Fika and forest – First impressions of Sweden

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Hej everybody!

I happy to present you my first ever blog. Hope you enjoy reading!

Every move to a new country starts with a first impression. Even though I have been to Sweden before, there have still been some things that surprised and confused me about about this country:

Fika. I heard about fika before, but I didn’t know it’s such an important thing up here in the north. When the nights get longer and darker, Swedes usually compensate it by drinking a lot of coffee. And eating candy. They love their

Godis, which you can see by the huge candy shelves usually in supermarkets just right before the exit.

Forest. Oh yes, forest everywhere. Basically, you always have to cross a forest to get somewhere.

Apples. So many apples. I don’t know if I am just not used to see many big gardens that can actually fit apple trees, but when I came to Sweden, I had the impression that Sweden is filled with trees hung with countless apples. Even the campus has its own apple tree garden. Swedes have so many, they put them in buckets labeled wit “Varsågod” in front of their door. That’s how I learned my first Swedish word.

“Barbecue”. They call it BBQ, I call it tiny hot dogs. Swedes love their fireplaces in the outdoors and they use them a lot in summer.

Kubb. Not sure if this is really a Swedish thing or just something they like to present in front of international students. Kubb, also called “viking chess”, is a lawn game usually enjoyed with a beer or two.

Date. Sooner or later you will have to write down your birth date or any other date.  I have to admit, I still get pretty confused, since Swedes tend to start with the year.