Go to buy food! – Swedish supermarket introduction

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The most widely distributed supermarket is ICA.

It is generally believed that the quality is better with more complete varieties, from small-scale grocery store to the huge ICA MAX. And business hours are relatively long, generally to 10 pm, and even eleven p.m.

COOP is also a relatively large supermarket with food, daily necessities, kitchen supplies and so on. There is a coop in Lambhov where also provides post services.

City Gross’s location is similar to that of Costco, almost all in the suburbs of the city which making it ideal for holiday breaks. bIts prices are similar to ICA and several other supermarkets, but there will be “half price” goods,  like bean sprouts, chicken legs. Special product discount is super-low so you must buy as much as you can:)


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Perfect Riding Experiment

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Sweden is a country where people love cycling very much. In the cities and even small towns, there are perfect bike lanes and distinctive signs.

Sightseeing visitors will be very fond of Sweden’s orderly and distinctive bike path. If you want to try to ride in a big city in Sweden, it is a good choice!

The bike lane in Sweden extend in all directions, and most local travel agencies offer maps and are happy to give you advice of travel. Be sure to read “Right of Public Access” before your departure. The last thing to note is that Sweden Government requires children under the age of 15 to wear a helmet when riding a bike.






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Scandinavian Fall

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If I say “Scandinavian Fall”, what would you think of?

People go to the mountain and have picnic in nature, happy to breathe the most fresh air? Well, I guess this is probably the most peculiar autumn atmosphere of people’s minds.

The Nordic autumn situation begins in September, and the month of Shanghai was still hot in October, and in November, when Nordic has entered the late autumn, the real atmosphere was completely different from your fantasy. I live in the city of Linköping, close to the south,  while the northern town has greeted the first snow in the middle of September.

I see the leaves have changed from green to yellow, red, light brown in the end of September and early October. At this time if you drive to the some small town or on the highway, both sides of the forest trees are painted with the colorful color.




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Swedish “cinnamon roll day”

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In Sweden, one of the first words I remember is “Kanel”, cinnamon. For locals, they may not always eat meatballs, but they often eat cinnamon rolls. As they love it so much, there is a special day every year to celebrate it. Yes, 4th October  is the Swedish “cinnamon roll day”.

It is an important dessert festival in Sweden since the cinnamon rolls may be the most popular pastry in Sweden, in addition, Swedes “fika”(have coffee)  with friends, family or colleagues fika every day. They drink coffee with dessert so as to improve relationship. So without cinnamon rolls, the “fika” is not complete.

This sprinkled with candy, was rolled into different shapes of sweet bread, appeared in the supermarket and bakery baking area.




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Tinnerö – part of the unique Östergötland oak landscape. 

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Unrivalled numbers of old stately oaks can be found here in undulating pasturelands, along with an abundance of plats and animals that in habit the area.

People have formed this oak landscape over a long period of time. The oldest trace of their existence here is a fireplace dating back to 5800 BC. Much of the area’s rich treasure of ancient remains are from the Roman Iron Age and tell of a period of great prosperity and expansion. Examples from this period are ancient arable land, remains of fences and grave fields.

An interesting remnant from the end of the end of the Iron Age is a 200 m long paved bridge construction found northeast of the farm Tinnerö gård.

Now overgrown land has been cleared and grazing reintroduced. To the south is the reclaimed lake Rosenkällasjön with its rich bird life. The area offers good access to visitors with marked trails, picnic areas and parking areas with information boards.

















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