Strawberry in Sweden

Posted in: life in Linköping on 9 September, 2017 by Yumeng

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If you insist that strawberry from other countries are better than Sweden’s which will make you instantly become very unpopular in Sweden.


The Swedes insist that their strawberries are the best. Facing the problem of strawberry , few people will think that with more patriotic spirit will be politically incorrect. Why the strawberry in Sweden is the best?


Most Swedes give the reason that the climate here is cold and the strawberries have a long mature period, so they can gather and concentrate more sugar and make them exceptionally delicious. Some people say that the Swedish strawberry farmers understand the strawberries best, planting methods are the most green and care for environmental protection. In addition, the transport path is short,  so strawberry is bound to be tasty. On the issue of strawberries, the Swedes are the most patriotic maybe:)


My favorite way is to mix strawberries with ice cream of vanilla flavor, yammy!!



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Yumeng Li

Yumeng Li
I am Yumeng with a multi-cultural background of more than 20 years living in Shanghai, China and 4 years working in Japan Airlines. I learn new things quickly and am happy to face challenges.

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