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Property – Place – Piracy

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If you want to get a glimpse of what we have been up to lately, take a look at the newly published anthology Property, Place and Piracy. The Book is edited by Martin Fredriksson and James Arvanitakis and contains 14 chapters that explore how property is constructed and appropriated in different ways . What can be owned, by whom, and why? How could a tiny country off the coast of Europe lay claims to a huge continent in the Pacific Ocean? What parts of life can actually be owned as Intellectual Property? And who are really the pirates?

We are happy to present five chapters from this book at the Commons and Commodities blog. If you are interested in the paradoxes of property in a (post)colonial world, have a look at the ‘Introduction’, at Ingrid Matthews’ text on ‘Decolonising’ and at the Chapter ‘Commons, Piracy and Property: Crisis, Conflict and Resistance’ by Arvanitakis & Fredriksson.

Apart from addressing issues of property creation that are central to the Commons and Commodities-project, the book also contains two chapters with specific findings from this project. Ingrid Matthews’ chapter ‘Commodification of Country: An Australian Case Study in Community Resistance to Mining’, returns to the protests against Coal Seam Gas extraction in the Pilliga Forrest in New South Wales, and discusses these in relation to old colonial practices, and new state laws that severely limit the right to protest and further strengthen the power of mining companies.

Fredriksson’s chapter ‘From Biopiracy to Bioprospecting: Negotiating the Limits of Propertization’, discusses attempts in international law to address biopiracy by ensuring indigenous local communities a fair share when their traditional knowledge is being patented and commercialized. The question is whether such instruments protect indigenous cultures against exploitation or if they merely cut them in on an propertization and commodification of natural and cultural resources that, at the end of the day, maintains a (neo)colonial global order.



Du tittar just nu i Commons and commoditiess arkiv för October, 2017.

Commons and Commodities

Commons and Commodities
Commons and Commodities är ett forskningsprojekt som undersöker hur gemensamma resurser, allmänningar, avgränsas och inhägnas – och det motstånd sådana processer möter. Vi studerar hur olika typer av allmänningar – både materiella och immateriella – på olika sätt privatiseras och inhägnas och hur detta påverkar de som brukar dem. Vi som skriver här heter Johanna Dahlin och Martin Fredriksson.

Common and Commodities is a research project which asks if, and how, the commons are rearticulated and enclosed as property. It aims to provide new knowledge about how different kinds of common resources are enclosed and commodified as private property, and how this affects those who use and manage those commons. Johanna Dahlin and Martin Fredriksson are writing.

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