost anywhere and its sometime nice to get lost in the forest;)
  2. Friendly Swedes: Even though most of the times you have to be the one to break the ice, its totally worth it! I live in a corridor which includes students from all over the world and Swedes are the most welcoming! All you need to do to make a Swede friend is to go out for a fika with them:P

    Home away family<3

    Home away family<3

  3. Practical Learning: The syllabus is tailer made to make us skilled in what we do! The state of the art infrastructure, the high speed internet in the campus, the future thinking mindset, Industry oriented curriculum are few among many which makes the universities top notch!


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Language Cafe- A place without borders!

Posted in: LiU life on 5 February, 2017 by Sujayeendra

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Language cafe is a group where students from different sections come together and host various events which enables people coming from across the globe to mingle and make friends. One such event was hosted on 2nd feb where every table represented a country and it’s language. People who were interested in learning a language could sit in the table and interact with others. I was invited by my friend  who is in the organising committee. I realised that I was invited by my Indian friend who was organising an event for welcoming students from different European countries! That’s how small the world when borders are diminished behind the smile, interest and conversations you have at that time!

If you haven’t attended any of Language cafe’s events, I strongly recommend you to rush for the next!




*The Team behind the scene*

*The Team behind the scene*



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Hard farewells!

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The best part about Ryd is you meet a lot of students from different countries, get to know them, develop frienship and become close in a short time! The worst think about Ryd is you have to say goodbye to them someday…One such goodbye was given to my corridor friend Marik- A typical German guy  who like everyone else liked beer! He lived with us for 4 months and many things happened in that period. Gaming, screaming, Partying, singing and some deep conversations! I wish him all the best for his future adventures and we all miss him!

Marik-the buddy to my right.

Marik-the buddy to my right.


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Sujayeendra Padakandla

Sujayeendra Pandakandla
I am Sujayeendra from a city in India which has a population more than the whole of Sweden. The Swedish nature, landscapes, cities, student life and the people knocked me out completely and now the memories are in the making!

I will be inking most of my memories and time here in Sweden and I want you guys to be a part of it.

MSc in Aeronautical Engineering

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