Posted in: Allmän on 17 April, 2018 by Chloe

I repeat – SPRING IS HERE! You can finally see the green grass. You can finally hear the birds singing and chirping. You can finally smell that smell after it rains *ALMOST STILL VERY FAINT*…. They came and swept the small pebbles up from the road that allows for traction in the snow, and Bjorn and papa Markstrom even changed our winter tires to ~~~SUMMER~~~ tires. This is big and exciting news people. \\

What is not so exciting is my allergies that accompany this beautiful nature symphony. My nose is like a jammed trumpet that can’t play any music. But alas, summer is coming. The itchy ears and scratch in my throat is essentially a good thing, because it means warm weather is on the horizon. We finally set up the back patio as well – I will share some photos of that in my next post as the blog machine has been doing funny things to my uploaded photos at the moment!! Chat soon world, Chloe out.


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Student Lyfe

Posted in: Allmän on 9 April, 2018 by Chloe

Student Lyfe at Linkoping is supppppper relaxed. Depending on your program of course, but coming from an American university that KICKED MY ASS, this Master’s program is a cake walk. Literally an actual cake walk… There is a Fika (rest and relaxation) break in between every class. Even if the professors do not really want to take the mid class break – the students demand it. We are accustomed to breaks now. Coffee and a small baked good purchased from the coffee shop in every lecture building. Classes also are slightly different from the USA here in the sense that you do not study multiple courses at once with a set schedule for the semester. Each class is taken by itself, one at a time. Very relaxing. The classes are also at different times each week – which is super annoying for a creature of habit like myself. Never know when I have to be somewhere or where – because the classroom location changes every day as well. I recommend all students just go ahead and bookmark timeedit.se with our LiU schedules.

Tomorrow, the BEST part of student life, I will be getting on a student ticket discount flight to Milano Italy! Thank you Ryanair for your $50 flights. But why can’t I bring a suitcase 🙁 🙁 🙁

C’est la vie. It’s great being a student at LiU, because it’s very easy to just pick up and explore your near surroundings. Gotta love the laid back student lyfe.


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Spring Rain

Posted in: Allmän on 4 April, 2018 by Chloe

Today marks the first day it has rained and not produced snow!!! What a lovely sight to see rain instead of little white clumps of cold. The tundra is finally starting to melt. Nothing says springtime like having to put smelly anti-tick chemical prevention on your pets. Poor Tyrone and Messi smelled like chemicals all day yesterday. A small price to pay to be tick-free for a whole 4 weeks, sometimes longer.

This weekend we went to the summer house and you could tell Spring had sprung because the flies came out of hibernation. I was awake then entire first night.. I would swat them with the fly swatter and think I’ve killed them all. And then an hour later I would wake up to 10 more flies. They were coming out of hibernation about twice as fast as I could kill them. That is the beauty of the summer house, it’s a on a massive farm with smelly cows and sheep, thus we have a whole flock of flies to accompany the flock of sheep and herd of cows. Messi, my perfect little chihuahua got to see sheep for the first time. They were the same color as him but much much larger and woolier and spoke a different animal language. It was a great weekend, I think I ate twice my weight in baked goods. Grandma’s cakes are just so damn good!


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Glad Påsk!

Posted in: Allmän on 28 March, 2018 by Chloe

Happy Easter all my lovely blog followers!!!

Easter is a tradition celebrated all over the globe. Based in Christianity, Easter’s roots are based on the day Jesus resurrected from the Tomb. Easter really truly is the story of the miracle of Jesus Christ and  God. In the USA, we would celebrate by putting on our “Sunday Best”, which is a dress or a suit. We would head to the 9am Church service and sing some happy Easter songs and listen to a beautiful sermon from the Pastor. After Church, everyone goes and puts a flower onto the flowering Easter Cross. The legend says it that Jesus Christ’s cross burst into bloom the day Jesus died. Easter lilies are common, as well as white doves released as it represents Jesus’s purity. After Sunday service is always a nice brunch with family. Followed by a lovely home cooked meal with extended family. My aunt in Connecticut makes an amazing spread this time of the year! Children at Easter usually get a basket with eggs and chocolate bunnies, as you get older nicer things may show up in your basket from the Easter Bunny. There is always an egg hunt as well, where the adults *Easter Bunny* hides small plastic eggs with candy in them all over the yard. The goal is to find the most eggs for the big prize.

The Easter tradition in Sweden is kind of similar. There are lots of eggs and chickens being worshiped instead of crosses and Jesus, but that’s Sweden for you. Secular by history. They also take sticks and glue feathers on them and hand small eggs like a sort of Easter tree. It’s quite nice, but I still prefer Easter lilies and Tulips!! Bjorn and I are headed to the Summerhus in Lavosa this weekend to visit grandma. Grandma I found out recently used to have a weiner dog – which makes me giggle I can’t picture old grandma with a tiny yapper dog – but I love it! Glad Pask!!!!


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Birthday Weekend

Posted in: Allmän on 20 March, 2018 by Chloe

What a fun weekend! It was the first time in the history of my life that I was able to celebrate my birthday with colors other than Kelly green and gold. This is because St Patrick’s day is such a big holiday in the United States. American’s are fiercely proud of their heritage and roots. I know that I am half Australian and a mix of German, Irish, and Native American, but the ones who know they’re a high percentage Irish get superrrrrr rowdy on the 17th of March. Here in Linkoping it was a quiet night for most people, I think maybe there was one bar that celebrated. Back home you would have all the bars serving green beer on tap, and if you go to some major cities, like Chicago, they dye the river green! It is quite a strange site to see. Kelly green rivers, Kelly green beer, Kelly green EVERYTHING. It is a tradition to pinch someone if they are not wearing green, which is why having my birthday in Sweden to celebrate my birth, and not Mr St. Patrick, was soooo lovely. I have pastel pinks and a dreamy theme for my 26th birthday. It was very adult with a fancy cheeseboard and shrimp dip. My German friend made me a chocolate cake, which I was so excited about because automatically that makes it a German chocolate cake – YUMMY! The night was so much fun though, we had people from almost every continent on the planet there, the only continent we were missing was Australian, and technically speaking I am an Australian citizen. It was so much fun and I think it was a preview into how great this spring and summer are going to be!


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