Spring is here

Spring and Sakura

It’s May and Linköping is in full bloom! While I remember it was snowing on 10th April. Crazy, isn’t it? My friends and I just had a BBQ over the weekend, spent the entire day under the sun, happy, burnt, and well-fed. Beautiful flowers and fruits are growing everywhere. Early morning, the birds are chirping. It feels like the face of the earth has changed. Everyone seems to be spending more time out in open, shining bright with smiles, taking vitamin D under the sun, lying down in the parks with beers, cycling around, or eating outside. It is super lively, especially in downtown. Even though it is hot and sunny, it gets pretty cold and windy too soon in the evening. I always try to carry my jacket just in case. Anyhow, I am loving the summers.

P.S. Try to buy a fan soon! Last year the stores ran out of stock and the temperatures rose to 31’C