Research Grants from the Swedish Research Council

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The purpose of the research project grant from the Swedish Research Council is to give researchers the freedom to formulate by themselves the research concept, method and implementation, and to solve a specific research task within a limited period of time. The Swedish Research Council rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition.

In the 2018 call within Natural and Engineering Sciences Linköping University was granted 84 million SEK divided amongst 25 researchers and within Medicine and health 75 million SEK divided on 22 researchers.

CMIV Researchers Receiving Grants

In the medicine and health call Carl-Johan Carlhäll received grants for his research on multi parametric MRI and atrial fibrillation. Anneli Peolsson was granted funding for her research on innovative rehabilitation in chronic whiplash associated disorders. Kajsa Igelström was granted a starting grant for her research on brain imaging techniques in neuro psychiatric syndromes. The starting grant gives junior researchers the opportunity to establish themselves as independent researchers.

In the Natural and Engineering Sciences call Tino Ebbers received grants for is work on the cardiovascular functional avatar. Maria Engström received funding for a research project on imaging biomarkers in neuro-radiology. Markus Henningsson was awarded a starting grant for his research on quantitative MRI measurements of perfusion in the heart.




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