Concert in Linkoping

Concert in Linköping

I attended a concert at Palaset in Linköping. There were two local Swedish bands that performed: Phat Stacks & Månsson. I have Månssons songs available on Spotify Phat Stacks doesn’t seem to have an online presence.

Phat Stacks took the evening to the Funkrymden Palace with dance-friendly and fun songs. The mother ship is composed of Funkkapten Tor Sandell with members from among others the Neo-Soul band Certainly and the Beyoncé show “We Run the World”. Phat Stacks played a unique set that mixes self-composed songs with interpretations of fun classics and electronic elements.In autumn 2018, Månsson debuted with the album “Out of My Mind”. The Linköping public got the chance to see Månsson live with bands for the first time. With the feet of the American West Coast tradition such as Toto or Steely Dan and with a touch of soul, jazz and gospel, a really swinging concert.


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