Student Orchestra Festival (SOF) 2019

SOF 2019

This orchestra was a big event on campus and in the whole of Linköping that lasted for four days. Students from all over Sweden and even Finland came to Linköping to play in concerts, parades and socialize on campus where a big festival area was built. It was nice to see all those students enjoying to play music together and the happy atmosphere was once again something that showed me how special the student life in Sweden is. The best part of SOF was that every day parts of the festival could be visited without paying an entry fee and there was a big parade in the city on Saturday that went from the city center up to Gamla Linköping that everyone could attend :). For me as a German girl who comes from an area where carneval is celebrated this felt a bit like home as we use to have those parades once per year for carneval. So after two years Linköping felt as much home as never before.


Spring Market in Gamla Linköping

Hej alla,

What else to do on a Sunday afternoon than having a fika with a friend? We went to Gamla Linköping yesterday to see their spring market and take a nice fika in the cozy Dahlbergs Café. I can go to Gamla whenever I want every season is so beautiful that I always need to take a lot of pictures :). Have a look how beautiful Spring is with all those old red houses! 



Hello everyone,

ISA Linköping (International Student Association) where I am participating in the board was hosting the international Day this Thursday. It is a day where everyone (students, employees, PhDs) can present their cultures and cuisines. This day is always super nice because of all those colorful stalls, people wearing their traditional dresses, all the good food. It’s the perfect day to learn a lot about different cultures, play traditional games, or let someone read your future for you! 🙂 Next year you should come by or even present your culture!!!! ♥


Chinese Tea ceremony.

A lot of people came.

Valborg 2019

Hello everyone,

Valborg is a big festivity here in Sweden were everyone is gathering in parcs etc to celebrate the beginning of Maythe month of May. For students it is one kind of a crazy party and here IN Linköping as well as in a lot of other student cities people are gathering in the Parc, where live music is played by student groups, where food trucks are selling food and fika, and where you hang out with all your friends partying till late afternoon till you will go for dinner to prepare for some corridor party. Everyone is wearing their overalls and it’s one big community where everyone is happy! Don’t miss out on that event next year. Every year the last day in April it’s Valborg, and don’t worry the day after it is a red day. So no school for you 🙂  

Glad Påsk- Happy Easter


Time runs so fast these days and just yesterday the last 5 weeks of my master thesis began, today the Easter weekend started and here in Sweden we have a free day on Friday and coming Monday to celebrate the Easter festivities which here mostly are celebrated with big eggs from plastic or carton that are filled with a lot of candy, påskmust (which is a soda that tastes a bit like coke), a lot of salmon (as for every festivity) and räktårta (a salty shrimp cake with salad, toast bread and a lot of mayonnaise). A lot of my friends went home to their families over the weekend or most of my German fellows even flew back home but as I was quite busy the last weeks and am even busier right now I decided to stay in Sweden. One day out of Linköping would hopefully give me enough time to calm down again and so I decided to visit a good friend in Gothenburg. I love Gothenburg and the last time I visited was actually last time that season. Today it was the first real spring day with 18°C and no clouds. It was beautiful to travel the 4h by bus through Sweden and see all those beautiful lakes, especially lake Vättern between Linköping and Jönköping made me being fascinated again with all its beauty :).

I wish all of you Happy Easter, wherever and however you celebrate I hope you get some good food, even better company and some hours of calming down.

Best wishes,



Glad Påsk