Academic English support goes digital

Academic English support and Campus Norrköping library cooperate in supporting international master students in their academic writing skills. We offer four lunch time workshops on English writing and citation techniques and references.

We now  go digital and offer these workshops via zoom.

Here is the programme for the  spring semester.

21 April   Avoid typical errors & Writing abstract
4 May    Organizing your text
13 May    Citation & referencing. Avoiding plagiarism
28 May    Drop in session. Bring all your questions

Always at lunch time 12.00 – 13.00

Join us with zoom:

Any questions can be answered by Shelley Torgnyson, AES or Britt Omstedt, CNB

Written by Britt Omstedt, librarian, Campus Norrköping Library


Using and sharing other’s work when in distance mode. Bonus copyright access agreement.

** denna blogpost finns även på svenska **

Bonus copyright access agreement in distance mode

As a teacher you probably know that thanks to the agreement between Swedish higher education and Bonus copyright access, the rights holders’ organization, we are able to use and share copyright protected material in our teaching and lecturing.

But how does this work in the distance mode we are now in? What are we allowed to do and what can we not do when working and meeting our students digitally?

The agreement gives us the right to use both Swedish and international copyrighted material from web pages, electronic publications, the press, printed books and other material that has been made public.

In this distance mode when we work remotely you and your students can use this material within a closed, pass word- protected, network, such as Lisam, which is only available to faculty, staff and students.

Students and teachers can for educational purposes, in an educational context:

  • scan
  • save digitally
  • post and share in a closed network (like Lisam)
  • display on screen
  • share via e-mail

There are limitations; the 15/15 rule applies even here. You can copy and share 15 %, but not more than 15 pages, from one and the same printed book, per student per calendar half-year. You can copy material corresponding to 15 A4 pages from one and the same digital publication per student per term. For electronic publications the same applies for material corresponding to a maximum of 15 A4 pages. Other agreements are required to use recorded music, films, radio and TV programmes. When it comes to publisher-produced compulsory course literature the 15/15 rule applies, besides this you can copy a small section for a powerpoint or prezi presentation and you are allowed to copy a small section for use in an examinating task

Do not forget to cred and quote as usual

Remember that authors and photographers always own the moral rights and must be quoted with name and from where you have copied the material.

Read more about the  Bonus copyright agreement here:

You can also use material licensed with Creative commons license, e.g. such texts published Open access, where the author decides how a piece of work can be used by others.

Read more about CC here:


Skrivet av Britt Omstedt, Campus Norrköpings bibliotek

Corona Times: Working at home using library resources


** denna blogpost finns även på svenska **

This page will be kept updated with the latest information regarding library service availibility during Corona crisis. New info in red.

Latest page update: May 25th, 13:00

Virtual library is open as per usual

* You have access to  all library e-resources such as journal articles, databases and e-books. Can’t make it work? Go through our list of databases or ask in our “ask us”-chat.
* You can search articles and books as well as manage your loans and reservations as per usual.
* You can contact the library via Zoom:
Open from 10.00-12.00 Mon-Fri. (You need to have a Zoom-account or a LiU-ID).
From April 20th the library will be testing Zoom as a virtual information desk.

Getting in touch with us

* You can reach your library by phone 08.00-17.00 Mon-Fri
(Campus Norrköping Library, CNB: 011-36 30 60 / Medical Library, MB 013-28 19 91 / Valla Library: 013-28 19 10)
* We reply to emails ( as soon as we can Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00
* You can chat with us online: Mon-Fri 10.00-16.00

Physical libraries opening hours

* Our physical libraries are open Mon – Fri: 12.00–15.00 Sat – Sun: Closed.
From April the 27th: The following entrances are open to visitors:
CNB – Kåkenhus, Bredgatan 33, Norrköping
Vallabiblioteket – Entrances facing Corson, Studenthuset, Campus Valla
MB – Entrance 65, University hospital
Students have access to the buildings weekdays (not Sat – Sun) 7.45 am – 5 pm, using card and code.
* “Bokmagasinet” (floor one) in Vallabiblioteket is closed to visitors until further notice. Books are reserved as usual and will be availible for pick up at floor three. Books from Bokmagasinet should be reserved in advance. If you make a reservation before 10 am we’ll do our best to have the book ready for you to pick up when we open 12 o’clock.
* LiU-card will give you access to the the bulidings out of library hours, acording to LiU regulation.
*DigiMaker-Valla and DigiMaker-CNB are still open, but not staffed.
* Are you unable to pick up your reservation during our opening hours? Send us an email or phone us, and we will try to find a working solution. Under certain conditions, you can make an appointment to pick up your reservations outside of opening hours. As a LiU employee, you can contact your library and have us send your book to your office at LiU.

Information regarding your loans and books

* The loan period for reference copies of textbooks (“Day-loan items”) are extended to 3 days.
* We are increasing the number of possible renewals, in order to help our users to avoid unnecessary visits to the library. Students can now renew their loans ut to 15 times; LiU-staff can renew their loans up to 25 times -provided that the books are not requested by another borrower.
* Returning loans: If you have access to the building (LiU-card) you can use the usual facilities for returning loans. It is also possible to mail books (in a padded envelope) to: Linköpings universitetsbibliotek,  581 83 Linköping
* No fines for for late return of library books. From March 17th the library will not charge fines or send new invoices. You are thus not forced to come to the library if your only errand is returning a library book. This is a temporary measure to mitigate the diffusion of the corona virus. Existing fine charges are still valid, but no new fine charges are executed. Special rules apply to inter library loans. It goes without saying that we expect you to return books if you are able.
* Automatic renewals. From April 1st, library loans will be renewed automatically. This means that, when possible, a new 21 day loan period will be set automatically when your loan expires. Please note that “Day-loan items”, interlibrary loans and material requested by other borrowers will not be automatically renewed.
When a loan is automatically renewed, you will not receive any message from the library asking you to renew your loan.
This is done in order to prevent all unnecessary visits to the library, due to the corona crisis.


Support for students’ English writing and referencing skills

Academic English support and Campus Norrköping library cooperate in supporting international master students in their academic writing skills. We offer five lunch time workshops on English writing and one on citation techniques and references. Swedish speaking students are of course also welcome to learn more about writing in another language. Almost everyone doing an essay have to provide an abstract in English so come and get some advice on how to do it.  See the full programme for the spring 2020. 


Alumni information seeking in working life

*detta inlägg finns också på svenska*

Finding information in your working life

As a recent or not so recent LiU Alumn you have already noticed that all the fantastic information resources that the University library makes accessible to you is no longer as easily available to you outside of our campuses. Do not despair, there are ways to reach freely available resources of high quality.

If you are still in Sweden, all Swedish university libraries, and their resources in the form of journals and databases, are open to the public on a “walk-in-basis” once you have registered for a library card.  If you don’t have a university nearby your local public library can  help you get an inter-library loan from a university library.

If you don’t have time to leave your office there are other solutions and the Survival guide below can be your map.
                                                                                                                                                                One way to access publications is to install Unpaywall which helps you localize free versions of articles you find using Google scholar. Depending on your discipline search in PubMedCentral or Arxiv.

LiU’s repository DiVA, where our researchers register and publish the results of their research, is still available to you of course. In the national version of DiVA you can find research results from most Swedish universities and some research institutes such as Sw. Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sw. Environmental Protection Agency, Sw. Transport Administration and Sw. National Road and Transport Research Institute.
Everything published and printed in Sweden is registered in the national catalogue Libris where you also find reports and publications from government agencies and research institutes often as pdf:s in full text.

Kajsa Gustafsson Åman, Senior librarian, head of Campus Norrköping library