Weather in Sweden

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Having now lived in Sweden since August I feel like I’ve seen most of the Swedish seasons. All of them are beautiful but my favourite so far is the one just starting- Spring.


Before moving to Sweden and buying our house my husband and I visited. We stayed in Stockholm in June, travelling from there to Linköping and also to Mörlunda, where we now live. This was our first trip to Sweden and we were amazed. Stockholm was not what I expected, it was older, prettier and hotter! We were well aware that we were visiting at a time when the whether was untypical but none the less it surprised just hot hot Sweden could be. We were able to walk around the city in shorts and vests, even in the evening where it stayed light until about 11 o’clock. Our hotel room was not equipped to deal with the heat and we actually had to use wet towels to keep us from over heating in the night.

Sun in Stockholm

While the weather was unusually warm we were also told that the sun in Sweden feels different. This sounds odd and a little clichéd but the heat in Sweden is not the same as the heat in England. Temperatures of about 20 degrees in the UK might still require you to wear a jacket but where I currently live in Sweden, he air is so still that 20 degrees feels amazingly warm. I was expecting also to experience sunburn at some point over the summer- an inevitable hazard, having fair skin- but I didn’t. Perhaps this is because it feels warmer, the inclination to put on sun cream before getting burnt to a crisp kicks in.


The autumn this year was stunning and seemed to go by very quickly. The weather stayed mild until well into October, I was actually reading some of my course literature outside in the sun up until October. When the weather did change it change rapidly. We had a few morning of freezing mist and thick frost. The leave on the trees began to change colour and eventually fall. It was beautiful to see the range of colours from bright greens to deep reds. This process probably only lasted a few weeks before it felt like winter.


The most difficult thing about winter was the longer nights. This is not so different from the UK but the day were a little shorter. Now that its becoming lighter I realise how nice it is to have longer evenings. In the middle of winter it was totally dark by about 4 pm and I always woke up in the dark, the sun rising about 8 or 9 am.

The cold of winter was certainly colder than in the UK but it felt crisper and fresh. When it snowed the landscape looked beautiful and the light levels actually improved as the snow reflected the little natural light from the sun. The snow made it brighter in the day but also at night. The moons glow on clear nights was reflected by the snow. This made going places in the evening, when the sun had set, much nicer than when there wasn’t snow.


The spring sun, desperately trying to thaw winter ice, at Valla Campus.

We are now approaching the end of February and the beginning of March and I am optimistic that Spring is no its way. We have had some beautiful days of sunshine. I was nice to see that I am certainly not alone in my appreciation for the weather. Last weekend, when the sun was really shining, there were far more people in town. I noticed that far more people were smiling and making eye contact. There was a strange feeling of optimism in the air. Incredibly, a few day later it snowed again! The following week was warmer though and the snow melted. These strange fluctuations on weather means that there are not too many sign of green new life but I have a feeling it wont be long. I can’t wait to see Spring fully underway.

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