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Glad påsk!

Happy Easter!


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Snow view in Sweden

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Sweden, as one of the five countries of the Nordic countries, has a unique geographical location due to its high geographical location.

I was a child born and raised in Shanghai. The feeling of the weather here is described in two words: dry and cold.

The winter here is very long. From the beginning of October to the beginning of April, and even May, the snow is so deep.
Sweden is a forest kingdom, so it is a natural timber exporting country. There are large trees everywhere. There are also several large forests near the Valla campus. The snow-covered branches were covered with snowflakes. It was like a spring night and the efflorescence of thousands of trees and pears.














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In the world of FIKA, there are many choices of the desserts and cakes. Donuts is one of my favorite.

Most girls like dessert, of course, same to boys. In Sweden, whatever the age you are, man or woman, boy or girl, no one will say no to fika.

Look at the colorful chocolate on top of the donuts, you will be happy once you taste it. Donuts with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, det är toppen! (it’s great in Swedish)





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Ducks’ meeting

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The ducks in the lake swam close together and it seemed they are having a meeting.

Today’s agenda is: This winter can’t be over. Where’s our favorite fresh grass? We are cold and hungry.

Look! There is a little angel on the river, it seems like she wanna feed us, brothers and sisters, bread is there, go go go!!!











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Some people say that there is a simple and quick way to distinguish between southerners and northerners: after a heavy snowfall, young people from the south will rush into the snowy world and start snowball fights, build snowmen, and take photos:)

People from northern just walk past by sighing: finally they have an eye-opener. Although this is only a joke, but for me, the first time in Sweden, when I saw the legendary diamond snow, I was so excited! The dense snow fell for a whole night. Next day it suddenly cleared, and the thick powder snow reflected the sparkling light of a diamond from the sunlight.

Outdoors are windy and snowy, but inside is warm. The public heating system ensures that the indoor temperature of each household is about 25 degrees. In order to block the winter, modern houses use multi-layered glass, and the snow on this three-layered glass crystallizes as flower.



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