Paradise for animals

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Do the small animal really hibernate during this long lonely winter?

Look at these evidences.

The truth is: No!

















There is a horse farm near Valla campus. It’s too cold and the horses are dressed in winter coats.

Swedes often say: there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.

That’s right! I agree on behalf of the yellow horse:)



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Bicycle World

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This the main street outside of Building B.

The road is cover by a layer of snow and a layer of small rocks. In the winter, there are still many students who choose to ride a bike to school.

Tips: It is slippery, ride slowly, and be careful!


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Burning bunnies helps keep Swedes warm and cozy

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The news below is from China Daily.


The city of Stockholm shoots thousands of wild rabbits spread across the green spaces of the Swedish capital and sends their bodies to be burned as heating fuel, a practice which has enraged animal rights groups.

The rabbits going up in smoke are the inhabitants of Stockholm’s parks who are culled to protect the shrubs and trees on which they gorge. But many of them are tame domestic pets turned loose by owners who no longer want them.

Six thousand bunnies were killed last year. The corpses were frozen and then sent to a special heating plant at Karlskoga, in central Sweden, where the cadavers were burnt in order to help heat the homes of residents of Värmland.

“One should put this in the perspective that we (humans) are actually cremated ourselves and that generates a completely different reaction,” Freij said in response to criticism.

Animal Rights Sweden spokeswoman Lise-Lott Alsenius questioned whether the practice was humane or ethical and suggested neutering the male rabbits as an alternative method of holding down the population.

“One at least has to evaluate what the alternatives are to just simply shooting them,” she said.

Konvex, the company handling the operation, said the rabbits were ground up with the cadavers of other beasts, mainly farm animals such as cows which have been deemed unfit for human consumption, reduced to flammable form and incinerated.

“Just as with us people … the bodies contain a lot of fat and fat has exactly the same energy content as normal heating oil for instance,” Konvex Chief Executive Leo Virta said.



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My poor apple tree

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My lovely neighbor passed by my house, knocked my door and told me a terrible message:
“Your apple tree is dying… Its skin was bitten by the rabbit.”

I was sooooo shocked by that since it seems never happened in Shanghai…

The winter here is so long and the temperature is pretty low. Almost every plant stops growing and it is hardly for them to find food.

Due to this reason, small-size animals run out of the forest and search for food everywhere, even in the neighborhood where many people live. Of course, they enter my garden very late at night. And according to my friend’s experience, my poor apple cannot survival without the skin… The situation is the same as what happened to my neighbor, their 3 apple tree were all bitten by the rabbits…



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Sooooo cold!

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A strong cold spell has swept most parts of Europe recently, and continued low-temperature and heavy snowfall have a serious impact on transportation and daily life of residents. The multi-national meteorological department of Europe predicts that the cold wave will last for many days and will last until the next two to three weeks.


Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Levin took the car  out of the highway on the 26th in the snowstorm, and the vehicle damaged, he himself was not injured. The car accident took place in northern Stockholm, and Levin had planned to go to Uppsala, north of Stockholm. There were several car accidents in Sweden on that day due to the weather.


During the whole last week the temperature decreased to about minus 15 degrees Celsius. When I walked outdoor, my knees almost got frozen!! I hope no more people will be injured as a result of traffic accidents during the snowfall.




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