Exploring Linköping Science Park

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Just beside the university on campus Valla, there is a unique place focused on innovation and development.

Not only entrepreneurial or high-tech development from companies but just innovation as a whole for the good of society. From students projects, public or private organizations or just projects to share with all the citizens.

To better explain what I know so far about this wonderful organization I created this quick Q&A about what you can find and do there.

What is most interesting about Linköping Science Park? 

The Science Park links several actors from large and small companies to countries and representatives from diverse backgrounds. Also, kids, families and workers in the area are invited to participate in the annual events organized to involve more communities with innovation.

Here in this link, you can check all the events of the Science Park.


If I go to Mjärdevi Center, what can I find there?

Mjärdevi Center has been the area of the city that is more related to the Science Park, but it doesn’t mean that only operates there. There are many companies and governmental organizations that are related around the city and Östergotland region. But, if you want to visit Mjärdevi Center you will see a lot of companies and most importantly you can find Creactive, a special place created for students. There you can study and use all the facilities for free. Check out more in this link.


What are the main activities of the Science Park and how can I get involved?

There are multiple projects managed by the Science Park. There are conferences, research and development projects and activities for multiple audiences. On this link, you can see the current projects.

The best way to get involved is to participate and join their events. There is always something new to learn. There are also multiple networking events that you can join here.


Is there a digital way to see their activities and content?

Yes! Thanks to Corona times almost everything is digital now. I found this link with some lectures made in collaboration with LiU, the Science Park and other public organizations. See the lectures here.


Is it possible to get an internship, job or master thesis through the Science Park?

Yes! Here you can see their job board. Every once in a while there are new positions available. But for students, there are some expos that offer new opportunities. One of them is Exjobbsmässan where companies introduce themselves and offer multiple thesis projects. This year it will be held in a digital way so you can check it out here.


Can I create an activity and do it in Creactive?

Yes! Creactive is the area for students in Mjärdevi and it has great facilities for large and small groups and is free to book for students. My classmates and I just had a great event over there and we had a great time. So if you need a place to do your event, it’s very easy to book a spot at Creactive.

This is a happy picture of our event!


Just as a final message, there are plenty of activities and information to keep exploring! If you are interested just take the first step and start getting involved.


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Welcoming week and to-do list to get started at LiU!

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We are getting back to normal times.

You made it to LiU and everything is going to be amazing! So here is a to-do list that I created so you can get started.



1) Most importantly, ATTEND THE ROL-CALL.
This is no joke here. Everyone is expecting you to be there in your first official meeting at the university so please don’t miss it. They are going to share vital information that you are going to need and that probably nobody is going to repeat after.


2) Check events in this calendar
There are many events at the beginning of the academic year at LiU. Please attend! These events won’t be there forever. Soon everybody is going to be super busy and is going to be more difficult to meet new people! Go, go, go!


3) Download the LiU app now!
This is the best way to find your way on campus. Check the rooms with the codes that are in your schedule. Register to future exams and check the campus bus schedule. These and many other functionalities could be helpful anytime just with this app.


4) Check all the social media channels for student groups.
Yes, probably your faculty, programme or senior students have already a Facebook group, page or Instagram account. So check it up because you will need to be updated all the time.


5) Get your LiU-ID,  Student Card and set up the internet login to your computer.
Try to do this before starting classes or in the first week. There is usually a long queue so be patient. This should be one of your top priorities, you need good internet access, your LiU card to use the services of the university and be recognized by LiU with your new ID which is basically your university e-mail. Tip! Remember the code that you are going to register, you will need it later to open doors and other things so don’t forget it!


6) Synchronize your schedule in Google or Outlook. Otherwise, keep an updated schedule because you are going to be busy!
Yes, schedules can change but try to keep it update it and integrate other activities and plans that you have ahead in time.


7) Meet a lot of people!
The first couple of weeks socializing and hanging out is one of the top missions. The university usually gives space for Student Associations to invite you to join a group. Networking and meeting new friends is vital to start your life abroad. Please check the LiU Instagram account where I make announcements about the Master Club events or join the International Master’s Student Facebook group. There you can get in contact with more students from diverse backgrounds.


8) Visit all the campus around, don’t be shy!
Walk around, visit the building and libraries. This is going to be your second home for now so start feeling familiar with every spot. Check the cafés, stores, reception and info offices. And if you get lost check the app!


9 Take care about COVID-19 but don’t panic.
Yes, Sweden has been a bit controversial regarding the pandemic situation but please don’t panic. We are ok, just take care of yourself, follow the general guidelines to keep yourself safe. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer and just don’t be too close to people. I think at this point the best advice is to do what makes you feel safer. Take your time to feel comfortable but remember, there is a lot of people around here that is doing just fine.

This is all folks! I wish you all the best and welcome to Linköping University!


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Affordable solutions to get what you need before starting classes!

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Knowing where to look for what you need can make a big difference in your economy. This Saturday at LiU Student Secondhand Opening Weekend you can find several options at a good price to find what you need before you start studying full time.

Click the image to check the event and the Facebook page to be updated on new activities.



I also recommend reviewing more options like student market places, local stores and e-commerce sites that sell at low prices and second-hand products. Here I share some links:

Student market: ESN Facebook Group

Most popular e-commerce platform in Sweden: Blocket

Local shops: Several options that you can find everywhere

White Monday: Circular economy e-commerce

Secondhand in Linköping: Local shop



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Dare to explore Norrland

Posted in: Favorite places, Living in Sweden on 17 July, 2020 by Hela

Welcome to the land of Nordic forest and cold ocean!

If you would like to get to know more about Sweden and emerge yourself in the local lifestyle, history and culture, I can highly recommend travelling north. Here, you can see small and big towns, a lot of local museums and meet friendly people that are very welcoming and open to meet you.

You could rent a car or travel with a local friend by car, bus or train. So go to Google Maps and make your road trip plan. In my case, we decided to go from Norrköping to Umeå making multiple stops on the road for 5 days. This was the main route E4 that crosses all over Sweden.



Day 1: We started early in the morning and while singing a lot of songs and talking about life, we looked for a place to have some quick lunch before arriving at Gävle.

Driving to Norrland.


Now, in every town all over Sweden, you can find MAX. This is like the local McDonald’s and has a lot of vegetarian options, that’s why I usually prefer it. Almost all the fast food places are self-service and are quite fast and easy to grab some lunch and carry on with the journey.


To go to the north of Sweden from Norrköping or Linköping you have to cross Stockholm and go nearby Uppsala. These are two amazing cities in Sweden that have a lot to offer to every visitor. We decided to leave Uppsala as the last visit in our return home. Nevertheless, Uppsala and Stockholm are a whole journey that I can share in another post.

Then after driving several Swedish miles we arrived in Gävle. This town is not really considered as the north but is one of the largest cities in the whole Norrland so it’s worth to visit. I can recommend Lans Museet and the garden in the central area. While visiting you can take an overview of the story of the city, the main important buildings in the area and have a sense of a peaceful Swedish lifestyle.




Check out more at http://lansmuseetgavleborg.se/


19th-century workers from northern Sweden

Day 2: After reading and watching history marks of Vikings, kings, workers and political parties, we continued our journey to Söderhamm. This is a beautiful town with a great tower on a hill where you can see the entire urban landscape. The tower looks small but being up there feels quite adventurous.




Söderhamn overview

Day 3: Then we carried on a natural challenge. We decided to go hiking at Höga Kusten. This is a friendly walking track full of natural obstacles that are rewarded at the top with a nice ice-cream and free water tap to refill bottles.


Höga Kusten


Top from Höga Kusten

Day 4: We carried on our journey and discovered Sundsvall. The dragon city.

This is an astonishing city that has rock buildings that resemble cities in Austria or other countries of Europe. It almost feels like an oasis in the middle of the woods and the archipelago. From nowhere, you start seeing factories and then these beautiful constructions.


Sundsvall main square

You can visit Kulturmagasinet. This is a place where the city library works and there is also a lot of exhibitions and a historical museum about the city.


Sundsvall Art Museum

Fires and reconstruction in stone are the main characteristics of Sundsvall. After 90% of the city was burned, they rebuilt and improved a beautiful and thriving city literally from the ashes. This is why its called dragon city, so they can control and don’t be affected by natural fires.


This is my favourite spot, which is the main stairs of the Elite Hotel Knaust. It feels like a living artwork that resembles a more European architecture than a nordic style.


Sundsvall Hotel


Day 5: After many miles of driving from Norrköping to the north of Sweden, we managed to get to our final destination Umeå. There is plenty of restaurants, bars and social life! So if you like to have a nice chat and have good food, I’m sure that Umeå could be a nice city to discover.


Umeå City Library

Final thoughts:

Getting to know more about Swedish history and culture is vital to expand your knowledge and views of the world. I feel that I understand better where I am and why things work the way they do after exploring and reading non-stop about this Scandinavian land. The learning process goes beyond the classroom and the study plan, it also lays out there among castles, woods, ocean and stories of those who shaped this unique country.


Arriving at our final destination: Umeå


Mission accomplished!




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Make your own crown! It’s midsummer time.

Posted in: Favorite places, Living in Sweden on 19 June, 2020 by Hela

One of the happiest and most festive days of the year in Sweden is midsummer. This year is a little different and a little “off” due to the Covid-19 times. However, is always possible to pick-up flowers, walk through the woods and try classic Swedish cuisine. Here are some photos of my celebration today. I hope you can enjoy midsummer your way too!



I made these flower crowns!


Some Swedish natural landscape over there.


And a nice Swedish cake!


Swans around!


Me striking a pose over here!


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