Summer hours at the Library 2021

Summer’s on its way!

Below you find the opening hours for our libraries this summer.
This message in Swedish.

Valla Library  Floor 1 and 3
June 14 – August 15
Open: Monday – Friday: 12-16
The library is closed on Midsummer’s Eve (June 25)

Phone and e-mail: Monday – Friday, 9-16
Phone: 013-28 19 10

Campus Norrköping Library
June 14 – August 22
Open: Monday to Friday 12-16
The library is closed on Midsummer’s Eve (June 25) and weeks 29-31  ( July 26 to August 8)

Phone and e-mail: Monday – Friday, 9-16
No telephone service weeks 29-31 ( July 26 to August 8)

Phone: 011-36 30 60

Medical Library
June 14 – August 29
Open: Monday – Friday, 10-14
The library is closed on Midsummer’s Eve (June 25) and 2 August to 8 August.

Phone and e-mail: Monday – Friday, 9-15
No telephone service 2 August to 8 August.

Phone: 013-28 19 91

The library live-chat & Zoomchat are CLOSED: June 14 –  August 22
E-mail is open all summer.

Summer loans!
Books borrowed between 31 May and 20 July have a return date of 10 August, unless the book has a reservation. For books with a reservation, as usual, a 7-day loan period applies.

We wish you a wonderful, sunny summer! See you!

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Foto: Gabriella Nilsson, LiU


Printed and digital resources are equally important! – interview with Assistant Professor Ahmet Börütecene

Photo: Nevin Dogan

Ahmet Börütecene is interaction designer and assistant professor at MDB (Media design and image reproduction) ITN at Campus Norrköping. We had a talk with him about library services and what the library can do to make life easier for students, PhD students and researchers.

Could you tell us a little about your background and your research topics and how you chose this path?

– My background is in three, seemingly very different fields. I have a bachelor’s in Communication design from Istanbul, a master’s in Cinema and multimedia production from Bologna and my PhD from Istanbul was in Interaction design. They may seem very disparate disciplines, but for me the two first have been important for the third. I am now involved in different research projects working on human – AI interaction, extended reality experiences and  citizen-driven smart cities.

How do you use the library? What services and resources are important to you in your work?

– My home library is of course the Campus Norrköping library, and I would say, before the pandemic for sure, that my use of digital and printed resources is 50/50. I use the databases, e-books, printed books, conference proceedings and journals.

Is there any of the library’s services you appreciate more than others?

– The possibility to make purchase suggestions has been very helpful and surprisingly quick. I have been able to get some important books that way.

What in the library services would you like to see improved? 

– It is very annoying that when using e-books, one’s notes made in the book disappears as you “return” it, but I can see this does not only depend on the library. Maybe you could put some pressure on the providers/publishers for standardization and more reader-friendly platforms.

You teach in the master’s programme in design. What do you think every student should know about the library?

– They should know that they can book a time with a librarian to get advice on suitable resources covering the topic they are working on.

From your own experience, what can the library do to ease the life of PhD students?

– Three things. Seminars on how to approach your literature review, showing examples of how searches through the library can be done. And seminars on knowledge management, it could be simply by using techniques based on pen and paper, about how to organize all your notes. Finally, introducing a reference management system, preferably Zotero as it is open source.

Can you give an example of a smart interactive solution for the library?

– A quick idea would be a sticker with a QR-code on your bookshelf at home and when you direct your phone at it you get  “book of the day tips” or you get shown new books within your chosen discipline.

Re:Publish your book – LiU E-Press e-publish out-of-print books by LiU authors

**This blog post is also available in Swedish**

Did you know that LiU E-Press can republish your book if it´s out of print?

If you are an author/co-author to a book or editor/co-editor to an anthology which is not published by the original publisher anymore, you can make the book available at LiU E-Press. If the book is only available in print format we will help you scan the book.


Re:publish your book

  • You are or were employeed/affiliated at LiU at the time when the book was written
  • The publisher restored the copyright to you or gave you the rights to publish the book open access at LiU E-Press
  • You give us the book in the following format:
    • PDF or DOCX
    • A printed copy that we can scan (the spine of the book will be cut in the process)
  • You (and co-authors etc) sign a publishing agreement with us and attach the confirmation from the publisher.

Please contact us:

Written by:  Edvin Erdtman, scientific editor, LiU E-Press

Urkund becomes Ouriginal

**Detta blogginlägg är även tillgängligt på svenska**

During 2020, the merger of Urkund and PlagScan resulted in Ourginal, a plagiarism detection software that is now replacing Urkund.

The launch of Ouriginal on 1 March 2021 does not entail any major changes. As previously with Urkund, teachers at LiU can access Ourignal via Lisam, LiU:s learning platform. If you are teaching at LiU and are not using Lisam, you can have an account at Ouriginal, which can be provided by the Library. If you want an account, just email us at

Please note that if you already have an Urkund account, it is still valid for accessing Ourignal.

Further information

Ouriginal’s website

Guides & tutorials

Tools against plagiarism (Linköping University Library)

FAQ & Support

Frequently Asked Questions


Phone: +46 8 738 52 10

Christmas and New Year opening hours

**Detta blogginlägg är även tillgängligt på svenska**

The opening hours for Linköping University Library during Christmas and New Year 2020/2021 are the following:

Campus Norrköping Library

21–23 December: 9.00–13.00
24–27 December: Closed
28–30 December: 9.00–13.00
31 December–3 January: Closed
4–5 January: 9.00–13.00
6 January: Closed

Medical Library

21–23 December: 9.00–13.00
24–27 December: Closed
28–30 December: 9.00–13.00
31 December–1 January: Closed
2–3 January: 11.00–15.00
4–5 January: 9.00–13.00
6 January: 11.00–15.00

Valla Library

Enquiry desk floor 3 and library stacks floor 1

21–22 December: 12.00–16.00
23 December: 9.00–13.00
24–27 December: Closed
28–30 December: 12.00–16.00
31 December–3 January: Closed
4 January: 12.00–16.00
5 January: 9.00–13.00
6 January: Closed

Enquiry desk in Zoom

19 December–10 January: Closed

Library online chat

19 December–10 January: Closed

Email to

The Library’s email service is closed the following days during Christmas and New Year:

24–27 December: Closed
31 December–3 January: Closed
6 January: Closed