New Milestones for CMIV Spin off Spago Nanomedical

Posted in: Allmän on 17 June, 2019 by Marie Waltersson

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Maria Engström

Maria Engström, one of the inventors behind the original patent that lead to the formation of Spago Nanomedical.

In a recent article in Nordic Life Science News you could read about Spago Nanomedical. The company, which is originally a spinoff from CMIV, Linköping University develops nanomaterial for MRI contrast medium and for radiation therapy.

The project started with the researchers Kajsa Uvdal and Maria Engström developing a Gadolinium based nanoparticle for MRI that could enhance signal intensity compared to traditional gadolinium contrast agents. The project also resulted in a dissertation by Anna Hedlund, The invented nanopaticle was patented and later commercialized in the spinoff Spago Nanomedical.

Spago Nanomedical has since the start continued to develop the product and has now invented a nanoparticle based on Manganese instead of Gadolinium, SpagoPix. Gadolinium is known to cause side effects in patients with reduced kidney functionality and a potent alternative would be welcome. The material showed a high contrast enhancement in MRI and also had tumor-selective properties. In December Spago Nanomedical applied for a phase 1 trial on breast cancer patients for SpagoPix.

In addition, the company has patented Tumorad, in which a nanomaterial is loaded with radioactive isotopes to create a nanomedical product for tumor-selective radionuclide therapy.

Read mere in the Nordic Life Science News article




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