Fika, it is a feeling!


Swedish Fika is when you take a break for coffee and something sweet to eat along with it. Swedes love their Fika. Some of them just find reasons to take a Fika break. It is engraved in the Swedish Culture I think. It was one of the first few things you would learn about when you come to Sweden. The most common sweet that people eat during Fika is a Bullar. Bullar is nothing but a sweet bun or a rolled puff pastry. There are different types like cinnamon bullar (Kanelbullar), honey bun, vanilla, and more. But there are other sweet stuff as well like a creamy pastries, muffins, cupcakes, Semla (another swedish sweet- sweet roll with almond cream), tarts, cookies, basically anything sweet 😉
Below are the few pictures of the Fika I have had over the time.



You get the idea 😛