To see: Viking’s drawings (2)

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Norrköping is famous for the vikings’ drawings: the place is called


Here the Google Maps’ link to find where they are and here more information about the drawings.


Not everyone knows that actually the most famous vikings’ drawings are not there…. but few kilometres away.

I went to that place this summer, and was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. You should go there too!

Here the place.

The road to go there is not well known, but trust me…if you take your time to discover the place, it will worth it!

Moreover, if you follow the small road, you easily arrive to a bird watching station, called Leonardsbergs fågeltorn. Trust me, is a magic place. Here the info to arrive there.








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Welcome week & new students: I’m soooo excited

Posted in: life in Sweden, university and other things, why Sweden? on 27 August, 2020 by Asia


I can’t believe the summer is already gone…and I celebrated one year in Sweden!

I realised I’m not anymore a first year student just when….I met the new students! And I have to say it:

I’m sooo excited!!

An incredible team of friends and colleagues – during the summer – worked hard for the new incoming students.
As a part of the EMS community (here our Facebook’s page) they organised activities, gatherings and tours of the city and the university for all the new students admitted to our programme (here the LiU’s webpage, if you are planning to enrol in my MA next year!).

If you are a new student in my programme, you are encouraged to participate to the activities organised by the EMS community. You’ll have the chance to meet your new colleagues and to learn how to move in the campus and in the city.*

Here the nicest infographic ever made with all the activities organised.


Image description: Welcoming Schedule of EMS Community Ethnic and Migration Studies. Welcoming Schedule EMS 202-2022

Monday, August 31 @ 19.00

Campus Tour and Welcome Picnic
* After afternoon role-call we will take you on a tour of LiU campus.
* At 19.00, we will meet at Folkparken for a casual Welcome Picnic.

Thursday, September 3 @ 19.00

Norrköping Tour and Pub Night
* We will meet just outside of LiU campus and go on a quick tour of important places in Norrköping, as well as showing our favourite areas of the city. We’ll end the night with some drinks at a local pub.

Saturday, Sep 5 @ 10.00

Trip to Nedre Glottern Lake
* We will meet at Söder Tull (in front of Norrköping Public Library) and take a bus to Nedre Glottern in the community of Åby, just outside of Norrköping. There we can swim, go for a hike, have a picnic, and take a break from classes!

Tuesday, September 8 @ 12.00

Outdoor lunch
* We will meet outside of the Kopparhammaren (KO) building to take a small break from classes and eat lunch together.

Thursday, September 10 @ 14.00

Afternoon Fika (location TBA)
* After a morning of classes we will have a Swedish fika and play games!

Friday, September 11 @ 16.00

Virtual Fika
* Join us on Zoom for a virtual fika where we can chat about Sweden, courses, and life in general.

Wednesday, September 16th @ 19.00

Movie Night (location TBA)
* Join us for a movie screening and some yummy snacks!

*Please note that time and location of events could possibly change. We will post any updates on the Facebook group LiU – Ethnic and Migration Studies 2020-2022 and here.*



Thank you so much to Gloria, Kenna, Chloe, Julia, Lali, Gabi, Natasha, Shadi, Chris and Danny for the effort in organising all of this!

You’re more than welcome to participate if you are a new student in the Ethnic and Migration Programme!

See you soon,

and good luck for your new adventure….the best is yet to come.


*Of course, the activities are organised taking into consideration the measurements necessary to avoid the spread of the Covid-19. This means that you are more than welcome to wear a mask during the meetings…not just because in Sweden nobody wears a mask means you shouldn’t wear it!




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Accommodation and other tips

Posted in: what to do, how to do on 13 December, 2019 by Asia


Today I will try to give you more information about how to find an accommodation, in particularly here in Norrköping.

I know that could be stressful to try to find an accommodation: I was so nervous when I was admitted because of the anxiety to find a room to live. So, first of all: DON’T WORRY OR STRESS TOO MUCH YOURSELF! You’ll find an accommodation, sooner or later. Repeat with me: I will find an accommodation, sooner or later.


First of all, you have to read carefully the information in LiU’s website. Here all the things you need to know before to start to look for an accommodation.


Secondly, of course everything depends on the city you’re planning to live, and if you’re a EU student (non fee paying student) or a NON EU student (fee paying student or scholarship holder).


  • If you are a NON EU student, you probably will receive an email, by the LiU’s administration, and they will offer you an accommodation, usually in Linköping.
    That means that, if you are planning to study in Norrköping (because your master is in Campus Norrköping, as mine), OR if you prefer to find yourself an accommodation, you should follow the same steps as an EU student.
  • If you are a EU student, you have to find your own accommodation.
    It’s not so difficult at it looks like, trust me! Follow the next steps and you’ll find soon a place to stay.


Thirdly, what to do? How to find an accommodation?
Here in Sweden things works different from basically all the countries I know. There is queue system, you have to register in different websites, once you have enough points you can start to register your interests for different apartment/room/room corridor. Of course, your choice depend on how many money you can spend for your accommodation.


I would suggest you to do as I did, but remember that those are just some tips, I can not ensure you. As a EU student in Campus Norrköping, I registered in the websites here below.
The registration process needs time, but will save you in the future: basically you have to insert your email and some personal information. But:

1) you DON’T NEED a personnummer to register to these websites (not all of them, but at least those here below – I already selected those that don’t require the personnummer)

2) register as soon as you can, because the queue system is based on how many days you are enrolled in. You will not be able to register your interest for the room/apartment until you will not receive your letter of admission by the LiU’s international office, but this doesn’t mean that you have to wait to register in these websites.
So, right after read this article, you have to register in these websites, start to collect points and then – once you will be admitted – send your letter to them through email – to be allowed to register your interests*.

3) these websites are all free, you don’t need to pay subscription. I will add below also some website where you can pay a subscription to receive more offers (some of these websites work different, you don’t need to be in queue because they directly show you owners’ contacts).
I would recommend you to start with the registration in the free-websites, and then, if you feel stressed, in May/June you can pay for the subscription of these websites, in order to have more chances in finding an accommodation.


There are different types of accommodation:
– single apartments, usually they cost more;
– single room (called corridor room) in a shared apartment, with shared bathroom and kitchen;
– single room (called corridor room) with your own bathroom, in a shared flat where you shared just the kitchen.
My recommendation is to read carefully all the information regarding the corridor room/ apartment are you looking (and don’t be surprised if you can not see the photos of the room/house/flat: it is totally normal in Sweden!). Usually all the information are written very clearly.


*Once you are admitted, you have to send your notification of selection result through email to the company.
Then you can start to register your interest. If you have enough points, they will offer you the accommodation and you will sign the contract online.

Free websites:






Website that need a subscription:





Website where you can post what are you looking for (your own announcement). Sometimes you can find available rooms in students’ houses:




You can find more information here! KOMBO works with a lot of students’ associations, you can find help in the website or send them an e-mail.
And if you need more information, comment below!


Good luck! 🙂


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Four months in Sweden: home is where your heart is

Posted in: life in Sweden on 8 December, 2019 by Asia

Hej alla!

In few days I will celebrate my fourth month here in Sweden… sounds sweet and bitter at the same time.
Sweden has become my daily life, the library my favourite place, my friends are now like a family, and walking around the city is not anymore something strange but definitely familiar.

What I learn since I moved here?
That kanelnbullar are better if eaten in couple 😉 , that the things I never studied are so many (and that’s why I have to learn more and more!) but also that there is no cold weather outside, it’s just you not dressed in the properly way.

And because I’m nostalgic today and it’s Sunday, I’ll post here some of the photos that remember me how much I’m already changed, since I moved here.

Take the courage to make the application, and move to Sweden: you will never regret it.


Hope these photos convinced you more to move to Norrköping… because is one of the nicest cities ever.

And is already part of my life.




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Webinar & application process

Posted in: what to do, how to do on 30 November, 2019 by Asia

Hej alla!

On Thursday, I had the chance to participate to a Webinar, as a LiU Ambassador, with two incredible women: Therese and Cecilia. Therese works in the Communications, Cecilia is an admission officer.

It was funny and a very excited experience! I was a little bit nervous, but at the end I was happy to participate.



If you didn’t have time to register to the webinar, or if you want to see it again, I leave here the link.

I suggest you watch this video until the end: many students have asked questions, to which we have answered, that can help you with the application!
I recommend that you follow the instructions well, read well what is written in the information page of your course, and take the time to read all the information contained on the site !


You will find all the information you need, don’t worry. 🙂
Don’t stress yourself, take your time to read everything, and if you’re not sure, send an e-mail.

This is my face every time someone says
“I can’t find an information in the website!”.
At least we can say I’m photogenic 😉



If you have more questions, just write me in the comments!

Good luck with your application.


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