Swedish Midsummer

Swedish Midsummer

The Swedish midsummer at Södra Tansbodarna in Dalarna, 2019.

The midsummer is around June 19 to June 25, and to be in order Swedes decided the midsummer Eve will always be a Friday between those dates. Everyone gets together and make crowns with flowers and leaves ???? in the morning
Then they have a heavy lunch which always has herring or sill and boiled potatoes salad ??, we also had salmon. After lunch, the maypole is decorated and everyone dances around it in two circles. Every city has its own clothing styles and costumes for midsummer here in Sweden. The music they dance on sounds like some kindergarten’s rhymes. The maypole represents the fertility of the earth and the start of a good harvest. It’s the first picture below xD I found it really funny.


I know I look stupid in the crown because I wasn’t intending to click a picture but that’s the only picture I have of myself in that crown or as I call it the real Snapchat filter.
I have never seen a place so tranquil and beautiful. ???? The place had no electricity, no shower, and compost toilets ? Disconnected to the outer world for 3 days, the best decision ever. We swam in the lake for shower ? The lake you see in the last picture is the one I swam in. Trust me it was cold, but it was amazing and fresh. I felt like I was in the laps of nature. I tried fishing and we almost got a fish but my partner on the boat was surprised or shocked when he saw the fish and missed it. But it was a good try! For three days, we 30 people just ate, drank, danced, played games, and showered in a lake. It was delightful. ?⭐???


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