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Scandinavia in November is the most boring month in the year.

During this period, the leaves turn wrinkled and dry and the trees are bare. According to the Swedish Meteorological Bureau statistics, the average temperature of the three major urban areas is about zero degrees, and  the temperature at night is below the freezing point, much colder than the winter in Shanghai.

Fortunately, every family has the heating, and the indoor temperature is generally maintained 20 to 25 degrees. Staying at home is quite comfortable, not like that in Shanghai as we do not have the heating provided by the government so we have to turn on the air conditioner instead.

However, we have met the first snow this winter last week. After it, the sky turned from grey to bright and sunshine came back again:)



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Introduction of program of “Statistics and data mining”

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There are two groups of people we used to be likely to hear each night making predictions on the evening news: meteorologists who forecast the atmospheric weather, telling us if we should expect rain, sunshine or snow and economists who, on the other hand, predict the financial weather, forecasting whether we should expect a recession, inflation or unemployment in the upcoming weeks and months.

As the result of countries becoming industrialized with rapidly development of information technology, abundant information is inundating our daily life and work. There is no doubt that the exploitation of wealth of information in large and complex dataset represents great advances in analysis, prediction and decision making in all fields.

With the growth of computer capabilities, databases are growing larger and becoming
more complex, and it has become a challenge to analyse them. The computer-intensive
methods taught at the program have therefore become very popular in both public
and private sectors.

This international program leads to a Master of Science degree with major in Statistics.
The program focuses on modern developments in the intersection of statistics, artificial
intelligence and database management. The program includes a set of courses and
thesis work.

Please find more information via the link below:



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Linköping University

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Linköping is not ranked at top place in Sweden, but it is said to be a university town. From the map, it is located between Malmö and Stockholm, near the Baltic Sea. Linköping University is a Swedish comprehensive university.

Linköping University was founded as an independent college in 1960 and was approved as a university by the government in 1975. The establishment of the Norrköping campus was in the nineties. Liu is the youngest among six Swedish universities with three colleges. Most of the students attending the classes at Valla campus live in the dormitory, which is located in Ryd, Linköping.

According to the data, Liu is also one of the top universities in Europe (see rankings) and it is famous for its innovation, founding the first computer science in Sweden and PhD in industrial management and mechanics. Overall, Liu is good at science and engineering and medical. Its computer science in Europe is at the top level, electronic machinery and other fields are also excellent. In addition, with the rapid development of the University, when the Swedish government investigated the quality of education at the top universities in 2007, Linköping University was the only university that received two of the highest educational quality awards. (medicine and cybernetics)


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Air force museum

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The Royal Air Force Museum is located in Sweden’s famous Linköping, approximately seven kilometers west from city center.

Everyone who comes here will be drawn to the plane on the suspended ceiling, and his voice will be heard endlessly. That may be a banana jet, or the Vampire Vampire, or the Dragon fighter Draken.

More than 50 Swedish domestic fighter models and entities, will be introduced to you in detail with the history of the Swedish Air Force. From the Swedish JAS-39 “Gripen” fighter representing the world’s leading level, it was shot down by Russia in the Baltic Sea in the 1952 Cold War.

The wreckage of the DC-3 aircraft, together with edutainment flight labs, movies, photographs and materials that reflect the history of aircraft development, is simply a paradise for flight fans.



























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Father’s Day

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In most countries and regions, Father’s Day is on the third Sunday of June, but it is the second Sunday of November every year in Sweden, Norway and Finland. This year’s Father’s Day happens to be November On the 12th.


Nordic Father’s Day
Father’s Day came to northern Europe in 1931, being introduced firstly into Sweden. The first Swedish father’s day was also set for the third Sunday in June. However, in 1949, a Nordic business commission believed that commercial activities in November before Christmas were not active enough and Father’s Day might bring some vitality. Therefore, “Father’s Day” was moved to the second Sunday in November just half year before Mother’s Day.


Gift for father
Father’s Day is a festival to express thanks to his father for nourishing. In Northern Europe, there are usually some promotional commercial activities. But many children would like to prepare breakfast for their father, or send a homemade gift, such as a picture. Nordic expressions are usually conservative, and adults may spend time with their father on a walk, a cup of coffee, a meal, or a chat … Time maybe always the most precious present.



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