Mårten Skinnare’s House

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Mårten Skinnare’s House was built as part of a hospital in the mediaeval sense, a refuge. It was founded by Mårten Nilsson Skinnare in 1519 and was run by a foundation.


This house my haven have been built in 1520, but it did not look like this at the time, The house was of grey stone and is partly preserved at the centre of the building.


Both the exterior and interior architecture in this house are unusual. The house is alone of its kind of in Sweden, although it has counterparts in the rest of Europe. Now it is manged by the National Property Board and is part of Sweden’s heritage.






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During the Middle ages, Vadstena was a town of considerable importance for the kings of Sweden, It was here that the House of Bjälbo erected the royal palace that later became the seat of the influential Birgittine Order.


Vadstena was also on the route to southern Sweden and the Danish border. The harbour was busy. Many pilrims visited the church and the abbey.


Vadstena Castle is considerd one of the finest early-Renaissance buildings in the Nordic region. Building work commenced in 1545 onthe order of King Gustav Vasa, proceeding in stages until 1620.





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Trip around Östergötland

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We had a day trip around Östergötland on last Saturday.

The weather was wonderful and the temperature was about 22 degree. I can say that the summer has come finally and I have been missing this temperature for a long time!

During the car trip, we have visited a lot of churches and historical architectures in the small town, Vadstena. Professor Jan was our tourist guide and told us a lot of background stories which was amazing!




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Mother’s Day

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About a hundred years ago, Hesiria Bosshom Boley and so on issued an initiative of Mother’s Day  on a newspaper in Sweden.


For Mother’s Day, Swedish are serious. In 1920 a pamphlet called “Mother’s Day” was issued according to the two categories of at home and away from home.


Let’s go through to see how the Swedish family celebrated Mother’s Day about a hundred years ago.


One who is away from home and can not rush home should send a telegram or a card specially made for the Mother ‘s Day in advance. Now people do not have to send a message with so much trouble, SMS, online video can directly ring  their mother and send best wishes to the mother. But even now it still retains the tradition of sending cards in Sweden while sending flowers to mother is very popular in China.




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Europe Day

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Last Tuesday, 9th  May is an annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe  – Europe Day. Sprinkle flowers!

Sweden as the third largest land area in Western Europe (second only to France and Spain, but greater than Germany), is often known as a “small country”, and was also mistaken for the place to sell watches:)






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