About me

Hi! Hej! Hello! Namaste!

I am Aashana and I am from India. I have completed my undergraduate studies in Computer Science Engineering. Here at LiU, I am pursuing MSc. In Statistics and Machine Learning.

Discover, Design, and Develop are the three words I relate to most being a web developer from the last 2 years in India. Born and brought up in New Delhi and lived in Mumbai for 1.5 years I can call myself a city kid, who loves the fast-paced work life along with dancing, trying new food, meeting new people, attending musical gigs, and traveling to new places.

Amidst all of this, I have my own happy place or which I call me time is when I paint or create something new. It could be clicking a picture, painting a rose or writing about a new place I visited. In me, I have a desire to explore the world, touch unknown lands, talk to people from different cultures, origin or age to learn something new about the world and paint or pen down about that new part of life I have learned and see it with my grown perspective. And continue this wherever I go.

P.S. If someone wants to spend time with me know that I love nature, playing with dogs, going for bird watching, take a game up for badminton or maybe even swimming.