Re:Publish your book – LiU E-Press e-publish out-of-print books by LiU authors

**This blog post is also available in Swedish**

Did you know that LiU E-Press can republish your book if it´s out of print?

If you are an author/co-author to a book or editor/co-editor to an anthology which is not published by the original publisher anymore, you can make the book available at LiU E-Press. If the book is only available in print format we will help you scan the book.


Re:publish your book

  • You are or were employeed/affiliated at LiU at the time when the book was written
  • The publisher restored the copyright to you or gave you the rights to publish the book open access at LiU E-Press
  • You give us the book in the following format:
    • PDF or DOCX
    • A printed copy that we can scan (the spine of the book will be cut in the process)
  • You (and co-authors etc) sign a publishing agreement with us and attach the confirmation from the publisher.

Please contact us:

Written by:  Edvin Erdtman, scientific editor, LiU E-Press

Urkund becomes Ouriginal

**Detta blogginlägg är även tillgängligt på svenska**

During 2020, the merger of Urkund and PlagScan resulted in Ourginal, a plagiarism detection software that is now replacing Urkund.

The launch of Ouriginal on 1 March 2021 does not entail any major changes. As previously with Urkund, teachers at LiU can access Ourignal via Lisam, LiU:s learning platform. If you are teaching at LiU and are not using Lisam, you can have an account at Ouriginal, which can be provided by the Library. If you want an account, just email us at

Please note that if you already have an Urkund account, it is still valid for accessing Ourignal.

Further information

Ouriginal’s website

Guides & tutorials

Tools against plagiarism (Linköping University Library)

FAQ & Support

Frequently Asked Questions


Phone: +46 8 738 52 10

Print on demand – order print copies of publications in DiVA

**Detta blogginlägg är också tillgängligt på svenska**

In collaboration with the University printing office LiU-Tryck, LiU E-Press hosts a print on demand service, where you can order print copies of e-books, dissertations and some working papers available in the online repository DiVA.

To order a print copy online, this is what you do:

  1. Search in DiVA for the book you want to order
  2. Click “Order online” Order online form symbolized by a shopping basket
  3. Log in with your LiU-Tryck account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one in a few easy steps.
  4. When you have signed in with your account, all information about the publication you want to order is transfered automatically to the order form. You only need to specify how many copies you want to order, the payment option of your choice and your address.
  5. You can pay with credit card or by invoice (if you choose invoice, you need to communicate with LiU-Tryck).

When ordering a publication with Print on demand, you only pay a cost price for the publication, i.e. cost for printing and shipping. The price is based on the number of pages in the publication. For example, the price for a book with 100 pages is approximately 200 SEK, plus the shipping cost.

The print on demand service was launched in 2019. A total of 12 orders have been delivered so far. With 5 orders, the bestseller is Klassrum med himlen som tak: en kunskapsöversikt om vad utomhusundervisning betyder för lärande i grundskolan, a review of research in outdoor teaching. An English version of the publication is available at:

Teaching with the Sky as a Ceiling: A review of research about the significance of outdoor teaching for children’s learning in compulsory school

Search publications in DiVA

If you have any questions about the print on demand service, or can’t find an “Order online” link in a DiVA publication you want to order, please email us at

What about interlibrary loans?

**Detta blogginlägg är även tillgängligt på svenska**

For us at Linköping University Library, it is always our aim to offer all books, journals and other publications that are needed by students and researchers at LiU. Sadly, it is impossible to have absolutely everything in our collections. But if we don’t have a print or electronic publication, we can usually provide it as an interlibrary loan, i. e. acquire it from another library.

You can apply for an interlibrary loan of books or order print copies of articles using the forms on this page:

When they have arrived, books on interlibrary loan are collected at the library enquiry desk. Just ask us, and we will borrow you the book. Articles are either copied or printed. LiU researchers will get their print copy delivered to their office post box on campus. Students collect their article copies at the library enquiry desk.

Interlibrary loans are free of charge for both LiU employees and LiU students. An interlibrary book loan may be associated with a fee for students if the book must be ordered from a library outside of Sweden or the Nordic countries.

And what do we do if we get a request for a very rare item, say an Italian article about butterflies published in 1872?

Sometimes, you can find it simply using Google. An insane amount of publications are in fact freely available online! Some cases might be a bit trickier. We use an array of providers and library catalogues to locate and order material from all parts of the globe. Usually, we order through Libris – the Swedish national library catalogue. We also get many deliveries from German article databases. Sometimes we need to dig deeper, and perhaps order that rare 1872 article about butterflies from a library in Italy that is the only library that can provide us with a copy.

You are welcome to use our interlibrary service to obtain books or articles needed for you research or studies. We are here for you!

Image from Pixabay


by Ellinor Krutholm

translated by Peter Igelström

Digital exhibition – testing at LiUB!

**This blog post is also available in Swedish**

On March 16, 2020, Linköping University activated distance mode for all students and employees due to the corona pandemic. For us working at LiU, one of the outcomes was that we have been more digitalized than ever, and also got the chance to try new ways of working.

For some time, Linköping University Library has been producing exhibitions, both big and small. During the distance mode, we started to think about going digital also with our exhibitions.

A digital exhibition can be produced in different ways. We decided to try Sway in this project, which is an easy and interactive program to handle presentations with text and photos. Our aim was to learn more about the creative process when doing a digital exhibition, and the distance mode itself became the subject of this our first experiment.

The theme of the exhibition is the everyday and working life of a selection of LiU employees during the spring of 2020.

Many thanks to those who contributed!

The presentation is mainly visual but texts are in Swedish only.

Written by: Maria Svenningsson, Valla Library